The name is Skates. My music is esoteric and electronic, yet really dancey. Its different and catchy. My live shows are dramatic and changing. Sometimes I perform with back up dance troop, sometimes with a band, and sometimes just solo. But its just me. I am "Skates."


What’s your current favorite make-up?
MAC Liquid Eye Liner
in Aqualine, it’s the most
iridescent bright color ever…
it’s the blue of a peacock feather.
Its so awesome.

What equipment do you use to make music?
The New Reason and
My trusty Pro Tools MBOX 2
And a Shure SM58
Its nothing fancy but it does the trick….

What is the most disgusting face wash
You ever have used?
Well, it’s the NEW OLAY Hydrate &
Cleanse micro-bead cleansing serum…
Generally, I am not a fan of anything
That will get stuck in random orifices….
This face wash, will plant these tiny
Beads into your pores and then you have
To squeeze them out with your fingernails
Tre-digusting and reminiscent of parasites.

Do you have any rare and interesting
Things about you that no one knows?
As a child, I was a bombmaster tap dancer
and broke my knee skiing into a tree.
I was a yoga instructor.
One of my old rare habits was to
pat old men on the ass and then run away …
my childhood pet iguana escaped and I
didn’t claim when found, primarally cause he
thought my bed was a toilet … While 16, I
crashed my car into the store front of a pipe
shoppe called the tinderbox. My car was in the store.

Back to beauty, what’s your fav fragrance?
Currently its MAC Greenify…it has a very
Fresh and subtle scent…before that it
Was White Musk from the Body Shop..
But that got so strong that it gives me a
headache now..

Do u even like to Skate?
No. If I didn’t suck at it I would still
feel the same.Mountain biking kicks
skating's ass.
Bike clothes are just plain dorky…
and skate clothes are dorky too…
but everyone thinks there cool.

Where do you dwell now?
In Portland, Maine where its 7 degrees.
I’m from West Hollywood, CA.

What is one goal?
It would be nice to live in Istanbul
in a tower overlooking the crashing
waves. Here I would write short
stories on an Electric white typewriter
while a beautiful matron feed it
purple paper. The ink of course, would
be golden.


EP MAY 2008 - AMETHYST - to be released. Promotions Pending.
EP NOV 2004 - LORD OF THE RINKS - Received national airplay and rave reviews

Set List

Green Vans
Tigers Eye
The Coffee Bean Farm Song
Top That (cover)
The Amethyst Song
Chartreuse or Consequences

set is usually about 45 minutes.