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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Electronic Alternative





Damn, this is great. Luxury Elite and Skeleton Lipstick get together for some late night collaborative dissection. “I Will Satisfy” is the stuff of black-lit dungeons and velvet handcuffs with a bassline that won’t quit and synths for days. If you don’t end up in the shower after Lipstick Elite’s magic hour then you’re probably doing it wrong.

Out on cassette and digital September 16th via Stratford Ct. & Sunup. Amazing cover art by (surprise surprise) Keith Rankin. - “I Will Satisfy” is the stuff of black-lit dungeons and velvet handcuffs with a bassline that won’t quit and synths for days.

"Hypnagogic pop nostalgia!"

luxury eliteとSkeleton Lipstickのコラボレーションプロジェクト Lipstick Eliteのアルバムが9月16日にリリースされるようです。Sunup Recordingからフィジカルリリースもあるらしい。楽しみです。
発表に合わせて先行曲が公開されたのですがノスタルジックでhypnagogig popな80'sにバックトゥーザフューチャー!な音でもう溶けそうです。luxury eliteの曲をSkeleton Lipstickがリミックスする形で曲を作っているそう。そういえば以前にもSkeleton LipstickがLIPSTICK ELITE名義の曲を公開してました。 - (japanese)

"Skeleton Lipstick - "real time lover" TRACKS WE LOVE"

Skeleton Lipstick "Real Time Lover" #1 track of the week -

"Skeleton Lipstick "LIPSTICK ELITE" (spanish)"

Por acá ya les hemos presentado a Luxury Elite y a Skeleton Lipstick; dos proyectos que disfrutamos mucho, y los cuales se juntaron para traernos una canción titulada “Feels Like Life” bajo el nombre de Lipstick Elite.

En este track juntaron el vaporwave de Luxury Elite y la sensualidad ochentera de Skeleton Lipstick, para traernos así una joyita. Por acá esperamos que este par sigan trayéndonos tracks bajo el nombre de Lipstick Elite, y mientras tanto les dejamos “Feels Like Life”. - Reyna Ventura blog

"Skeleton Lipstick (Japanese"

フィラデルフィア在住のChristopher Smithによるシンセウェイヴ・プロジェクトSkeleton Lipstickのニュー・トラック+ビデオが公開されました。

「朽ち果てて忘れ去られ、骨だけになった80年代のシンセ・ミュージックを華やかにメイク・アップさせて現代に蘇らせたい」というコンセプトを追求するSkeleton Lipstickは海外サイトのインタビューに寄れば、SUICIDE,Joy Division,NEU!などのクラウトロック~ニューウェイヴや、My Bloody Valentineやイタロ・ディスコからの影響を公言しており、また「普段は外科医として働いている」といったプロフィール等、匿名的なプロジェクトが多いこの手のサウンドの中ではかなり素直な人物のようです。

むしろ、好きな作家にバロウズを挙げるあたり、ポスト・ヴェイパー的な視座よりもごくごくストレートに70’s New Waveリバイバルを目指しているのかも。

さらにサイドプロジェクトとして、David Cronenbergの70年公開の映画『未来犯罪の確立(Crimes of The Future)』に、自ら架空のサウンド・トラックを制作・公開しております。こちらはいずれもノン・ビートで、サンプリングされた劇中のセリフにひっそりと被さる、一筆書きのようなシンセがアンビエント期のChris Carter(Throbbing Gristleのシンセ奏者)にも似た響きでチル。 - HiHiWhoopee Blog

"sounds like a descendant of the 80's nu-wave/alt-dance scene – oozing out enough lush organic synth noises to tickle us fancy"

If you been following us for awhile, you know we’re pretty much obsessed with all things retro-future, so when we discovered this gem in our inbox we we’re pleased. Even more exciting is that Skeleton Lipstick is about as undiscovered as a band can get… Allowing us to feel neat and good about ourselves for sharing. “Heart Keeps Beatin” sounds like a descendant of the 80's nu-wave/alt-dance scene – oozing out enough lush organic synth noises to tickle us fancy. Listen for yourselves and peep the video. - Lights and Music

"Made with electronic gadgets abandoned and broken, their is a vintage touch to his creations that seem to be distorted by the time, when in fact they are quite new."

SKELETON LIPSTICK is a project described by its creator makes music synthwave existential and that comes from Philadelphia. It took nearly 9 months of having listened to this project and each that i remember i continues to attract their style and i think that he has not been done justice required, with this being a very good proposal made with electronic gadgets abandoned and broken, which gives it a vintage touch to their creations that seem to be distorted by the time, when in fact they are quite new. - Reyna Ventura

"Real Time Lover (spanish)"

esde el otro lado del charco nos llega un nuevo sencillo de Skeleton Lipstick titulado “Real Time Lover” .

Este sencillo nos adelanta lo que pretende ser un nuevo Ep del productor de Filadelfía y según nos dice el cree que es su mejor creación hasta el momento.

