Matthew Mehlan

Matthew Mehlan


Formerly "Skeletons & the Girl -Faced Boys", the band released "git" on Ghostly in 2005. Here's some press quotes: "The future of pop...", "...soul-funk-gamelan version of Pet Sounds", "Imagine Markus Popp and Animal Collective [writing] the new Steely Dan album."


As co-founding members of Shinkoyo Art and Music, The Skeletons project retains the label’s core ideals – collaboration, experimentation, and unpredictability. Touring and recording extensively in the past year, the band has seen many formations and sound investigations - finding a new voice as the Kings of All Cities. The band toured thrice in 2006, once to SXSW, once with Man Man, and once with Icy Demons. They have a new record called "Lucas" which will be out very soon.


"Lucas" LP coming 2006/2007, Ghostly/Shinkoyo
"Git" LP released 2005, Ghostly/Shinkoyo
"I'm at the top of the world" mini LP, 2004, Shinkoyo "life and the afterbirth" LP, 2003, Shinkoyo