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If one train leaves out of Miami at 89mph carrying mid-90's metal, and another leaves Boston at 10mph carrying hiphop, and they were to meet and crash into each other on the New York Subway lines of 1982, the mixture of steel, graffiti, rock and rap would be S.K.I.P.


S.K.I.P. is an acronym for Samaritan Knowledge Intervenes Preconditioning. In short, it simply means that each choice that we - as humans - make for our own lives, superceeds everything that has been expected of us by our families, jobs, schools, religions or cultures. Hence, i am myself, and make no apoligies for that fact. The music i make is centered around creating and manefesting a higher consciousness which would outweigh such petty things as political parties and terror alerts.

The term “conscious hip-hop” is a blanketing stigma assigned to people who write music spoken in cartoon text bubbles. So it would be a shame
to overlook the power and potential of my music by labeling and subsequently dismissing me as simply being a “conscious rapper.” The message within my music speaks for itself without any further explanation or apology required. I live in Orlando, Florida and i proudly represent
Nonsense Records - the new definition of revolutionary art and music.


Limelight (Remix)

Written By: S.K.I.P.

The flashing lights reflect a flicker up off of the robot's rusted surface like drunken pots and pans with legs and fingers to hold their cigarettes / it’s worthless fighting certain urges / personal hurdles don’t find purpose in jumping turtles with plans to disintegrate their social intellect / (it’s curtains) / still holding close fisted / cookie jar-wristed, wishful intention missed it / now stretching on tippy toe, can’t see over the counter of instance / you blissful misfit! / only two options presented: -ONE- bust the jar and break your hand again or -TWO- drop the cookie cut image, lift arm and walk away a man / seems that the longer that you stand you contribute to the cause or the cause against the man / once reveled in perspective, led to settle for subjective propaganda vans or SUV’s / wallow and follow to drown their livers far behind in hollow chests / you see my nightly developments arresting me and gets the best of me / my destiny’s texting me that with all I down each night that stock in bud light would most likely be a smart investment lead / RIGHT! / buy up all I buy into / mind fuck with a different spin to / intend to to get you to accept what they put in you /

too many lifetimes lived up in the light life / kids walk to the bright lights lit up in the skyline / dreaming for a life like him, reached for the spotlight / but fell off, lost sight / just living for the limelight /

it must be dangerous to fall asleep without a soul for if you were to die how would you even know? / no hell or high water, nor even heaven / no bother with begging for help to lift the guilt of instance / please, gimme what it is I need be / (I’ve) sampled every possible thing to complete me / self-suck ego, like a disease / infecting the world to get ‘em down on their knees in subservient rhetoric / depicted by unmedicative sedative, heading for rehab / bumper stickers need to be switching to decaf / praying for an exit, think I need knee pads for the night / a beer and a braud is like a deer in the lights / with your inner eye twitching like a sex transmitted headlight / smack the dead fish on her ass and watch her slip into the deep fryer / street fighter caught an ill glare from opposing alpha male bear beef-rider and spent a week in county lock-up in a teeth biter / damned to hell with a pass to Tabu / fifty cent blue ribbon pabst with 50 Cent boomin’ on the box in the main room / white and black slaves all singing to the same tune / nigga, dig my diamonds up! / cause I just don’t give a fuck! / “keep in crunk” is your idiom / idiot need lithium / don’t pity ‘em, thugs look pretty in pink / chicks look hot with their titties distinct / so shake your ass for the camera girl / and show your mom what you did on spring break this week /

The Gap and the Basket

Written By: S.K.I.P.

there’s a gap in the space 'tween the rusty guillotine blade named for the precise manner which it washes sins away / It’s called peace / which is ironic, cause due to the neck with boy attached / neither seeming to be too peaceful to be laid up on it / to the right wing of the machine stands a hooded figure, draped in oil slicks and bloody rags / both symbols of his tenure / left hand upon his heart / the right upon the lever / the frightened boy looked up at him and asked him "what’s the weather?" / he said "its sunny, its cloudy, its raining somewhere else another time / and time is relative, you’re born and then you die / the only thing for certain is the blade and the basket / and the gap between the two that tells the day of your passing / and with that he read the requiem of the decree / crying "REMEMBER OUR SEPTEMBER, BECAUSE FREEDOM ISNT FREE!" / the deserts dangerous when you attempt to leave your couches / that’s the price you pay for throwing rocks at tanks in glass houses // hook: the blade drops, heads roll / somewhere a storms brewing / wings of butterflies have left our New Orleans in ruins / the basket takes the head / the circus folk return to watch their hobbies of Arabic acrobatics catching bombs with just their bodies // verse 2: the basket catches most everything, and the ground gets what it missed / the pot to piss in’s just a metaphor for the well in which you wish / person after person, the rusty blade will get its fix / but still the basket holds the dirty laundry no one deals with / it doesn’t empty, only expands / the numbers don’t decrease for the demand of death related casualties on foreign land / lets free Iraq-istan and all the lands we can’t pronounce / running after evil shadows with our baskets sticking out / and our hands over our hearts, fingers interlocked and woven / like a little basket holding all our discarded emotions / don’t blame peace for the death toll / guns for the rise in crime / they’re simply instruments of martyrs doing that which they’re designed / know that everyone meets the guillotine, it’s only a matter of time / and time of course is relative and relativity’s in your mind / so if you find the answers hard and questions not worth askin’ / perhaps you need to scratch your head that’s lying in the basket /