Así que aquí les dejo a Skeleton Lipstick, un muy buen proyecto al que sin duda alguna hay que escuchar. Y si no lo conocen chequen la reseña que le armamos. - Reyna Ventura

"With the same amount of detail and precision he must have to use each and everyday in the medical field, Skeleton Lipstick lays it down and absolutely blows my ears away with all of the textures he meticulously creates"

Remember when I posted about synthwave muscian-part-Maxillofacial Surgery resident? Philadelphia’s Skeleton Lipstick is back and this time he’s created an awesome video for his track, “Hearts Keep Beating,” off of his impressive Glows then Melts release.

I’m more than mesmerized by the bright colors and super lo-fi shots of Chris doing his electronic thing all over his vast amounts of equipment. But what I’m more fascinated with is the actual tones and sounds that the song is comprised of. Catch what the doctor had to say about the process:

The music I make is recorded with real instruments. The sounds aren’t software code or presets. Every sound is PAINSTAKINGLY built in the real world from a waveform first, or if its a simpler toy keyboard or sample, it is circuit bent and/or run through multiple effects peddles.

With the same amount of detail and precision he must have to use each and everyday in the medical field, Skeleton Lipstick lays it down and absolutely blows my ears away with all of the textures he meticulously creates. Enjoy the video above, re-listen to his debut album here, and be sure to check in again soon – his sophomore release is almost wrapped up. - Whats Protocol

"Skeleton Lipstick misses the magic of the 80's as much as we do!"

Philadelphia dentist, Chris Smith misses the magic of the 80's as much as we do. Download the Skeleton Lipstick EP for free on bandcamp and check out their tumblr for info on upcoming shows, etc. If you’re in Philly and in need of a dentist, there’s always that, too. - Secret Girls

"Skeleton Lipstick is totally a textured and dirty affair but retro all at once. There's a ton of synth goodness and a pumping beat at the heart of it."

Here's something new for a Monday morning. Skeleton Lipstick is a "existential hypnagogic pop" band out of Philadelphia. They've got a new LP entitled Glow Then Melts coming out on July 4th on Airlines Tapes. It's also being released on limited edition casette tapes (feels like my childhood). SL reminds me a bit of Kavinsky meets... something more lo-fi? This is totally a textured and dirty affair but retro all at once. There's a ton of synth goodness and a pumping beat at the heart of it. Don't let the bizarre name and haunting artwork fool you... - The Synthesizer Sympathizer

"The man behind Skeleton Lipstick is named Chris Smith and he really does love old, broken eighties synths and samplers."

Do you like scythes, bats and creepy supermodels that look a bit like they were directly taken from an old eighties movie? If your answer is ‘yes’ – we got this bizarre combinationn in SKELETON LIPSTICK‘S new video for their single I Need You – and it’s a lovely pleasure. to watch. SKELETON LIPSTICK is a synthwave project from Philadelphia, USA. The man behind it all is named Chris Smith and he really does love old, broken eighties synths and samplers. The track I Need You is taken from the album Glows Then Melts which is out now via Airlines Tapes and its video features footages from the 1979 Jean Rollin movie Fascination. Great combination, definitely an artist to watch in the future. Enjoy the weird shot below. -

"Skeleton Lipstick is enjoyable, a bit funky, and very infectious"

On Heart Keeps Beating, we’re introduced to the allure of Skeleton Lipstick’s music. Pulsing, infectious beats play off of these insanely catchy rhythms to create a groove inspired by dance music of the past. The synths have just the right amount of shine and playfulness to pull the track off.
More importantly, the vocal delivery in this song keeps with the theme, holding all of these influences together with some filtering, creating a texture that almost matches the synths. It’s an execution that works out well and was needed for the music’s aesthetic.
Overall, the track is just really enjoyable, a bit funky, and very infectious; A favorite off of Glows Then Melts. - Heart And Soul

"Skeleton Lipstick's album is glitched out distorted cocaine disco-funk party to kick it off with a big city dreamy ending."

Holy shit! This is an incredible synth-wave based dance/dream pop influenced project you need to check out! Glitched out distorted cocaine disco-funk party to kick it off with a big city dreamy ending. In the center of all this you finally hit sleep world and it feels sensational.
- Archive Dweller

"take the bubble-gum synth aesthetic of black moth super rainbow, the playfulness of teen daze, and the assertive song writing of the likes of panda bear, and you get this."

take the bubble-gum synth aesthetic of black moth super rainbow, the playfulness of teen daze, and the assertive song writing of the likes of panda bear, and you get this. apologies to skeleton for describing his sound through comparisons, but i had to. the album is too good not to. - We Fucking Love Music

"Skeleton Lipstick sounds like an archaeological excavation of vhs-documented nostalgia with an anti-commercial spin."

I need to write more. I need to be more prolific, I suppose. The manic throughput of Daniel Johnston or Ty Segall, though, is worthy of that label — not me. I simply need to be more productive; I need to stop being lazy.

