One of the best kept secrets in the Icelandic music scene is without a doubt a band called Skakkamanage. The band was formed in the year 2003, by newlyweds Svavar and Berglind and their friend Thormodur, and has aroused ever increasing curiousity due to splendid reviews for their debut album, Lab of Love. It began as a bedroom project of the married couple but soon transformed into a mad cirkus which has taken all the main music venues in Iceland by storm.

Skakkamanage manage in their own sincere way to bridge the gap between melancholy and boundless joy and critics have compared them to bands such as Belle and Sebastian, Arcade Fire, Talking Heads and everything else. First and foremost Skakkamanage possess an unheard sound which listeners are very grateful to hear.

The first LP of Skakkamanage, Lab of Love, is published by Smekkleysa (Bad Taste Records) in Iceland and will later this year be released by Afterhours in Japan. Skakkamanage is currently living in Barcelona where they are working on a new album.


Lab Of Love, LP 2006
Hold Your Heart, EP 2005