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Skigh Hi

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Skigh Hi is not just the music it's a lifestyle. Representing prouldly a sense of individualism, Skigh Hi pushes the normal thought of what hip-hop is.


The story of Skigh Hi is being written everyday. Every minute passes by with a new story to tell and that's the message that Skigh Hi endorses.....reality. Promoting the concept of being who you are, and proud of it, the Houston based duo started off musically in a diffrent genre. While Money Flaco has dabbled in the art of the MC since tender of age, Pretty Boy dazzled tracks and girls alike with his smooth voice as members of the group L1 (otherwise known as Level 1). Though in previous groups before, the two garnered their biggest career success here doing a couple of local shows and eventually traveling to Los Angeles through Best New Talent (Best 10 groups in Texas category). There they met with numerous industry insiders and brought back to Houston timeless, valuable information that would shake up the concept of the group. Through years later, situations and ups and downs further molded the young minds of the artists until finally Pretty Boy decided being an Hip-Hop artist was in his calling. Through practice, guidence and real life situations, Pretty Boy developed a style complimentary to the punchline-laced, wordplay driven style of Money. And now the masterpiece, the magnum opus, the tour de force, brainchild of the dynamic duo......we present to you-



"Buck It Out"

"Main Squeeze"

Please Save The Game - Full length LP coming soon

Set List

Performance singles range between 2:50 to 4 min. Req at least 10 min set but willing to work with anything.