Speaking of labels, Skeleton Lipstick is apparently one of the top artists in the vaporwave category on However, I believe there’s more to him than this label. While Skeleton Lipstick shares the same aesthetic as vaporwave, he also incorporates electropop into his songs, resulting in a more palatable and impressionable message than the ambiguous vaporwave tapes making the rounds. It sounds like an archaeological excavation of vhs-documented nostalgia with an anti-commercial spin. But unlike pure vaporwave, these songs are not only catchy, they are also readily apparent personal messages because of the lyrics intertwined with the beats.

You can listen to the full length self-titled debut by Skeleton Lipstick on bandcamp. Be sure to check out the other bands on the Airlines Tapes label too — you won’t be disappointed. - Fiasco Fantastico

"Retro through the grit of Lo-Fi, Skeleton Lipstick keeps it both experimental and infectious at the same time"

Skeleton Lipstickis an ElectroPop/Chillwave/SynthWave/Indie-Electro mash-up outfit out of Philadelphia. They’ll be releasing their début LP next month and in anticipation of that have just droped a free EP.

The You Think You Know Me? EP sits in that nice space between SynthWave and Chillwave. Whilst SynthWave at it’s core, retro beats and vintage lead lines abound. The Lo-Fi recording ethos and washes of reverb swing it toward the Chillier side of things. Skeleton Lipstick like to write on “old, broken, circuit bent or abandoned synths that are difficult to program and work with but yield very rewarding results”, and it comes through as part of the Lo-Fi feel, toytown synths and ChipTune elements work their way into the track’s DNA. I even heard some VL-Tone in there somewhere. the EP’s title track, You Think You Know Me? is probably the EP’s most accessible. A funky little synth number with floaty vocals and a surprisingly Disco groove. Like an 80’s Pop hit heard through a vintage radio, Skeleton Lipstick experiments with electronic sounds and recording techniques but the catchiness of the song shines through. As with I Find All Your Love So Vain, the EP’s most SynthWave track, which sounds like an ‘80’s U2 hit, played though a distortion pedal and then given a Disco reMix. Retro through the grit of Lo-Fi, Skeleton Lipstick keeps it both experimental and infectious at the same time. All four tacks on this EP are worth your attention. - Electronic Rumors

"Skeleton Lipstick is an amazing, bubblegum-colored space-dancefloor with crazy style and substance."

TRANSLATION - If in march we will compile our best of lists of the year, I sure as hell going to include the first album of Skeleton Lipstick. Its an amazing, bubblegum-colored space-dancefloor with crazy style and substance. Liquidy, drug-addled staring-into-space and an analog dance-party mutate into one massive nebula. Let no ass be unmoved, everyone should roll a fat one, because the amazing work of Skeleton Lipstick is sublime.

Ha majd márciusban publikáljuk azt a bizonyos listát, a Skeleton Lipstick elso nagylemezét én bíz bele fogom írni. Csodálatos, rágógumi-színu, urbéli táncparkett az egész, orületes lazaság és stíl. Lötyögos, mélázós kábítószeresség és analóg táncmulatság vegyül itt egy masszív csillagködbe. Egyetlen segg se maradjon mozdulatlan, mindenki tekerjen egy dagi cigit, mert a Skeleton Lipstick nagyszeru elnyújtózása példaértéku.
- "I Wanna Rock You Baby" blog (Hungarian - Translated)

"Skeleton Lipstick makes an amazing soundtrack for "crimes of the future""

A srác a tavalyi eszméletlen lemeze után készített egy fiktív filmzenét Cronenberg azonos című vizsgafilmjéhez.
Aki nem ismeri, az most megismeri, mert alant ott van újratöltve a korábbi két kiadványa is.
Keni a gyerek, fogyasszátok. - "I Wanna Rock You Baby" blog (Hungarian)

"Gritty 80's-styled synths glaze over your eardrums smoothed out by glo-fi beats – and trust me, it completely comes together."

Philadelphia-local, Skeleton Lipstick, fell into my inbox seemingly out of nowhere the other day. I just can’t keep up with this city.

Gritty 80's-styled synths glaze over your eardrums smoothed out by glo-fi beats – and trust me, it completely comes together. There’s a lot of things I want to ask the man behind this synthwave project. More specifically, how are you producing this wonderful music and performing Maxillofacial surgery at the same time? Well, perhaps not at the same time. But still.

This is what I love, when artists give me a little context to work with. Not everything is a mysterious secret. Skeleton Lipstick is a working professional who manages to make some impressive electronic music that takes our ears decades back in time. His apparent skill for life balance allows him to creatively stretch his mind when he’s not performing his grueling 9-5. How cool, right?

Listen below to his newest release, Glows Then Melts and be sure to put this gentleman on your radar. - What's Protocol?

"Electronic 3-D lenses through a neon world lead you by the ears to Skeleton Lipstick's insane music."

