West Covina, California, USA

Skillz is a high energy breath of fresh air. This Young married step-dad keeps you laughing with his Take on his insequrities, marriage, life in chicago, and his receeding hairline. His style of comedy connects with indiviuals from all different walks of life, his main goal is the Tah,ha,ha,ha.


The Chicago native Skillz Hudson moved to California Four years ago with the hopes of becoming a actor and get away from his ex-girlfriend. A funny thing happen during those first few weeks when he arrived, he was bitten by the comedy bug after attending a few clubs in the area that were doing comedy. Fast-forward four years later, and he's performed at all the major clubs such as the Comedy Store, Laugh Factory, Ice House, Comedy Union, Jon Lovitz Club, the Jspot, Club Comix and the numerous Improvs in California. He never thought about doing comedy growing up, it wasn’t until during his 7 yrs of doing door-to-door sales, that customers praise him as being funny and TV worthy! He quit his job, and moved to Mississippi with his girlfriend. She dumped him after a yr, he was asked by a close friend that was living out in Cali to come on out. Skillz decided to pack up and go take his chances, by giving his all! Since then, He's also performed in big comedy cities such as New York, Atlanta, and Chicago. Not to mention the many other cities. During this time he’s also written sketches that can be seen on the website Funny or His Film credits consist of parts in Independent films such as “National Lampoons dirty Jokes”, “the Blunt house”, and “ Brainiacs in LaLa Land”. He’s had the opportunity to take part in sketches with such comedy greats like Mark Curry( Hangin with Mr. Cooper) , and Laura Hayes (Queens of Comedy). The list of comics he’s graced the stage with consists of comics such as Michael Colyar, The Mooney Twins, Garrett Morris, Vic Dunlap, J Anthony Brown, Rodney Perry, Tony Rock and many others. He’s taken adavantage of being in the city that is considered the Mecca of comedy…where every comic comes eventually to try and make it big! Skillz came to the Mecca to begin his career. Among his peers he’s considered the James Brown( late hardest working entertainer in the industry). A student of the game, daily Skillz can be seen performing all over the southern Cali area. He’s consistently does theatres, clubs, backyard parties, church events, concerts, and even open- mics. He’s been known to sleep with a mic between him and his wife, tah,ha,ha. His following continues to grow, as he continue to expand his brand, such as he wears a different shirt everyday of him on stage in a picture and his slogan tah,ha,ha,ha. He's also had the opportunity to produce three standup dvds, Project Humor Comedy Tour, Talkin Sh*t in LA, and his latest one entitled Tah,ha,ha. He's been seen on the War on Comedy series, and is the new co-host of the internet radio show called “Straight from the Horses Mouth” This young energetic man has been called a guranteed breath of fresh air and will leave you remembering him…. and his hairline, tah,ha,ha..!!


(DVD) Project Humor, (DVD) Showtime War on Comedy Series, National Lampoons "Dirty Jokes " the Movie, "Brainiacs in La la land", Co-host to internet radio show "Straight From the Horses Mouth"