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The best kept secret in music


" Album Review"

Fans who enjoy hip hop music that delivers something a little different will love the music Skinnen Bones MC creates. Skinnen Bones MC’s music is abrasive, raw, intense, lively, hype, and fresh. Rappus Caucasius is a buffet of tantalizing offerings that will surely satisfy any drooling fans deepest cravings. The beats and production behind the vocals are equally as hype a contribution.

Skinnen Bones MC is a white, funky rapper that hails from Los Angeles. Skinnen Bones MC provides pure entertainment when delivering fans some of the best rhymes they need to hear. Beyond any limitations, Skinnen Bones MC lets loose on the microphone speaking his mind on some unusual topics. Whether rapping about skirting in your pants, or the naked pool party, Skinnen Bones MC simply has fun, and brings hip hop to a less serious element which is a refreshing change. The topics of the tracks on Rappus Caucasius are light, easy listening, and something fans can relate to while sharing a couple laughs. After all, we’ve all had a bad case of indigestion at some point, and, or been to a naked pool party, right?

Skinnen Bones MC is exceptionally talented. His delivery is second to none, and his rhymes are creative, captivating, and well written. Some fans may draw comparisons between Skinnen Bones MC, and the Beastie Boys; however, those fans would need to admit that Skinnen Bones MC’s sound is more new age, and creative. When fans listen to Skinnen Bones MC they are drawn into the music, and purely entertained. It’s doubtful that any topic exists that Skinnen Bones MC couldn’t rock lovely.

The beats and production on Rappus Caucasius is exceptional. Each and every beat is electrifying, creative, and simply put, dazzling. There are absolutely no disappointments with the beats or the lyrics. The beats laid on each and every song will surely get fans head nodding, and moving uncontrollably.

There is not one bad song featured on Rappus Caucasius, nor is there even a good song on the album – they are all great songs that need to be heard. The most appreciated song featured on the album is the title track, Rappus Caucasius. The beat is explosive, and the lyrics are incredibly witty, and well laid. Turkey (the bowling song) is a close second; the beat is funky, crazy, and electrifying. The lyrics are extremely catchy, witty, and fun. Skinnen Bones MC is a testament to the fact that you can rock fans while having fun with your profession, no doubt.

Fans need to recognize Rappus Caucasius and pick up this great release. There are no disappointments, and fans can definitely expect to hear more from this extremely talented artist as time moves forward. Skinnen Bones MC is extremely talented as proven on this hot release. Definitely mandatory listening material.

- 10/05/05

"Music Connection Album Review"

Skinnen Bones MC keeps it comedic and lyrically obvious on his EP, which features "Naked Pool Party", a what-if whiff of the perfect summer soiree. "Turkey (The Bowling Song)" is similar dumb fun. Both tunes show a tasty funkiness to the beats and sometimes break into rock-fueled passages. Bones bares his canines in "Rappus Caucasius", trashing a host of white rappers who've preceded him. Sounds like this rapper needs to be seen in a live context. - Music Connection Magazine - 8/2005


2005 - Rappus Caucasius - EP
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Feeling a bit camera shy


"What happens at the Naked Pool Party, stays at the Naked Pool Party!"

Skinnen Bones MC claims there is a bad case of seriousness goin' around and he's trying to cure it. That's why this white rapper from Los Angeles writes hip hop songs about having a utopian "Naked Pool Party", bowling three strikes in a row to get a "Turkey", and dissing all the other "Rappus Caucasius."

Bones made his national music debut rapping his two-time ASCAP award winning "Turkey(The Bowling Song)" on ESPN in 2004 at the PBA US OPEN. "I added the 'ow' to bling and got my ass on the TV." He has also appeared in a Budweiser commercial with Dale Earnhardt Jr and taped a performance of his song "Naked Pool Party" for the new Tom Joyner TV show on ABC.

Originally from suburban Maryland, Skinnen Bones MC first joined the Los Angeles music scene as the DJ for the LA based hip-hop group Bang Bang Bunny, who has supported worldwide acts George Clinton, Digital Underground, and Young MC.

However, his desire to run around up front with the mic in his hand led him to pursue a solo career. In the spring of 2005 he recorded his solo debut EP, RAPPUS CAUCASIUS, co-producing the music with Jackie H from Bang Bang Bunny.

Most importantly, Skinnen rocks the live show ending every performance with a baby pool onstage rapping "Naked Pool Party" while wearing goggles, blow-up floaties, and a speedo bathing suit.

To learn more about Skinnen Bones MC visit his website at