Put on your headphones and be immediately encompassed in a world of 80's vibes floating around in their bright legwarmers and holographic images play on the walls. Self described as "an existential synthwave project from Philadelphia, USA," Skeleton Lipstick delivers fresh flashing lights in a deep kiss. Equipped with beat up, ancient synthesizers and samplers from 25 years ago, CM Smith, the creator and sole member of Skeleton Lipstick, brings reverberating vocals and laser gun drum machine beats together for a more than fantastic result. - The Tiny Sparrow

"Best Songs of 2012"

Skeleton Lipstick "Heart Keeps Beating" - We Fucking Love Music

"Skeleton Lipstick is retro, synthwave, and glofi"

Skeleton Lipstick - I Need You. Retro, synthwave, glofi whatever you wanna call it. I dig it. Check out his bandcamp for downloads. - Louder Than Words

"Skeleton Lipstick is catchy, synth driven"

In Skeleton Lipstick’s latest video he pairs the oddly matching visuals from Jaap Drupsteen’s “Hyster Pulsatu” with his track “Twenty Something Criminal”. This catchy, synth driven track is available right here, along with the rest of his album, Glows Then Melts. - Analogue Spheres

"Skeleton Lipstck is synth warmed sunshine"

Philadelphia's Skeleton Lipstick have released their début 10-track album 'Glows Then Melts' available to download from Airline Tapes Bandcamp. An album of 80's horror sounds merged with summer haze and synth warmed sunshine. Slow fuzzed out downtempo with glimmering electro moments.
- Fokkawolfe Blog

"Top 12 Albums of The Year 2012"

Skeleton Lipstick - "Glows Then Melts" -

"Top Songs of 2012"

Skeleton Lipstick - "Twenty Something Criminal" - Very Tiny Songs

"Top 20 Albums of 2012"

Skeleton Lipstick - "Glows Then Melts"


Skeleton Lipstick "Disappointment" on list of top 100 songs of the year - Chillwave/Glofi/Hypnagogic Pop

"Top 100 Albums of 2012"

Skeleton Lipstick - "Glows Then Melts"
"For if you're into Chill Wave/Glo-Fi" - Everything is Chemical

"Top 30 EP's of 2012"

Skeleton Lipstick - 'You Think You Know Me" - E-Radio

"Top 30 EP's of 2012"

Skeleton Lipstick - 'You Think You Know Me" - E-Radio

"Skeleton Lipstick - "Understand That You Used To Love Me" review"

Skeleton Lipstick uses 80s synths and samples to create an ambient, fuzzy sound, backed by drumbeats and repeated vocals. Using one vocal sample for a whole song can feel too repetitive. But this track doesn’t seem to have that effect on me. It really just relaxes me. I love the warm feeling from the fuzzy synths. Skeleton Lipstick will be coming out with a full length work on Airline Tapes soon. Keep an eye out. In the meantime, enjoy. - Paper Mash Music

"Skeleton Lipstick: “You Think You Know Me” (spanish)"

Las posibilidades de aquel sonido synth imposible de enmarcar en determinada época -a pesar de que sea la palabra 80's lo primero que se nos venga a la mente- son aparentemente infinitas; y podemos emparentarla tanto con la estética VHS como con el revival electro de inicios de la década pasada ó algún productor interesado en sacarle el mejor sonido a su amplio arsenal de teclados con cierta antigüedad. Desde Filadelfia: - E-Radio

"Top 50 Albums of 2012"

Honorable Mentions (no order):

Debo Band – Debo Band

Daniel Johnston – Space Ducks Soundtrack

Royal Headache – Royal Headache

Thee Oh Sees – Putrifiers II

Lightning Bolt – Oblivion Hunter

Twin Shadow – Confess

Dirty Three – Toward the Low Sun

Ben Folds Five – The Sound of the Life of the Mind

of Montreal – Paralytic Stalks

Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Psychedelic Pill

Ty Segall Band – Slaughterhouse

Pop. 1280 – The Horror

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Cobra Juicy

The Walkmen – Heaven

iamamiwhoami – Kin

Top 50:

50. Dan Deacon – America

49. Kebu – To Jupiter and Back

48. Grimes – Visions

47. Trust – TRST

46. Father John Misty – Fear Fun

45. Brian Eno – Lux

44. Jens Lekman – I Know What Love Isn’t

43. The Orwells – Remember When

42. Mets – METZ

41. People’s Temple – More For the Masses

40. The xx – Coexist

39. Dinosaur Jr. – I Bet on Sky

38. Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes

37. Andy Stott – Luxury Problems

36. Symmetry – Themes for an Imaginary Film

35. Grizzly Bear – Shields

34. Godspeed You! Black Emperor – ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!

33. Goat – World Music

32. Scott and Charlene’s Wedding – Para Vista Social Club

31. Skeleton Lipstick – Glows Then Burns

30. Sharon Van Etten – Tramp

29. Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas

28. The Shins – Port of Morrow

27. Tame Impala – Lonerism

26. Titus Andronicus – Local Business

25. Holograms – Holograms

24. Death Grips – The Money Store

23. The Tallest Man on Earth – There’s No Leaving Now

22. Bobby Womack – The Bravest Man in the Universe

21. White Suns – Sinews

20. Zammuto – Zammuto

19. Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Motion Sickness of Time Travel

