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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review "Walls of fire""

SKIN DIARY machen Rockmusik fern aller Klischees und erfrischend
anders. Jeder Versuch einer Katalogisierung wird fehlschlagen.
Diese Band ist unbeschreiblich.
- Walls of Fire

"Live-Review "Musik der härteren Gangart""

...Als Frontfrau Jessica mit Glitzerjeans und Strasssteinjäckchen vor das Publikum tritt ahnt der Zuhörer noch nichts Böses. Doch was folgt ist eine losfetzende Ladung Metal, Rock, Funk – genau ist das nicht zu erklären... Hier sind Vier aufeinander eingespielt. Da singt Jessica Bassläufe, lassen die Gitarre die Effekte ineinander wogen, werden Töne im Raum stehen gelassen, um im nächsten Moment wieder loszubrettern... - Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung

"Nichts für radiogeseiergewöhnte Ohren"

...Sängerin Jessica weiß, was sie da tut! Mal singt sie katzenartig weich und im nächsten Takt schreit sie sich die Seele aus dem Leib oder stimmt fast opernartige Arien an... -

"Skin Diary Review"

...Mir fällt es schwer hier etwas über SKIN DIARY zu schreiben ohne
gleich in Schwärmereien auszubrechen. Mit "divert" liegt ein Stück
Musik im Player, welches mich mit herrlichen Tönen zwischen
Progressive, Metal und Rock verwöhnt. Und dann der weibliche
Gesang, mal aggressiv brüllend, dann wieder sanft. Die Kraft in
der Stimme hat mich gebannt. Die Stilpalette in den Songs ist
grossartig vielseitig!...

"Review zu Divert-EP"

...Die Gitarren wechseln zwischen progiger Eleganz und hartem
Riffing während der weibliche Gesang zwischen Rockröhre und
intensiver Femininität schwebt. Ein gelungenes Werk, dessen
Eleganz sich erst nach mehrmaligen Hören offenbart, dann aber
derart deutlich in die Gehörnerven dringt, dass einem Angst und
Bange wird...

"The many voices of the Jessica Jekyll"

„ A multitude of voices stampedes through your head when Jessica Jekyll, a.k.a. Ms.
Clockwork Orange, exercises the full range of her vocal register. She effortlessly
switches from cooing to screaming, from a sweet purr to a boundless, infernal roar.
Her singing is evocative of a number of voices, mostly from the 1980s: Kate Bush, Tina
Weymouth (Tom Tom Club), Nina Hagen, Katharina Franck, and, of course, Deborah
Harry. Reminiscence to the latter is also visual, when the energetic Skin Diary vocalist
shakes her blond head, skillfully screws up her eyes and bats her lashes.
However, she is always fully in control of herself and quite a range of implements,
tapping weird effects pedals with her feet while her torso twitches in a trance over
a mysterious electronic apparatus that she uses to distort her phenomenal
natural voice a long way beyond recognition. This woman is an entertainment
... It is no miracle that Berlin magazine selected Skin Diary as one of the 24 best bands of the city. Their magnificent, multilayered self-compositions, which leave nothing unexplored stylisticly between hard core and Habanero is Pop in the best sense of the word: extravagant, highly artistic, and absolutely individual and distinctive. With a word: undescribable"
- Kieler Nachrichten

"Peircing beginning at the Rocker Club"

“ No doubt that this is a band that will be a well kept secret no longer ... eye popping outfits , dragging beats and a sound offering everything you can imagine between softness and power. Jessica Jekyll’s vocal range and styles are just as unique and powerful... A bit of glam pop, a pinch of 70s garage rock with a touch of crazyness... and still Skin Diary is – in the sense of the times – postmodern and peculiar.“


""New bands in Berlin: the crossover artists Skin Diary""

"...And this voice! A real wonder. How can such brutal vocals come out of such a sweet and innocent looking person? Jessica Jekyll, wearing stockings and no shoes, using a chrome-plated goose neck mike, can get massive metal roars out of her throat as well as long lasting, clear melodies, and then laugh and sing just like a young little girl...
Their show is always sincere, always happy, always ass-kicking. The fun they have playing together is contagious. These guys want to have fun, there’s a load of energy and party feeling, you can notice that right away...“
- (

"ODOA Festival"

“Skin Diary is able to take a measure of volume, and an acidic extravagance to a higher level… Larger than life personalities, having their biggest time ever on stage while letting their music burst forth!”



„Divert“ , IWF Hannover, produced by: Willi Dammeier, (2004)
„Ear Cancer“, Popinstitut Hannover + Horus Studio Hannover, produced by: Fabio Trentini, (2006)
DEBUT Album "skin diary", Release t.b.a., produced by: Markus Reuter



Genre: Powerpop / Rock
Origin: Berlin
My Space site:
You tube site:

Jessica Jekyll (Vocals) - Pierporno Divo (guitar) - Puya Shoary (drums) - Ronny the Rock (bass)

++++++ Skin Diary want to release their DEBUT ALBUM (produced by Markus Reuter) in 2010 and are looking for partners in the music business ! +++++

Achtung,  please welcome Skin Diary from Berlin! Four musicians, four cultures, four minds - highly explosive! The western German Jessica Jekyll, the eastern German Ronny the Rock, the Sicilian Pierporno Divo and the Persian Puya Shoary are like the city they are live in - rough, sexy and full of suprises. 
When you follow the scent of uniqueness through the streets of Berlin, it will inevitably lead you to Skin Diary and that is when the real fun begins!
Jessica Jekyll and her three powerful men play an energetic Powerpop/Rock full of passion and overwhelm their audience with their aggrobatic performance. The attractive singer is the master of it all: over the stage and through the octaves she races, invigorating the crowd into astonishment, dance and laughter.
Skin Diary was chosen as one of the best bands of the German capital by Tip Magazin/Berlin. For the extraordinary Powerpop/Rock and their intoxicating live performance Skin Diary received raving press reviews. They played over 300 concerts among others at the Fusion Festival, the craziest Underground Festival in Germany which ( comparable to Burning Men Festival ). After a couple of demos and a production by Fabio Trentini who worked with famous German bands like Subway to Sally and The Guano Apes, the long-awaited debut album will be released in 2010.
At the moment Skin Diary are working with the successful musician and producer, Markus Reuter from Tuner who worked i.e. with Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Maynard James Keenan (Puscifer, Tool), Chrysta Bell and Adam Lambert/American Idol.
If you can’t live without music, Skin Diary is a band that has it all. Check it out !