Ski Lift

Ski Lift

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Dream pop project produced by Jeremy Larson (Pepper Rabbit, Sleeping At Last, Stacy DuPree) and mastered by Jonathan James (Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin).


Ski lift is a new project conceptualized by Trey George, 26, (Nashville, Tenn.) and co-written with Abby Webster, 21 (Springfield, Mo.). Romantic EP is the duo's debut release enlisting the production talents of Jeremy Larson.

The album came to life after maxing out Mediafire's file size limits, as George would e-mail tracks recorded in his East Nashville apartment kitchen to Larson's Springfield, Mo., studio.

The project started in early 2010 as a dissatisfaction George had with previous bands. He wanted more focus, a coherent voice, and something as much listenable as it was interesting—drawing inspiration from America, Paul Simon, and Jeff Buckley. Before moving to Nasville from Springfield in late 2010, he teamed up with Webster, a local singer-songwriter, to create Ski Lift.


Romantic EP (2011): Available on iTunes & Spotify
1. Intro
2. Too
3. Romantic
4. Generation
5. Other Girls
6. Give It Up
7. End