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Skandle Who?...

On January 1 1993, not only was a New Year born but the visionary known as Skandle made his presence in the world. Born and raised in the city of Brighton (South East England), at an early age music became embedded into Skandle's soul. While spending time with his mates at local youth centers, Skandle began to develop a love for the musical genre known as Grime. This genre is known to have started in England and combines the elements of Drum & Bass with Funky House Music.

As Skandle grew with his music, he discovered his talent for writing and rhyming at age 13 and joined a local British rap group called TMC (Too Messy Crew). While honing his skills as an emcee and being the youngest member of this crew, Skandle worked over time to perfect his flow to prove his worth to the older crew members. Through his hard work and dedication, Skandle's passion for music and the desire to succeed became his ultimate motivation. Unfortunately, prior to TMC having success in the industry, TMC disbanded one year after its inception. Prior to the break up, TMC received over 50,000 YouTube views.

At age 15, Skandle and his family flew ‘across the pond’ to re-establish themselves in the USA and are currently located in Columbia, Maryland. In regards to music, Skandle referred to this life changing move to the States as similar to, “….being a kid in a candy store….”; the musical opportunities were viewed as abundant. Staying in step with his desire, Skandle spent the majority of his time studying the music industry, continuing to develop his craft and ultimately began to merge his British and American Hip-Hop musical styles. In an attempt to capitalize on any potential musical opportunities, Skandle's drive began to increase. This was quite evident when, by the age of 16, Skandle was spending countless hours in the studio developing the first of 6 completed and released mix tapes to date. Along with these mix tapes, Skandle continues to increase his viral presence via YouTube, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

Besides creating mix tapes, Skandle has graced stages in Maryland: Howard County's Finest, Washington D.C.: Love from the Sound Stage, Island Café, New York: Hip-Hop Unplugged at Crash Mansion, Atlanta: ASCAP Artist Showcase and California (Beverly Hills and Hollywood): King Ryan Events.

As of this writing, Skandle is currently in the studio completing his debut album; due to be released in the Spring of 2011.

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