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2003: "It's Life". 9 Track Demo.

2004: "Sin Filled Valley" . 17 Track Album With over 5,000 sales. And 20 Reviewer Choice Awards.

2005: "Reality Machine" 12 Tracks and already has a bigger sales rating then sin filled valleys release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Straight from the armpit of California a.k.a San Fernando Valley, Skin Flick set the standards for the bastard rock music scene for the last 3 years thanks to 3 explosive, hook-injected albums recorded on what little money they could come up with. Coupled with the unstoppable work ethic that includes the band's very own "Hell Bound promotions" tactics, buzz on the quartet's latest self-released Album "Reality Machine" and the live shows that supported it spread like herpes through music enthusiasts up and down California and, as they play small venues relentlessly, everywhere and anywhere.

Despite the ensuing hype that landed the interest of numerous label A&R execs, the truth is that Skin Flick wouldn't be shit without the contagious songs like "No Harm Done" or "Hell Bound." It's these songs, sounding like they were written for the bastard in all of us, that has sparked so much attention.

Formed as Terd Fergusen and the Skid marks in 2002, when vocalist/guitarist Mickey Fingers, drummer Scott Stevens and bassist Joe McElroy were early in their respective so called lives, the group grew frustrated by the turn of the millennium at the lack of all ages venues in Los Angeles. Creating a website and a buzz, they ventured out into the unsuspecting world. In an effort to get themselves heard, the band - now with guitarist Charles LaFerrera in the line up - initiated "Hell Bound promotions," accosting potential fans exiting concerts and clubs, students, dorms, high schools, malls and fast food joints, welcome or not. By performing these simple tasks they have managed to gain a loyal and growing following.

Changing monikers in time to self-finance and release their January 2003 debut, It’s Life quit all other life goals to hopelessly focus on music. Head first they jumped to headlining West Coast All-Ages venues. Around that time the boys were asked to submit two songs, "Long Way Down" and “Don’t seem to want to”, which both appeared in the Eroctavision volume 2 movie. All this while managing to hold the Spot for #1 Independent punk song world wide with "dear adeline" at and holding other top 20 spots as well. and heading into 2005 doing yet another tour but this time to promote their new cd. the mini-tour was a great success with 30 shows and just about 2,000 Cd sold on it. while headlineing major shows and opening for major acts, skin flick is known for being one of the most active punk/rock bands in los angeles. Skin Flick has done 3 independent tours and 3 Cd's. But, the new tours and cd have proven to show the best outcome in such a short time. with tower records taking intrest in the new cd and selling it at their stores and online.

If Skin Flick sound like they could be the next big thing in a way that every other band in the world only wishes they could, maybe it's the musical and lyrical ingenuity that steers "Long Way Down," an exuberant, irresistible song about falling in love and watching your world fall apart right be fore your eyes. With the raw and cutthroat guitar that launches "The Clock Keeps Ticking" and the dark, moodiness "Wasted and Comatose," Skin Flick has more hooks than a Chuck Palahniuk novel. When they do tap their influences, such as the blend of the Decendents and Rancid in "Legend to be," it's done tastefully, damn-near out of respect. And with tunes about Living and dying in their dreams ("It’s alright") or drowning in poverty ("Sin Filled Valley"), these crisp, infectious bursts tap that common nerve. Whether your memories of getting high before that show of you life are from last summer or from the days when you first heard that old beat up second hand copy mixtape of Black Flag, Skin Flick take you right back to that time and place. Now that's good old fashioned, no bullshit Rock & Roll. Shoot 'em up.