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"Late But Never Absent (EP) Album Review"

“Skcooboi Coo's Late but Never Absent will have kids and adults going. Fans of Nelly and Chingy will be present for everything from the smooth flow of "Break Me Off" to the bounce of "Just Like Water." Speaking of, hip-hop aficionados will appreciate the delicious rhymes of Kit Kats and Sprite. But fun and food aside, title track "Late but Never Absent" stands out for its real life demeanor, making it something of a youthful sentiment people can relate to. Simply put, Skcooboi Coo's Late but Never Absent has a little bit of everything you'd find in hip hop; beats that make you move and words that make you think.”

— Kendra Beltran of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion, Late But Never Absent Album Review - Kendra Beltran of Bryan Farris Radio Promotion


She Outta Der - October 2012
No Giggin' Ft. Kuntry McFly, Rob G - August 2011

Late But Never Absent - June 2011



Calvin “SKCOOBOI COO” Elliott was born on March 12 in Dallas, TX. Where his musical roots began. Since the age of 7, SKCOOBOI COO has always been musically talented and had a knack for rapping. He first fell in love with Hip-Hop when he heard LL Cool J’s Radio and I’m Bad. Being raised in Dallas he also listened to artist like UGK, Ghetto Boys, The D.O.C, 8Ball & MJG, and Dallas’ own Erykha Badu. His style is unique and isn’t your typical M.C. from the South. SKCOOBOI COO is more lyrically focused and raps about topics that others are scared too. He has always been equipped with an imagination and creativity, however these thoughts were always kept safe. He use to receive bcomplements from a lot of peers around school saying “you got skills” or “you have a voice and one day people will listen.” So in 2006 he became more in-tuned and serious about perfecting his musical craft. Being inspired by so many artists and genres he developed a new attitude with more supporters and learned different ways to deliver his Words of Art but entertain while doing so. Even still SKCOOBOI COO doesn’t deviate from the messages he wants to get across but creates images in which everyone can relate through his music. He knows that Hip-Hop has taken a different turn in today’s music industry and believes there are too many Followers and not enough Leaders. He wants to let the critics know there still is content in Rap and Hip-Hop is never dead. So in his own words “I BELIVE IN MAKING A POSITIVE IMPACT IN HIP-HOP, IN MY EYES ITS WAY BIGGER THAN MUSIC!”