Porcelain Doll

Written By: S.K.I.P.

now I don’t flow with this bumper sticker sense of how to fix reality / reality is just reality / recognize the true duality ‘tween you and the principality / not God, but the one whose name you share and stare at for hours every morning while standing in your underwear / the mirror merely reveals a reflection, it’s up to you to pick and choose / what you decide to believe is just what the passing time has really done to you / “this new wrinkle cream has almost kinda reversed the damage done that all my make-up did in the first place // verse 2: this is the birthplace of denial where the mental state you choose allows an inch but takes a mile / don’t be surprised, life will yank back on that leash in just a while and leave you laid out / pouting routly as you stound about (stoutly as you round-a-bout) / looking to see if the crowd you follow saw you as you hit the ground / the lipo-loophole didn’t do so got a problem with getting nude / won’t make love with the lights on in the slim instance that she screw though / the daughter of modern science born in a test tube home / sold her soul to diet supplements but can’t switch off the food show / her single serving friends resemble her favorite flavor ice cream / she keeps vanilla, chocolate and butterscotch so all the people thinks she’s P.C. / believe me, she be a sight for sore eyes on account of her contact lenses to switch to two from four eyes / be wise and walk away from her / she’ll consume you in her eyeliner she’s using to hide the shiner she got appearing on Jerry Springer / run don’t try and lie to her, she’s a card-carrying member / a stalker with a flare for telling her friends that you married her // hook: she’s porcelain // verse 3: she’s got a bombshell for a best friend / perfect figure with legs that extend so goddamn long they attempt to root whenever resting / bleach blonde with the breast enhancing nipple-clamp clamped outside her tee to capture glance from every man on her way to shop at Abercrombie / now big girl keeps bimbo near cause it makes her feel more pretty-like / and bimbo keeps doll tableside in a selfish pity type / both chicks have attached themselves to a shape which they don’t got, but one wishes that she could be her, and the other’s just glad she’s NOT / a perfect ending for the perfect misfit / plastic surgeon botched her tit-lift / now her chance to get rich quick slims to midget minute men with limp dick / yet her intent was merely to fix the oversight that God had missed / this instance of nip and tuck showed that a short cut has it’s consequence / longing ness for immediate alteration had met it’s maker / fucked, now faker than her best friend who only kept her round to ego rape her / flavored friends left cause she opted for Ben & Jerry’s above their lustful pride / and packed back on the pounds to make a gastric bypass justified / she’s porcelain /


• "Means to an End (Remix)," "The Kids," "Uniform Me" (Radio Single), Nonsense Records
• “The Meaning of Company” (LP), Nonsense Records
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• BMK the Samaritan “Changing the Stars” (LP), Self-Released
• Second Subject Recordings “Project: Final Farewell” (LP), SecSubRec
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• Winter Park Slam Team “Say What!?!” (LP), Self-Released
• “Libertea” featured on the Swamburger (LP) “Descry,” Nonsense Records
• “Uppatrea” featured on the Holly Riggs (LP) “Familiar Circumstance,” Nonsense Records
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• “Take Notes” featured on the Don Legend (LP) “The Eye-Town Compilation,” Self-Released
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• “Se7en” featured on the Nonsense Records Compilation (LP) “Community Service vol. 2,” Nonsense Records, iTunes
• "What They Never Told You" (LP), Nonsense Records

Set List

i have both a 20 and 30 minute set prepared, but i usually perform a full 30 minute set. i dont do covers, i only do originals.
set list:
1. Coffee Mug Artist
2. The QUESTion
3. Autobiographicology
4. Porcelain Doll
5. Limelight
7. Momentum
8. Uniform Me