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2006 - First Demo: Multiforme
2009 - First Live: Skanderlive (cover)
2010 - Second Demo: Narciso



The group was founded in 2004 in Polignano a Mare, a small tourist center of the province of Bari, the idea of 7 children who met through the course of musical SMS "Sarnelli - De Donato" and the Conservatory in Monopoli (BA). The initial name of the band was L.S.D., read as an anagram of Loro Sono Diversi (they are different). For the ambiguous meaning of the term, the group becomes Skanderground, combining the words Ska (the kind of music performed) and Undeground (precisely because the trials were done in a basement). The cover to which it devotes the band are oriented towards a Ska punk shades, including the notorious Ska-p, which are arranged several songs. On August 25 marks the date of first appearance of the band in their country. The excellent results obtained encouraged the band to create unusual pieces. February 18, 2006 thus recording the first single "Multiforme" born more pens in the group. The group's main success is, however, due to the competition Young Notes, July 26, 2006 in Conversano, finished eighth out of 28 and managed to perform live at the contest. Given the success and given the characteristics of components, the first live concerts come through Celebration of Unity, Left Youth, where the genre was particularly popular after the summer of 2006 the situation began to deteriorate due to local problems humidity and internal relations force the boys to leave the club in 2007 and consequently the band dissolved. The boys found two years later, he decided to reform the project. In 2009, the reborn Skanderground, orphans guitarist Stefano Bovino, who moved to Novara to finish his studies at the conservatory. With the exception of the concert return by 13 July, leaving only 5 guys on stage, because of the lack of keyboard Silvia Galluzzi, the band still sees a formation of 7 elements in view of the introduction of the saxophonist Giuseppe Settanni. The genre, however, change: it loses the nuances Ska punk, to move towards a softer sound and experimenting with rocksteady and reggae. Between the covers performed by the band in fact contained Giuliano Palma, Roy Paci, Apr├ęs class and Rino Gaetano. After the revival of 13 July, the band returns to its shape through numerous contracts for live, like that of August 6, 2009 as a band for the opening of Amici di Maria De Filippi, concert performed more affinity for the sake of advertising that sound. To date, the band focuses on creating their own songs, so as to detach from the world of cover. In the meantime, however, is in the process of creating the first live album: SkanderLive 2009 which features 17 cover performed live in public, and the unreleased song forms. Narcissus was born on January 13, the second piece of Skanderground marks, in all respects, the new band's musical imprint.