Skinny Cleveland

Skinny Cleveland

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Face melting guitar riffs, hip shattering drum beats, heart warming vocal melodies, and bass lines that will tickle your spleen... hello, we are Skinny Cleveland. Abrasive but subtle, mean and gentle, we do what we love and invite you to love what we do.


Skinny Cleveland is an alternative Jam/Rock band based out of Boston, MA consisting of four musicians from diverse musical backgrounds and influences. As they have evolved, they have found a way to blend their unique styles into an eclectic presentation that might be described as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, paired with Sublime, topped with Pearl Jam and finished with a Radiohead/Elliot Smith reduction.

On the heels of releasing "6 Degrees of Seperation", the bands debut EP, Skinny Cleveland is keeping busy playing promotional shows, finding an online audience, and garnering critical review.


Six Degrees of Seperation EP, 2012

Set List

Electric Lady
No More
Lester (Ester Bester from the Lester Ester Bester Kinester)
Gerry's Pizza Reggae
Heat Peanut
Cleve Perry
Bee Bop Shitballs
The Mindy Groove

Approximately 3 hours of covers ranging from classic rock to contemporary.