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Skateboard Squeez, is the perfect blend of the all of the raw elements of music; his original sound is indescribably fun and his songs set his music apart from anything else out. Skateboard Squeez is the definition of PARTY MUSIC. His music is a "Must Hear" anyone missing this star is missing out!!


Sk8board Squeez
A person or group of persons produced by the    interaction or crossbreeding of two unlike cultures, traditions, etc.

Raised in the Bay Area, Jason “Sk8board Squeez” Rotramel was a rebellious kid. Lashing was how he chose to deal with stress and his frustrations. In and out of juvenile centers and incarcerated at the age of 17, he realized that he was at a turning point in his life and needed a better way to express himself. Though music wasn’t his initial remedy, it became the much needed outlet that Squeez was looking for. 
Once out of jail, focused on changing his life and energized with a new passion, Squeez and his twin brother Sean, formed a rap duo by the name of Faternal. Since they wanted to use their influences and hobbies to represent their music, they secured a sponsorship with Butter (An independent skate company in Northern California) and Hiro (a Tahitian energy drink) to release their first mixtape “I need a Hiro” in 2007. The two single handedly-distributed over 10,000 units all over the West Coast and obtained over 25,000 downloads. The success of the mixtape spawned the release of their Independent Album “One Step Ahead” that same year, which opened up opportunity for them to share stages with artists such as KRS-1, Zion I, Murs, Evidence from Dialated Peoples and many others while recording and performing as a duo.
In 2008, Faternal felt as if they maximized every opportunity within their hometown and needed to expand. Squeez’s brother landed an internship with Grammy nominated producers Midi Mafia (50 Cent, Fantasia, John Legend) and moved to Hollywood, which Squeez followed shortly. After seeing his perseverance and dedication, Midi Mafia offered to Executive Produce his project. Squeez felt embraced by their family-like environment and recognized that this was the opportunity that he was looking for to take his music to the next level.
Since then, Sk8board Squeez continues to feed his fan base and entrepreneurial spirit by releasing  the mixtapes "Slumber Party” and "I'm F@#king In, Your F@#cking Out" back to back, which collectively received over 70,000 downloads. Simultaneously, Squeez is prepping for his untitled Ep release via Myspace and recording for his full length solo release, which will high light his new wave hybrid of Electro, Rock & Hip Hop. Sk8board Squeez prides himself on being a trendsetter while staying fun and original. The best is yet to come!!


Slumber Party Ep

Set List

1. Slumber Party
2. Dance
3. Vampire