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"Album Review By Moe"

This month I had the chance to sit down and listen to what I consider to be a great metal band from Buffalo, NY known as Skinbound. I was immediately drawn into their music which mixes a combination of hard thrash with complex guitars, and slower metal that grooves like the days of Sabbath. I enjoyed the clarity of the lyrics and the distinctive tight transitions that wind throughout the songs.

This band takes you from very hard old metal into hardcore thrash and back within one song. The lyrical content is oustanding and the band obviously is not afraid to address a few concerns that they have with the church. We are looking forward to check this band out live and loud. If you like good metal that is different, hard, and also complicated then this is the band for you." - Twisted Hillbilly Magazine Issue 4

"Taxi Review: Witch Hunt"

The 1st aspect I dug was the song title. It was direct, image laden and darkly appropriate. I hear many influences, yet none too prominent- which is a good thing!

The band sounds like there is a tangible chemistry present. There is a good contrast between sections, well-written structure, good use of imagery, and solid lyrical and vocal content. 7/10 - Taxi


LP: SKINBOUND: Skinbound

Radio: All songs can be heard on 103.3FM The Edge, and The Asylum WCNI 90.9FM




Skinbound formed in Buffalo NY in 2005 as a five piece Metal/Alternative act. Combining dark imagery with topics of controversy, their music depicts the violent truth of human nature. And how greed, hypocrisy and power have corrupted the once sacred institutions of religious belief.

Since their debut in 2006, Skinbound has released a self titled album and has maintained a rigorous performance schedule. They have also been apart of many national tours including the ‘Jagermeister: Summer of Sin Tour, Obituary’s “Xecutioner’s Return” and Kittie’s “Funeral for Yesterday” tour.

In 2007 Skinbound was published by ASCAP and began receiving regular radio rotation in their home markets. Their album also became available through multiple online retailers including iTunes, e Music, Napster and Verizon V-Cast. 2008 saw them featured on Eclipse Records compilation disc “Loud Music Vol. 10” and Sinister Music/Rockstar Energy Drink’s “Mayhem Tour” compilation.

As Skinbound moves into 2009, the new year promises to be one of growth. In January Skinbound relocated its home base to Los Angeles California to begin developing new markets. The band has already begun working on their sophomore album and plans to tour in support of its release.