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Bay City, Texas, United States | INDIE

Bay City, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band World Reggae


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Man, to even fucking remember, this shit started too long ago, but maybe not long enough. It's taken me a fucking while to write this crap cuz I'm too lazy to type, but here we go...

This band is left overs of other bands, and thus is why we where called assticks & now fliped backwards to skcitssa. Started when El Mer "aka sIn" was 16 as a vocalist for the remaining members of the Declined which made the band Mary Jane. Short lived and many pukes after El Mer learned how to play guitar and ran into Red and Gabriel from Evolution, that created INRI which lasted even less then a smelly fart. After that, El Mer went back with members of Mary Jane and Red to play covers from the soundtrack of Kids, G Love and special sauce and Billy Joel "Too Many Bong hits". Then, side project was created named "Where is Fido" which lasted only one LSD trip and a boogie bash show. From that, the birth of the Beatless and the wannabe orchestra was created with El Mer, Red, Olga, JT, and Truman, that lasted an LSD trip as well. After El Mer quitting and kissing a lot of ass, RED decided to play with him again. At same time, El Mer was living in front of Yayo's garage and at that moment, Yayo needed a local band to open up for some bands from out-of-town. El Mer being intoxicated on vodka and marijuana wrote seven songs, called RED, got him a piece of dope and taught him the songs. After that was done, all that was needed was a bassist. We had bought a cheap-ass bass from a pawn shop, so we needed a corpse. Couldn't think of anybody, but Yayo knew one person by the name of Mahco how played blues guitar. We contacted him and after a lot of vodka and marijuana, he was happy enough to join. Three hours later, Assticks had there first show.

And there we have El Mer's version of the creation of the that line up was together for about a year but Mahco's lil' cold blues heart went evil and was no longer in the band and as that was happening me El Mer & Red met this young chap by the name of David now El Mer was always all fucked up so he couldn't remember Davids name BUT he did remember his hair color which was blue & so came the name of our new bassist Lil' Boy Blue the kid was no Les Claypol but what he lacked in talent he had in heart and devotion for the band and for learning more of his instrument so there it was 3 young men playing ska/punk music that they wrote together till El Mer's legal problems caught up to me not to mention all there drug addictions almost killed them all. Now of what I know while El MER was finding out how much time El Mer was getting Red also picked up a fed charge & Lil Boy Blue went to rehab to get off heroin. 3 years after that the band seemed to have died. El Mer got out of prison to look for his friends & band mates but not only had Red left the city & Lil' Boy Blue grown up and was no longer called Boy Blue but all the friends and family of El Mer turn around and talked shit of and made up shit ask "Charlie bombarly about it he was one of the shit talker"El Mer tried to start up a band again I name it as I felt the world was treating me "PERPETUAL SADAME kill the salution" with a young musician by the name of HAY! Bert on drums & no bassist. But my anger got the best of me. My anger against an ex-life whom fucked my friend. Took my kids,my band and left me a heroin addiction that need to be feed every 3 hours. That band went to shit as fast as a bunk hit of coke.But Yayo still had faith in El Mer he asked if El Mer could help with a show & so came the birth of Yesska whom consisted of Caustic Kyle,Crackhead Tony,& El MER. Like before i took a week to write 9 songs and teach them to the rest of the band in total that band had 4 shows then someone broke in the place where all the instruments where & took them to this day El Mer is being blamed for that mishap.Shortly after that El Mer's short 1 year vacation from prison to the free world ended and El Mer was back behind bars except this time El Mer wanted to be there and die there and so i did the death of EL MER AND THE BIRTH OF SIN [SAINT IN NEED] was done. I Had nothing to work with but i had worked with less SIN had faith in DEATH which was on his side.& 1 thing in my mind and that was to start up a band when i got out and get all my music out to the world no matter what and no one or nothing was or is going to get in my way all i had to do is find musicians who had nothing to lose cuz they had lost it all and what better place to find them than in prison in there we had nothing but time. Time to write music,time draw album art and get fresh tattoos for a cheap prices. The first person that i met was Sikful we spoke of our history with music he told me he had heard of the assticks by some band that he knew Los Vatos Locos they had told him of how the singer/guitarist was crazy mother fucker huffing carburetor cleaner on stage and sticking his guitar up his bassists ass. He asked them if we suck they said that surprising not that