Sketchy Ted

Sketchy Ted


Sketchy Ted is like Cheap Trick drinking tequila with Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass -- a band for parties and long drives. Let's stick with PowerPop.


Sketchy Ted was born when singer Barry Todd, like a grown Holden Caulfield, stumbled into Portland, Oregon with no money, no friends, and no verifiable work history.

Long since cut off and disowned by his prominent East Coast family as the result of a lifetime of underachievement, debauchery, and intentional faux pas, he decided to put to use whatever nefarious skills he had acquired back home to finance the start of a rock band in hopes of maintaining the lifestyle to which he had been accustomed.

The result is Sketchy Ted's first full-length album, NOW YOU KNOW. Aided by the rock-solid rhythm section of Tom Kilman and Mike Nucci, and the weirdly talented George Turner on guitars, cellos, and keys, NOW YOU KNOW makes a great album for long drives and parties.


Trust Fund

Written By: Barry Todd

I can’t afford
To keep a perfect tan
But I want
To be her man
Her daddy’s rich
She’s his little girl
She’s used to cocaine
And chauffeurs

That’s why I wish I had a trust fund
Just a couple hundred a week
It would be a lot more fun
Hanging with my freaky freaks

She dates dot.coms
And tennis stars
She’s never had a job
Except closing down chic bars
She’s got an attorney
To give her
Her money
But I could love her more than she’s ever known


Now You Know

Written By: Barry Todd

Well, I aint been back to Georgia yet
And I probably never will
Because of the things that happened there
And might happen still
But this old radio, it sounds like a ghost
Coming through the ether
To play the songs you wrote

I really like
To hear your songs sometimes
Well, I thought I’d tell you so
Now you know

Well, I guess I know more about you that I’d really care to know
But when she drinks she talks
And so I got the blow-by-blow
Mr. DJ, he keeps spinning you, but now you’re Classic Rock
And your “Greatest Hits/Reunion” tours
Play like summer stock


Railroad Tracks

Written By: Barry Todd

I present you with the cold, hard facts
We made love by the railroad tracks
On a warm night
I think in July
In the morning when you were gone
I tried to reach you on the telephone
But your roommate said that you were not at home

When I told you I loved you
I know you didn’t think it was true
When I told you I loved you
I know you didn’t think it was true
But if I ever love a woman
I’m sure she’ll be a lot like you

A thousand years must’ve come and gone
Since I first wrote you this song
But your memory still remains
I know our time has passed us by
I still sometimes wonder why
You never
Picked up the phone



Now You Know (2007) is Sketchy Ted's first full-length studio album. Streaming audio is available at CD Baby and at