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Memphis, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Memphis, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop




"Hilary Kaylor"

"It was kind of impossible to pick our favorite track." - RCRD LBL

"Mike Waxx"

"I guarantee you will dig this shit." - ILL Roots


"This kid is good. Carrying the charisma of your favorite rapper, this newly-legal drinker flips on flows like light-switches, enlightening listeners along the way with equally easy and elaborate punch-lines." - The Smoking Section

"Hip Hop DX"

"There are no skipable tracks on this tape. I repeat. There are no skipable tracks on this tape." - Hip Hop DX


"His latest mixtape 'Proving You Wrong Since 1988' is genius." - Wasted Talent

"Daren Hill"

Mixing Lupe's truthfulness and Kanye's confidence seems to be aligning this MC with the stars. Skewby's way with words is Proving failure wrong. If his work continues to be as solid as this effort he just may be a force to be reckoned with - The Source Magazine


Proving You Since 1988
More Or Less
Humble Pie



According to hip hop artist Skewby’s confidently titled 2009 mixtape, he’s been “Proving You Wrong Since 1988.” Reigning as a rapper/producer from Memphis, Tennessee, his first major move was to ignore the trend of Southern Gangsta Rap being the guaranteed method of expression. Instead, he opted to showcase his smooth flow of clever lyrics laced with catchy beats. It wasn’t long before Skewby gained national attention from blogs like “Ill Roots” and “Smoking Section” who pegged him as an artist who “revives real hip hop.”

At a mere 22 years old, Skewby’s style is already being compared to current greats like Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco. Still, his talents go far beyond the microphone; since the age of 14, he’s been producing for artists like Short Dawg and Pimp C. Although he acknowledges a love of producing, engineering, and writing music, Skewby admits that his greatest rush comes from performing.

His first big break came from MTV when he performed during MTV Spring Break 2009. He went on to hook up with DJ Crumbz and headline the Red Bull Southern College Tour. In 2010, Skewby kicked off a whirlwind year by opening for the Lil Wayne Farewell Tour before performing in the 2010 Dub Car Show Tour and A3C Music Festival. While Skewby introduced the country to his movement, his hometown selected him as one of the top 20 performance artists in the Bluff City and #1 artist in the rap category (Memphis Chamber Magazine, 2009). In 2010, he was honored in various national magazines and news publications, including The Memphis Flyer, The Commercial Appeal, Concrete Magazine, and the Source Magazine.

Since gaining fans from coast to coast and releasing his widely acclaimed free LP “More or Less” in January 2011, Skewby has been featured all over the web on popular sites like Ozone, The Smoking Section,, 2Dopeboyz, Cooking wit’ Grease, and hundreds of other music and personal blogs.

With the likes of 8ball, Yo Gotti, and 9th Wonder offering public support while fans encourage new listeners to join the movement, Skewby continues to redefine the game of hip hop with his confident lyricism and unmatched appreciation for the art of story-telling. Follow Skewby on his journey through music at or on Twitter at