18. Ty Segall and White Fence – Hair

17. Cat Power – Sun

16. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Aufheben

15. Alabama Shakes – Alabama Shakes

14. Matthew Dear – Beams

13. DIIV – Oshin

12. Woods – Bend Beyond

11. Laurel Halo – Quarantine

10. Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light

9. Fiona Apple – The Idler Wheel…

8. Wild Nothing – Nocturne

7. Mount Eerie – Clear Moon / Ocean Roar

6. The Men – Open Your Heart

5. Hot Chip – In Our Heads

4. The Music Tapes – Mary’s Voice

3. Cloud Nothings – Attack on Memory

2. Swans – The Seer

1. Japandroids – Celebration Rock - fiasco fantastico

"Skeleton Lipstick Interview"

The Deli Philly's Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: Skeleton Lipstick

- by The Deli Staff

In the world of music, you’ll find artists working on their craft from all walks of life. We’re guessing that The Deli Philly’s most recent Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner Skeleton Lipstick a.k.a. Chris Smith is our first oral surgery resident. The fledgling project is just putting on its make-up and getting ready for its coming out party with the release of a full-length album on July 4 via Airlines Tapes. But first, get to know Skeleton Lipstick by reading our interview below.

The Deli: How did you start making music?

Chris Smith: I've always loved music. I used to pour over the liner notes for grunge albums when I was in middle school, but it wasn't until I was 14, and an older friend gave me a copy of Cap'n Jazz's first LP and Converge's Petioning The Empty Sky that I felt inspired to learn an instrument. I was completely floored by how both band's variatiated theme, style and sound in their songwriting. From there, I got into the local South Jersey and Philly indie music scene, learned bass, then guitar, then programming synths and working with DAWs.

TD: Where did the name Skeleton Lipstick come from?

CS: I use a lot of old broken synths from the 80s when I write music. Repurposing their obsolete or dying sounds for a modern context to me is like dressing up a decayed skeleton for a night out with the living.

TD: What are your biggest musical influence?

CS: My Bloody Valentine, NEU, Failure, Negativland, Joy Division, Suicide, and Boards of Canada are bands whose moods and sound textures I use as reference points when I'm writing/recording. On the other hand, I take a lot of influence from C-grade 80s music and obscure Italo disco also. If you've never listened to Fancy before, you are completely missing out and should go watch the video for "Lady of Ice" on YouTube.

TD: What artists (local, national and/or international) are you currently listening to?

CS: Philly has wonderful artists. Sun Airway, Cold Cave, Woe and Hermit Thrushes are some of my favorites. Non-philly bands I've been listening a lot lately are Com Truise, Surfing, Outlands, Mirror Kisses, Bewilderbeast and the new Tragedy album. I also love the second Crystal Castles album. I think it's a perfect record.

TD: What's the first concert that you ever attended and first album that you ever bought?

CS: The Get Up Kids and The Kill Holiday at Stalag 13 about 14 or 15 years ago. There were a few fights, and I almost got hit with a random beer bottle. It was a pretty great time. First album I ever bought was NIN’s Pretty Hate Machine.

TD: What do you love about Philly?

CS: The ominous graffiti covered old factories scattered throughout the city are a tremendous source of inspiration.

TD: What do you hate about Philly?

CS: Not much – I love Philly and think living here is very integral to my music. Skeleton Lipstick is the soundtrack to my life here. If I had to pick something I hate, I guess it would be real estate agents who call Eraserhood – The Loft District.

TD: What are your plans for 2012?

CS: Get people to listen to Skeleton Lipsticks full-length coming out July 4th on AIRLINES tapes. (It’s very good! Check it out!) Play more live shows, spend quality time with my wife and dog, and be an exemplary oral surgery resident.

TD: What was your most memorable live show?

CS: Skeleton Lipstick is only a month old so there's not too much to draw from. I did play a show outside in Delaware once with my best friend Ryan where a drunk old man characterized our set as "spaceship music."

TD: What's your favorite thing to get at the deli?

CS: Cheese. - The Deli

"Skeleton Lipstick - SYNTHWAVE"

Disordine visivo, elettroclash, chillwave, electropop consumistico e graffiante, sono gli ingredienti per il nuovo video proposto da Skeleton Lipstick, band synth-wave di Filadelfia.

Dopo aver pubblicato in Maggio You Think You Know Me EP (scaricabile gratuitamente su Bandcamp), ci offrono questa perla dai colori flashati e sconvolgenti, che scioccano ed attraggono, nella stessa proporzione. - Just Can't Get Enough (review is in Italian)

"New Lipstick Elite song is an ideal track to deepen your sunburn"


Holidays themselves are not necessarily chill, although they have a reputation as such. Even the most ostensibly chill holiday I’ve ever taken –to Aruba– was a bit of an ordeal, due to the fact that I was with my best bro (who had invited me) and his girlfriend (at the time). But as soon as I got there, it was clear that the two would have broken up weeks prior under normal circumstances, but because they had this trip planned, they were sticking it out. And fighting the whole time. Also I got sunburned on day-two of the seven-day trip because I was walking up the shore that entire day in the same direction; the sun really turned the left half of my body beet red, and the rest was more or less untouched.

