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Skanless Joe

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Hip Hop/Rap music that appeals to people from all backgrounds and walks of life


Skanless Joe was born in Chicago, but raised in San Diego, CA! Skanless Joe's musical quest started at the age of 3 years old! His grandmother used to tell him to move from in front of the speakers. He would just sit in front of them and listen to the music. As Skanless Joe grew older, he knew he was addicted to musical sounds and all instrument types. He played around on the keyboard at the age of 6! His uncle used to beatbox and he tried to imitate the beatbox sounds and became very good at it! He was greatly influenced in the early beginnings of rap music, when Sugar Hill Gang and others first began the rap music industry. His favorite Rap Artists at that time were Run DMC, NWA and Ghetto Boys. Skanless Joe began writing ryhmes during his incarceration in 1990. He started his first group, Dago's Most Hated in 1991 and began pursuing his recording career. His first profesional recording was in Vallejo, CA. His first single, "Dago's Outstanding" was produced by Studio Ton, which was E-40's Producer. The single hit the streets, undergound in 1992 under the label called Repo Rick Records. His second release, "Dago's Most Hated, You Got to Come Wit It" was released in 1994 under Tri-5 Records. Tri-5 released 2 more Skanless Joe projects, "Dago's Most Hated, It's A Southeast Thang", and "Skanless Joe, Dago's Most Hated, Once Again . . . It's On!" He was on an additional Tri-5 compilation and soundtrack, and one movie soundtrack, titled "See We Poe". He also had an acting part in the movie. After leaving Tri-5 Records, Skanless Joe started his own label, 420 Entertainment with a DJ from Houston, TX named G Squared. The first project was titled, Skanless Joe, "Keepin Ya Subbin" released in 2001 and re-released in 2005. Skanless Joe left 420 Entertainment and started his new company, Paper'd Up Records in 2006. He is the CEO and Founder of Paper'd Up Records and RMI Clique! After all his trials and errors, Skanless Joe realized his vision for his new label, which is to be an independent empire. He considers RMI Clique to be the re-birth of Skanless Joe along with his new label Paper'd Up Records. He has a great desire to give other aspiring young artists an opportunity to showcase their talents and reach their goals and visions of becoming recording artists. He won't stop until he has achieved his goals. Skanless Joe is a force to be reckoned with!


#1 - Dago's Oustanding (Casette, 3 songs) (1991)
#2 - Dago's Most Hated - You gotta cum wit it (1995)
#3 - Dago's Most Hated - It's a Southeast Thang (1998)
#4 - Dago's Most Hated - Once Again... It's On (1999)
#5 - Skanless Joe - Keepin' Ya Subbin' (2001)
#6 - It's Now or Never (2006)
#7 - The Wait is Over (2009)