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"Skeptic? - EP's and More 2001 - 2007"

The members of the Alabama quartet Skeptic? may not be saviors of punk, simply because punk has never cared enough to need saviors, but they are certainly torch bearers of hardcore punk's original purity. The title to its recent release, EP'S AND MORE 2001 - 2007, is a good indication to the straight forward spirit of a veteran band with very little expectations or concerns for anything other than making honest music. The 19-track, 40-minute album is a collection of previous demos, splits, live recordings and unreleased material from the band's six-year recording career. Some of the album's highlights are the raging Black Flag cover "Depression" and the politically charged crying out of the album's opening track "Nobody Cared."
Skeptic? provides an unwavering look, perhaps even a nod, back at hardcore punk's past with relentless, high-octane rhythms, socially conscious lyrics and a sanity teasing vocal style that reminiscent of the likes of Minor Threat or Dead Kennedys.
It's not all snotty punk for Skeptic? though. The band exhibits a respectable, melodic consciousness that so many hardcore punk bands either overuse or leave out altogether. The combination results in a full-bodied sound that snaps back each time the simple, uncomplicated punk spirit is compromised.
Perhaps the motive behind Skeptic?'s clear vision and cultural understanding is the band's veteran age. With most of its members well into their 30's, Skeptic? finds itself firmly grounded to the genre's roots. Punk purists are quickly finding the band to be a rare flame in punk's darkening underground. (Self-released)

-Matt Godbey - Performer Magazine

"Skeptic? "Nobod Cared" EP"

The fourth release from Birmingham, Alabama four piece Skeptic? is a 7" EP of almost perfectly formed, aggressively charged, storming punk that although displaying a hardcore drive is clever enough to add a plethora of melodic hook lines to proceedings. Five tracks feature, that rattle by with authority and power of delivery that makes it hard to understand why an act like this is self-releasing limited editions of 250 of their singles! Grab it while you can.
5 out of 5

Sean McGhee - Punk And Oi In The UK

"Skeptic? "Nobod Cared" EP"

This punk band has been slogging along the back roads of the southern United States for four years or more. This is solid punk played with exhuberance. Barron on vocals sings in a high octave register not unlike Chris D from THE FLESHEATERS or Mark Noah from the ANTI-HEROES. The band-Billy on drums, Jon on bass, and Emanual on guitar-chugs along nicely behind Barron. The lyrics indicate that SKEPTIC? think about the meaning of life and the way humans treat each other. This is another heartfelt effort from these veteran punks. (BR) - Maximum Rock N Roll


"Stand Today" 3-song CD single (2008)

"EP's And More" 19-song CD (2007)

"Nobody Cared" Red Vinyl 7" EP (2006)

"Against The Wall" 9-song CD (2005)

"Southern Hardcore..." Split CD - 5 songs (2003)

"Liquid Adrenaline" DVD soundtrack (2003)

11-song demo CD (2002)



For the past seven years or so, Skeptic? has played their brand of punk and metal around the Southeast, sharing the stage with the likes of Agnostic Front, Fear, the UK Subs, Sub-Hum-Ans, MDC and Fishbone. Daytime, night-time, 12 in the afternoon, 2 in the morning, we've done it. Two shows in two different towns in one night? Sure, why not? We have also done several interviews with NPR, and have even played a "members only" set at a mental hospital! But it's our home state where we play the most...Bigger cities like Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, and Montgomery, but also smaller places like Cullman, Selma and Montevallo...Truth be told, we've probably played more places across this state than any other punk band...ever...Oh, and we're fairly easy to get along with, as well...