Anywho – Lipstick Elite (a superduo between Skeleton Lipstick and Luxury Elite) do their best to reinforce the holiday-as-paradise myth with this latest track off of their (already sold out in tape form?) full length collab Stay Passionate, Be Discreet. Several tricks pulled out of the Daft Punk “Digital Love” playbook for this one as far as melody and production go, paired with an easily digestible vocal part by what sounds to be an absolute peach of a gent. Do chill, won’t you? I insist. No, no, after you!

An ideal track to deepen your sunburn; you’s in the Southern Hemisphere are catchin’ this one just in time. Refer to the Sunup Recordings Bandcamp to stream the album in full and d/l info. Tip-top-notch artwork by Keith Rankin. -

"Lipstick Elite is the natural evolution of Vaporwave"

Vaporwave界のほぼ中心人物!Luxury EliteとSkeleton Lipstickのコラボユニット Lipstick Eliteによる新作がname your priceで発表


Vaporwaveを語る上で外せないプロデューサー Luxury EliteとSkeleton Lipstickによるコラボユニット Lipstick Eliteが”Stay Passionate, But Be Discreet”をname your priceで発表!ダウンロードは上記プレーヤーからどうぞ! - (japanese)

"impressive experimental new wave/dream pop project and belongs in your collection"

This is a killer album right off the bat with Disappointment. You hit play on the first track of this album and you’re met with a distorted, crunchy sound that seems to test you before giving you the rest of the album - it’s a sound I’ve heard people express distaste for, but it’s one I personally love, and I think it does miracles for setting up the feeling of Glows Then Melts. The album is an emotional, sometimes floaty, sometimes punchy, and always impressive experimental new wave/dream pop project and belongs in your collection.

If you’re one of the lucky bastards who got this on cassette before it sold out, then god damn you, you lucky motherfu - ShitYouShouldHear blog

"Lipstick Elite releases new video and album!"

Lipstick Elite, proyecto formado por Skeleton Lipstick y Luxury Elite, trae este nuevo single y video en el cual usan footage vintage de la revista Playgirl. Bigotes de macho, sudor sensual, músculos en acción aeróbica y bailes extraños, son lo que te espera cuando le pongas play a esto. Además también este mes sacaron su nuevo Ep llamado “Stay Passionate, Be discret” con 8 tracks bastante finos y sabor. - (spanish)

"10 Choice Songs From The Underground (french)"

Lipstick Elite is For Fans of Chromeo and the Pet Shop Boys! -

"LIPSTICK ELITE is hazy pop with Hi-Fi power (Japanese)"

内容はといえば、80年代シンセ・ポップライクなサウンドが全体を通して展開される期待通りのサウンド。Luxury Eliteには常々霞みが取れた純然たるポップな作品をリリースしてほしいと個人的には思っていたのだが、Hi-Fiなサウンドを持ち味とし、渋いNeil Tennantのような声を持つSkeleton Lipstickの力を借りて、それが実現したという形だ。

Skeleton Lipstickの諸作の延長線上にあるような作風ではあるが、霞がかったLuxury Elite印のサウンドも随所に織り込まれており(Shy Lover, Dangerous Loveなど)、チルウェイヴのファンからヴェイパーウェイヴの狂信者まで満足すること請け合い。

〈Orange Milk〉のKeith Rankinがデザインしたジャケットもアルバムの雰囲気に良く合っててグッド。カセットで欲しかった……。 - HIHIWhoopee

"Top 50 Albums of 2014"

Lipstick ELite - Stay Passionate but be Discreet #9 - Vapor Drawings Blog (Japanese)

"Best Tracks of 2014"

Lipstick Elite - "Stay Passionate But Be Discreet" -

"Hour long Broadcast hosted by SKELETON LIPSTICK"

Šio vakaro laidoje "Neringos bičiulis" svečiuojasi labai idomus synthwave projektas iš Philadelfijos - Skeleton Lipstick. Už šio slapyvardžio pasislėpęs Christopher Smith kuria muziką, naudodamas senus, laužytus 80tųjų sintezatoriaus garsus. Šis bičas, visų nuostabai, yra žandikaulių chirurgijos rezidentas Temple University ligoninėj Pensilvanijoj.
"Man patinka savo kuriamoje muzikoje naudoti pigius, laužytus, užmirštus sinteratorių samplus, iš kurių sunku kurti vientisą muziką. Kartais tai gaunasi visai neblogai" - sako Christopher'is. - Neringa.FM (lithuania)

"start the last snow storm of the year off with some weird, noisy, electronic pop!"

