Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast

 Fort Worth, Texas, USA
BandRockNew Age

We have opened for acts such as:

Das Racist
Stardeath & White Dwarfs
Portugal The Man

We played the Nx35 Festival in Denton in 2011
StellaFest in Denton 2011
Sxsw shows 2011


Skeleton Coast is a four-piece avant-garde rock group from Fort Worth TX, formed from the ashes of post-punk band Gold Jungle.

Original members include Mike Best on bass, Bobby Mccubbins on the mic, guitar, sampler and keys, Brian Garcia on the drums and Ryan Torres on the mic, keys, and guitar.

"Think late-'60s psychedelia sound, only with a healthy dose of modern electronics thrown in. (There is also a bit of latter-day Beatles in there.) The rhythm section is tight, and the guitars energetic." -- on Skeleton Coast live show.

"Skeleton Coast boasts a song-writing knack that betrays the members’ relative youth. Tightly structured pop hooks mingle with spacey jams in sonic textures that make you want to explore the cosmos, even if only from the comfort of your couch". -- Steve Steward, FW Weekly

"Described as a shoegaze/jungle pop combination, which sounds awesome. I’ll be disappointed if they don’t cover My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless in full gamelan style based on that description." -- Listen DFW

Our music can be loosely defined as rock in that our instrumentation and overall sound is that of a rock group, but this is not the sort of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-end rock you hear every day on the radio. We pride ourselves in trying to create something unique and interesting rather than follow the traditional tried and true formulas of most modern groups.

Musically we are influenced by such groups as My Bloody Valentine, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys, David Bowie, Thelonious Monk, and more modern bands including Animal Collective, Yeasayer and Grizzly Bear.

We never take ourselves too seriously on a personal level but we do maintain a strong sense of professionalism and dedication to our craft. We love our tunes and what we're doing and it shows in our music.

- Best New Band - FW Weekly Music Awards 2011