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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Skin and Bones - Patience (Sample)"

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a band like this pop up, especially in my (our, their, somebody’s) home town, Brisbane, Australia; and I simply must try to restrain from sounding like one of those progressive pretentious progressive fans but without digressing in the slightest Skin and Bones’ first EP ‘Patience’ is third-eye-inspiringly, transgressing into a higher beingly, spiritually fucking awesome.

Taking an obvious cue from Tool, Skin and Bones have formed a densely aggressive prog-rock sound without ever fool-heartedly resorting to what we usually associate with “heavy”. The guitar is spritely, clean and lush, the bass looming, and the drum work solid, with thick accents but no blasts. It’s refreshing in a way to have a band that can still shake the roof off a building without just turning everything up to eleven (undeniably the loudest). All of this is heavily supplemented by a vocalist that knows what he’s doing. Who doesn’t cover his voice trying to fit into the mould set for him (and doesn’t go up to eleven either, what, with not being an amp and all).

What really makes this release special, however, is how evident it is that the members have post-hardcore roots. Some parts would feel just at home in a Tool song as they would in an At the Drive-In song. I don’t know how you couldn’t just play this anywhere.

In fact, play this everywhere. - Never Dug Disco


November 2011 - Patience EP
October 2012 - Acoustic Demo



Taking elements from post-hardcore, rock, indie, folk and blues Skin and Bones is a journey of music and art that was formed in early 2011 as a creative outlet for brothers Callan, Jordon and previous band member/friend James. The band spent the good part of the year writing/exploring sounds and ideas and eventually made the difficult decision of choosing just 5 songs for an initial EP. In November 2011, with help from Marly Luske of Alchemix Studios, they created 'Patience'. Joined by bassist and longtime friend Rory in 2012 the band finalised their line up and began playing shows in and around Brisbane.

Skin and Bones hit the scene with an already well developed sound and a powerfully confident stage show and was received well by Brisbane audiences. Transcending genres of rock and hardcore the band enticed listeners from all sides of the musical spectrum and are already looking forward to shows in an array of venues around the area. Although they are currently writing new music for their second EP, an east coast tour for late 2012 is in development. With Brisbane shows arising in the mean time, be sure to witness their dramatic live show and purchase a copy of ‘Patience’.