Skiff Feldspar

Skiff Feldspar


Seattle-based guitarist/composer/improvisor and former Flowmotion member Skiff Feldspar will please rock fans, jamband-heads and avant jazz enthusiasts alike. Witty compositions, dynamic improvisations and a vast sonic palette from a unique and introspective guitarist.


Skiff Feldspar is an electric guitarist, composer and improvisor who makes his home in Seattle Washington. He located to Seattle in 2000 to continue his music studies at Cornish College of the Arts where he studied with renowned musician's Julian Priester(Herbie Hancock,Sun Ra), Dave Peterson, James Knapp and Dave Peck. After completing most of his music courses, Skiff decided to leave Cornish and further his education on the road. In 2004, he joined the popular jamband, Flowmotion and continued to tour the Western United States, playing Folsom Prison, High Sierra Music Festival and cutting two albums with the group before leaving to persue his own music, fulltime.
Skiff has worn many hats throughout his career, playing in everything from jazz combos, chamber groups, funk ensembles, rock and country bands, and backing up singer/songwriters. He has performed with acclaimed artists such as Jessica Lurie, Mike Dillon(Critters Buggin', Ani DeFranco), Tony Furtado, Steve Kimock, Brad Houser(New Bohemians), Micheal Travis(String Cheese Incident), Jerry Granelli, Pequito D'Rivera, Vicci Martinez, Vince Herman, KJ Sawka, and "American Idol" beatbox extraordinaire Blake Lewis.


Recorded as a leader:
Goat EP 'Kazul'
Spiff Feldspar Trio EP

As a sideman:
Flowmotion "Is That Right"
Flowmotion "Summer Meltdown 2004"(Live)
Flowmotion "Summer Meltdown 2006"(Live)
LaPush "Baby"
Don Goodwin's Freefire
Headlock "Live at Seamonster"

Set List

Original compositions:
Ray of Hope
Fuck Story
They Look Like Dragon Flies
Home From a Car Wreck
Hot Sauce
Speak For Yourself
Mars Made Me Do It
Sibel Edmonds
many more....
Rhythm a ning(Thelonious Monk)
Alabama(John Coltrane)
Prepaid Funeral(Wayne Horvitz)
Just Once a Year(Don Goodwin)
many more...

Group is prepared to perform two 1 1/2 hour sets