Lets start the last snow storm of the year off with some weird, noisy, electronic pop! Skeleton Lipstick released a new music video recently for “Am I Close To The Edge?” and the video features some really strange VHS clips with some animated boxes laid over top through out! It even features a growling Oprah Winfrey! So check out the video and get stoked on Skeleton Lipstick! Also, check out their full EP below: - Radio Static Philly

"No Spine To Shiver, No Heart Talks is retro-synth and new wave"

Here’s the first Unchill Records album since the label’s launch of the Sea Of Clouds imprint last week: No Spine To Shiver, No Heart Talks by Skeleton Lipstick. In contrast to the mostly-vaporwave releases of Unchill Records previous discography, No Spine To Shiver, No Heart Talks is retro-synth and new wave, and it even features real, live vocals(!) in its five tracks. “Never Ending Night” is suuuuper new wave, with a driving bass line and some serious gated reverb on the drums. It’s available for €1 as a digital download and for €5 on floppy disc with a bonus track and other goodies. -

"Lipstick Elite - Stay Passionate, Be Discreet " The sound is undeniably vaporwave-y, but it’s tinged with a beautiful originality. The sound is fantastically crafted"

Rapid-fire snares welcome us into the glittering paradise of Feels Like Life and the album in general. We launch straight into a hypnotic vocal sequence. The sound is undeniably vaporwave-y, but it’s tinged with a beautiful originality. An anthem for absolutely everyone, the singer telling us that even ‘the quiet kids are shouting out loud’. The bubbling optimism is crafted perfectly. The percussion of Luxury Elite is easy to hear behind the melodic elements of the track. The amazing, percussive layering of the producers is repurposed into an eternally positive track.

I Will Satisfy eases in, more subtle than the first track. The majority of the instrumentation underpinned in sheets of low-frequency rhythm. The vocals of Skeleton Lipstick dance, slightly distorted over the muffled beats. As we proceed into the bridge and then the bridge and chorus the second time around, the huge, bouncing bassline begins to peek out from under the murky low-ends. The vocalist stands, invigorated by the engaging percussion falling all around him. His vocals are cool, a straight shot aimed directly at the listener. Extra credit for the Submarine sample at the close of the track.

Stay Passionate, Be Discrete does not take the ‘title track’ label lightly. Infectious melodies swirl underneath a steady drumbeat. The crisp vocals laid over the top, demanding the listeners attention. The hook is the sweetest bait. A Daryl Hall-esque concept delivered with the pop sensibilities of Toro Y Moi. The melody is more than able to drive the song forward in between vocal parts. A cacophony of sounds fall into rhythm, sending feet tapping to the tempo.

Shy Lover fades in with timid synth work. Setting a tone different than what we’ve heard so far. Glittering starlight notes shoot across the soundscape. And as the beat drops, we’re welcomed into another bass-heavy loop. It sounds as if we are in an intimate room with the vocalist, as we hear the party raging through insulated walls. It’s a deep bath of a track, easing into a chorus without warning, with a hook that The Isley Brothers would be proud of. The lyrics balance sincerity and playfulness so fantastically.

The Pleasure starts in the maelstrom of distorted synths raining down around us and the vocalist. Percussion and notes spurt out of the main rhythm. The vocalist stays with us, as we travel with him through the centre of the track. The laser-powered hook melody paints a synthwave aesthetic, as the euphoria glitches wonderfully, we come out of the main body of the track. The two artists have an undeniable chemistry.

Holiday’s fast-paced wide-eyed sound is refreshing. It hunkers down suddenly as the vocals play out. But the loop is so catchy that as it rises again, the feeling is undeniable. The carefree nature of the lyrics and vocal melody, mixing with the surprisingly emotive instrumentation is perfect.

Dangerous Love hits us like it’s come straight out of Vice City. Again, the vocalist sounding extra cool offer jagged, singular guitar notes. The 80s aesthetic concept of a ‘Dangerous Love’ is presented so well. The menacing, mischievousness of the chorus hook. The vocalist singing out triumphantly over the verse instrumentation. This is the song that puts the duo on a stage before us in a twighlight Florida setting. The sound is fantastically crafted. Dangerous Love II picks up the pace considerably as the chase starts. We speed away from the setting, under halcyon lights that pass in a glimpse. With the radio on full blast, we’ve made it out of trouble, and as we cruise toward the hills, the glistening stars welcome us into the cloak of night. - ListenCorp

"Mid Week Picks vol 10"

The song is a meditation on the search for meaning before death. We will never find a reason for why we exist, but maybe one can at least find peace before it ends -

"We immediately think of Neon Indian for the mood of the track and the song is about the romantic fantasies we slip into and the melancholic reality that most often will never come true."

On ne connaissait pas encore de chirurgien facial qui faisait de la musique... On peut vous présenter aujourd'hui Chris Smith, alias Skeleton Lipstick, qui à part façonner de nouvelles gueules produit de la vaporwave, une pop avec beaucoup d'effets de reverberations.

