sKamper crafts electronic-post-modern indie-pop/punk music that's a swirling blend of Bowie-esque dreamy pop theatrics, the raucous clash of tornado-rockers Sonic Youth, and the alluring darkness of Joy Division and Big Black.


Dark and hypnotic, sonic and spastic, sKamper turns these musical corners as swiftly as that sedan you traded in for your SUV three years ago… which was right about the time that founding member and songwriter Lawrence Lewis returned to his hometown of Los Angeles after performing a string of dates in the UK with the first incarnation of the band.
Since then, sKamper has setteled on a raucous US lineup and released their homemade ep Fever Pitch on LouiPimps Records, which was well received by college and indie radio stations across the nation. Their angular and crafty british pop-esque sound has been hooking music fans in LA and surrounding areas ever since.
The controlled chaos has continued to grow and mature as the band has been busy working in the studio crafting their full-length release tentatively entitled “Killing the Commander”. Demo versions of tracks “Thieves” and “Number 9” have already been heard on independent airwaves and across the internet, and the band is anxious to take the new songs on the road as they take a break from the studio.



Written By: L. Lewis

She might, she might
She might come out tonight and fight
She can’t, she can’t
She can’t resist and has the right

So everybody gather ‘round
She got her…
Got her head down to the ground

She won’t, she won’t
She won’t submit, she’ll turn to dust
You can’t, you can’t
You can’t give up and loose her trust

So everybody hunker down
She’s got a…
Another feature for the crowd

The thieves on the street, will say to you
Turn down, fade away
Mother, daughter, father, lover
You’re gonna have to love it each way
You’re going
Nowhere fast

She might, she might
She might pretend it’s her who’s right
You can’t, you can’t
You can’t pretend it’s worth the fight

So everybody hunker down
She’s got a…
Another feature for the crowd


So everybody hunker down
She’s got a…
Another feature for the crowd



Yesterday (single) 2003
Fever Pitch (EP) 2004

Samples of all released and a few unreleased songs are available at

The single "Yesterday" received airplay on several London based internet radio stations.

Clear Channel and Invisible (from Fever Pitch) were licensed by MTV for use on two of their reality dating shows.

Songs from Fever Pitch are currently being added to radio station playlists in several cities.

Set List

Number 9
Rapid Exchange
She Called It Happy
Two Feet By, Two Feet By
Clear Channel

sKamper has enough material to play a 1 hour set or longer; however, we like to keep it short and sweet by playing a frantic 30-40 minute set.

Covers sometimes performed:
The Garden (PJ Harvey)
Make U Happy (Divinyls)
This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us (Sparks)