S. Kathleen Sampson

S. Kathleen Sampson


I'm a songwriter, simply put. My style is ecclectic. I may do ballads one day and something India.Arie mixed with Seal/Sting, the next. I would like to think of myself as a United Nations of Song. I draw from various cultutral styles and sounds. I guess I'm globally well-rounded.

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It Feels Like

Written By: Sandra G.K. Sampson

I dream of you
A thought divine
Don't know what to do

It feels like
My world is breaking..oh yeah

I close my eyes..
But it's you I see
Release my love, baby
So I can fly free

It feels like
My soul is shaking..oh yeah

Sometimes the world is technicolor
Sometimes the heart's undiscovered
I don't want any other
You torture me sweetly
I'm your helpless lover

Just one breath..
Before I speak my peace
Kiss my soul, baby
Embrace eternity

It feels like
The universe is quaking..oh yeah, yeah, yeah

Tears in My Coffee

Written By: Sandra G.

The long night has cleared
My crying is through
Thinkin' of the wasted years
I spent on lovin' you...

Wasn't surprised, always knew
You could never be tamed
While makin' love to you
You called out some other name

Tears in my coffee
Sweetening every drop
Tears in my coffee
Ever flowing, won't stop

Left several times back in the day
Yet, I kept on takin' you back
Never once did I stray
But now my heart's ready to pack..

Up the pieces
Away you carelessly threw
From a love that never ceases
Baby, I still think of you..

Tears in my coffee
Stir them with the cream
Tears in my coffee
I see you always in my dreams