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Undeniable, no one sounds like me or my band. I have the ability to write, record and perform rap, alternative rock, geggae, ska, punk, acoustic and r&b music as good as any artist that prides themself in only one genre


Surrounded by a tight-knit clan of predominantly Italian and Irish-American relatives, Michael Skinny Cavallo grew up about 15 minutes south of Boston, MA. Hailing from a middle-class upbringing, Michael has a great sense of pride for his roots. Michael’s love of music was initiated by his father, Peter, a musician himself who created an omnipresent musical setting for what would eventually become Michaels life and love. This very setting played a crucial backdrop in the development of Michael’s earliest musical influences. Mostly classical rock, which Michael still appreciates to this very day, Peter played the records and tapes of rock legends at both home and in the car. With a keen appreciation of music undeniably planted in his head, Michael began to develop his own fiercely individual musical taste. Groups such as Run DMC and the Beastie Boys drove the seamless, almost unconscious transformation from Michael Cavallo to Skinny; the aspiring artist, songwriter and performer.
Music’s undeniable hold had tightened its intense grip on Skinny during the advent of his adolescent years. By the age of twelve, Skinny had started rapping with his longtime friend and future counterpart, Amadeus. Within the time spanning from then to now, Skinny’s life has encompassed interactions with people from all different walks of life. From the streets and the suburbs of the city he loves, to the eccentric nuances of both coasts, Skinny’s life took him in many directions. He attended college in Connecticut, mourned the untimely deaths of several beloved friends, and drove to virtually every state on the East Coast promoting his music. Ultimately, it was these scars, tribulations, and quiet triumphs that began to form the fragments of the puzzle which is now his life. Pieced together, the intricate components of this puzzle, both minute and larger than life itself, spell out MUSIC.

With music serving as both his constant companion and translator, Skinny insists that is only through this medium that he can effectively communicate his thoughts. In the likely event that a song or rhythm triggers its inescapable manifestation, what his mind keeps close his always present digital recorder keeps even closer. He loves to write at night when everything is still, except for the yet to be deciphered words in his head. For Skinny, the meaning of the words and thoughts hidden within the chaos of today’s events or the deep confines of yesterdays past are finally brought to the surface in the sanctuary of the night.

Skinny takes immense pride in his aptitude for creating music that transcends and embraces different musical genres. He believes it is this ability which creates the deep chasms between him and other artists. From rap to acoustic, punk to funk and reggae to rock, Skinny has written music encompassing virtually every genre and style but still believes his true potential as an artist is yet to be unleashed.

Within a time period spanning less than a year, Skinny has embarked on a journey which includes several new ventures. He joined his first live band, Frequency 7, 4 years ago which opened the floodgates for his diverse writing style. The band, comprised of eight artists includes Skinny (Vocals/MC), Amadeus (MC), Dee Roc (MC), Billy Two Hats (Guitar), Milton Jones (Bass), Vanny (Sax), Luke (sax) and Dom (Drums). The band members varying backgrounds and ensuing different musical tastes forge the foundation for Frequency 7's unique and original sound. For Skinny, the collaboration has been a perfect fit; the bands synergy, unparalleled.

SKINNY CAVALLO is hoping to release a solo hip hop cd "Shadows, Dust, Love and Pain" this summer along with the highly anticipated Frequency 7 album.


LP - FLUTOPIA (2002)

Born Losers (2005)
EP- Bread Winners

Singles- Advertisement
Bang Out
Broken Dreams
Empty Bottles
Poison Skin
Safe and Sound

Set List

Our sets usually consist of 12 songs (45 Minutes)

Start out with 2-3 Born Losers songs

Middle of the set we perform 6 solo songs (3 each)

End the show with 2-3 Born Losers Songs