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Reykjavík, Capital Region, Iceland | INDIE

Reykjavík, Capital Region, Iceland | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Skatar's terrifyingly brilliant album"

Post-rock? Classic rock. Jazz? Maybe…math – dunno. Icelandic: certainly. That covers maybe 10 per cent of the cornucopia of
noises on Skatar's terrifyingly brilliant album. The first lyric on opener 'Lime Of Love' is
"Brooaaghhhhhhh!" and you think you're in for some doomy scream trip. Then suddenly it's this relaxed juddering thing which smells
a bit like Thin Lizzy. This album needs a map. During the languorous opening to '5:45 Reykjavik', I'm thinking 'stoner', but then the band kick into gear and switch up to pointy double-speed. Expansive and wonderfully
ambitious, but they know just when to rein it in. Every new section in each song delivers something to smile at. Pitter-patter drum
flurries, naff keyboard sounds, mid-verse language changes, some quick handclaps hidden in the mix. Oh Christ, now I'm playing
air guitar. Look what you've done, Skatar.

Thom Gibbs - Plan B Magazine


Heimsfridur i Chile: Hverju skal breyta, baeta vid og laga - mini LP (Grandmothers 2004)

Fokk the Elves, Skrew the System EP (Salomon Recordings 2005)

Ghost of the Bollocks to Come LP (Grandmothers 2007)



An oft-quoted cliche goes: "Writing about music is like dancing about
architecture." Now, dancing about architecture is clearly weird and
potentially stupid, but it also sounds kind of fun. And it seems
weirdly fitting when describing the music of Skatar.

Listen: The music of Skatar is like dancing about architecture. It's
weird and fun and unpredictable and potentially stupid. And it is
certainly made without any regard whatsoever to anyones expectations,
or perceptions.

And it is fucking great.


Band bios will often trace the story of the band in question: So-and-
so met so-and-so and they did such-and-such and then so-and-so left
due to artistic differences and their friend so-and-so filled in on
drums. Then so-and-so joined and the band was finally an artistic
whole and thus Band X is as astonishingly astonishing as this bio
claims it to be. Fill in the blanks.

This is unbelievably boring. Unless, maybe, some interesting drug-
problems, heart-attacks or lawsuits are involved.We will forego that.
Instead, let us count some facts about Skatar, for those of you
researching potential articles (and Skatar deserve a lot of potential

-Skatar were formed in 2001.
-Their (usually around six or so) members, past and present, come
from a plethora of bands you've never heard of. And RETRON.
-Skatar released an OK demo, a great, if terrible sounding, EP, all
on their own grassroots label, Grandmothers Records
-Skatar released their debut LP this summer, also on Grandmothers
Records. They funded the whole thing themselves, they have already
turned in a profit, and it is as astonishingly astonishing as anyone
who listens to it repeatedly will claim it is. It's called "The Ghost
of the Bollocks to Come"
-Both album and band have been incredibly favourably received by many
respected music media. Drowned in Sound, Plan B Magazine, as well as
all of the Icelandic print media has given them top marks.
-You may have heard their music in many clubs and radio outlets in
places such as Iceland, Scotland, England, Canada, Belgium, etc. The
UK's Xfm and BBC have both played Skatar.
-Skatar, on that note, have repeatedly turned down advances from
various Icelandic and int'l record companies. Skatar believe in a
strong, DIY work ethic, and they enforce it, too.
-Much like Lady Di, Skatar do not shy away from supporting venerable
causes. They've played benefits for various support-worthy entities
and missions.
-Speaking of interesting lawsuits, Skatar have indeed been on trial.
They've always won, too. You will have to interview them for the
details. Ha.


That out of the way, let us continue dancing about the architecture
of Sk�tar's music:

As anyone who's ever witnessed their live show will attest to, no
other band in existance can drop your jaw at such an alarming rate
and velocity. They are steadfastly entertaining, never predictable
and always boiling with an intense sense of F-U-N! (unless the sound
quality is off, at which point they will become amusingly annoyed and
angry). Skatar have gotten a lot of praise since they started playing
live shows at regular intervals, and they have earned every bit of
it. In fact, if this was one of those normal band bios, you would
observe a long list of embarrassingly favourable press quotes below
this very text. But Skatar isn't a normal band, so their bio will not
be a normal one.

Picture driving to the country with your younger siblings (ten and
twelve, respectably) and putting in a random CD out of the glove
compartment. Imagine their plainly terrified faces as a hair raising
attack of PUREED WHITE NOISE SKRONK DEATH blasts at 'em from the car

Imagine ignoring their pleas (as a good older sibling will do),
driving on, and them starting to sing along to that very album, in a
manner of minutes.

This is The Ghost of the Bollocks to Come, and this is Skatar.

Let's dance.

(by Haukur S Magnusson)