Heavy riffs, comical lyrics and melodic hooks accentuate Skintones' musical intensity that will leave any audience wondering what happened. Sonically they've been compared to wide ranging artists as Ween, Queens of the Stone Age, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Primus, etc. Not easily defined!


Skintones hail from Madison, Wisconsin. They've been tooling around in one form or another for nearly 10 years.

When the 'Tones original bassist Chris Backus left the band for greener pastures Darwin Sampson hopped on board and the band hasn't looked back since.

The mission statement is simple - Skintones have no mission statement! Call it a philosophy of zero philosophical importance. While there may be little grains of insight buried in the lyrics and music, the music and art of Skintones is to be merely enjoyed and not overanalyzed.

The band is currently recording their 3rd full length in the last 3 years. Prolific beyond explanation, the music comes quicker than even the band knows what to do with it. Plans for a Spring '06 West Coast tour are in the works, as well as a continued blanketing of the upper Midwestern's finest venues and cities.

What do Skintones sound like? It's a tough question to answer, yet bits and pieces of the answer to this query are easily recognizable. When asked, the band points out the expansive list of bands they've been told they sound like; Primus, Ween, Queens of the Stone Age, Metallica, Presidents of the USA, PJ Harvey, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Killdozer, the list goes on and on. So many different comparisons have been made that the band is sometimes confused.

The underlying theme with everyone is "HOW DO 3 GUYS MAKE THAT MUCH NOISE!@#$?"

Skintones trudge on, creating music that captivates, entertains, annoys, irritates, and tickles your tummy with a wit and sarcasm that truly must be experienced to appreciate!


1999 - Devil Rock (self-released)
2002 - Rock Scene Problem (Crustacean Records)
2004 - Never Get Better (Crustacean Records)
2004 - Crustacean Records Summer Sampler
2004 - Four on the Floor Records Sampler
2005 - Crustacean Records SXSW Sampler
2005 - "We Will Bury You" Killdozer tribute CD (release date tbd)

Set List

Typical set ranges from between 45 minutes to an hour, depending on lineup placement. We have well over 45 original songs, and often tailor our setlist to the circumstance we are in! 4 Cds of material to choose from with varying styles an sounds.