Skankadelia – from Leicester and Salford play an up tempo pop ska which is immediate and catchy. All excellent musicians and with a front woman with a marvellous voice they have been away for a while but they are back with a plan for world domination and they have the songs to do it. Brimming with great melodies, choruses and hooks they are destined for something great if they get the breaks.


Our music is often referred to modernized ska/pop but is very accessible to anyone thats looking for fresh sound. We are different from most ska bands due to our use of instrumentation and harmony.
The story begins as we started out in college in 2005, we were kind of manufactured for an academic purpose, just people dumped together to create music for our course work, we share very little musical tastes with each other so it was extremely difficult at the beginning but every time we finished a song together it was the most amazing thing that 6 people, all from very different musical backgrounds had created this particular sound and all loved it because it was so different to what were had heard but something we all wanted more of, so we decided we wanted to be more than just a college band. We played some amazing shows around the midlands, working on our sound, recorded the E.P, took some time out, some of us went to uni some of us started families. At the end of 2010 we released the e.p on iTunes and Amazon and are now working on our first album.


The Distinct Lack Of Secrecy E.P

Set List

sleaze to please
My tiny dub
the distinct lack of secrecy
leave me alone
people are strange
what madness
this time
the other one