Chris Smith est également le fondateur de Terminally Chill: The Vaporwave Dance Party

Skeleton Lipstick vient de sortir I'll Still Dream About You (insert coin r3imagine) avec R23X. On pense tout de suite à Neon Indian pour l'ambiance du morceau et la chanson parle des fantasmes romantiques dans lesquels nous nous glissons et de la réalité mélancolique qui, le plus souvent, ne se réalisera jamais. "Mais même si les gens tombent amoureux ne nous remarquent même pas, nous pouvons toujours en rêver", explique

Le morceau est disponible en téléchargement gratuit sur Bandcamp ! -


You Think You Know Me - EP (self released) 2012

Glows Then Melts - LP (AIRLINES TAPES) 2012

Crimes Of The Future Soundtrack - LP (Self Released) 2013

**Stay Passionate, But Be Discrete (Luxury Elite + Skeleton Lipstick) - LP (SunUp Records/Stafford Court Records) 2014

Am I Close To The Edge? - EP (self released) 2015

Cover The Emptiness - EP (Pizzabeast Records) 2016

No Spine To Shiver No Heart Talks - EP (Unchill Records) 2016

**Stay Passionate, Be Discreet LP (vinyl rerelease) - My Pet Flamingo (2019)

The Only Time - SINGLE (trauma code) 2020

Real Time Lover - SINGLE (trauma code) 2020

Glows Then Melts (cassette rerelease) 2020

Melt Like an Ice Cube - SINGLE (trama code) 2020

Teen Talk - SINGLE (trauma code) 2020

I'll Still Dream About You featuring R23X - SINGLE (trauma code) 2020

We The People - Superflat remix - REMIX 2020

Glows Then Melts (Vinyl rerelease) - Needlejuice records 2021

Skelly Smoochums -(trama code)  SINGLE 2021

Vapor Never Sleeps - (trama code) SINGLE 2021

Work it Out - (trama code) SINGLE 2021

Addition - (Pacific Plaza) SINGLE 2021

Catholic Blood -(Orbit) SINGLE 2021

The Life You Wanted - (trama code) SINGLE 2021

*Should You Find The Peace You Seek featuring Winterquilt  - (trama code) 2022

*Make Me feel Alive - (Business Casual) 2022

*released as Polymath Vampire**released as Lipstick Elite



I have been using cheap, broken, circuit bent or abandoned synths to make hazy hypnagogic pop, vaporpop, ambient and existential EDM music since 2010.  My musical projects include Skeleton Lipstick (my main focus), Lipstick Elite (a vaporpop duo including myself and Luxury Elite) and Polymath Vampire (my melodic ambient project.)

I work in a variety of music compositional styles and techniques, but my artitstic goal is always the same: 

1.) to capture the aesthetic of nostalgia and daydreams through electronic soundscapes 

2.)  to experiment with sound but filter it all through a pop sensibility. 

I am one of the founding artists of the vaporwave scene, and have released albums with such notable labels as AIRLINES, SunUp, Business Casual, WaveRacers Collective, NeedleJuice Records, My Pet Flamingo and Stratford Court.

I also founded and DJ “TERMINALLY CHILL;” a regularly scheduled dance party devoted to the “internet music scene” of vaporwave/chillwave/future funk/lofi house with locations in Sacramento, CA and Philadelphia PA.  Terminally Chill has hosted a variety of guest co-DJs including Negative Gemini, Vaperror, Swims, Shoji, 3D blast, Synchro Start, Pad Chennington, Deaths Dynamic Shroud, Fibre, Saint Pepsi, Mr. Hideyoshi, Geometro, Faith In Glitch, Enraile, lil Kirby, Parunormal, Yung Shiro, Trucks Passing Trucks, earth boy advance, FrankJavCee and George Clanton

In addition to DJing, event promotion and music production, I also co-host a biweekly twitch show/podcast entitled "hot takes" with my old friend and vaporwave DJ Yung Shiro where we interview Vaporwave Scene producers and discuss multiple subjects.  Community involvement is a central part of hot takes  and we encourage the audience to participate in the group chat when we broadcast. 

I care DEEPLY about promoting counterculture and creating work that both engages and challenges. I view music production, podcasting and club DJing as an avenue to deconstruct the status quo and encourage others to go make their own art.

My goal is to capture the aesthetic of nostalgia and daydreams through electronic soundscapes. To experiment with sound but filter it all through a pop sensibility. 

My day job is maxillofacial surgeon.


"take the bubble-gum synth aesthetic of black moth super rainbow, the playfulness of teen daze, and the assertive song writing of the likes of panda bear, and you get this." - WeFuckingLoveMusic.Com

"Sounds like a descendant of the 80's nu-wave/alt-dance scene oozing with lush organic synth noises" - 

"Skeleton Lipstick is totally a textured and dirty affair but retro all at once. There's a ton of synth goodness and a pumping beat at the heart of it." - 

"Skeleton Lipstick is a glitched out distorted cocaine disco-funk party" - 

"Retro through the grit of Lo-Fi, Skeleton Lipstick keeps it both experimental and infectious at the same time" -