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The best kept secret in music


"S.K.I.P. "What They Never Told You""

Remember the kid in elementary school that revealed to the unaware kindergartner that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy weren't real? Well he's all grown up now and doing the hip hop thing. S.K.I.P. of Nonsense Records has exposed the lies of the government, music industry and the lies we tell ourselves in the exclusive digital release What They Never Told You. S.K.I.P. takes the music industry and breaks down their process for making the "so-called musician" the featured puppet in the minstrel show in the track Coffee Mug Artist. What They Never Told You features some of the most amazing artists to grace an album. DJ SPS, Mauikai, and of course the producer-emcee extraordinaire Swamburger leave their musical footprints all over this destined to be classic album. S.K.I.P. makes a vow to continue to hold the mirror to the blind and the speaker to the deaf so to help them to discover that they have the power to seek the truth for themselves.

- Veronica Smith, NRR Radio - NRR Radio

"S.K.I.P. "The Meaning of Company""

If Allen Ginsberg was an emcee he would sound like S.K.I.P. combining poetry and hip hop while screaming coded languages at the top of his lungs as he stood in between the here and now hoping to quantum leap through the dreams of the best minds of his generation and warn them. Nonsense recording artist S.K.I.P. finds himself bear naked offering his heart, philosophies and soul in his new album The Meaning of Company. In his song, Upmost Devotion, he dares you to open your eyes and take notice as he stands "…sitting on street corners silently screaming/don't you see the intoxicated masses being herded like cattle from sidewalks to vehicles to die?…" S.K.I.P. is the warning voice of a generation that has become bombarded by mind controlling media and unaware masses that he speaks of in his singles Chicken Little and Limelight. Lyrics seem to levitate over beats blessed by Swamburger, Arlinkio and S.K.I.P. The Meaning of Company is unquestionably an album destined to inspire movements in hopes to save the future of the best minds of this generation.
16 Tracks. 69 minutes. - Mama A.Free.Ka for Nonsense Records


• "Means to an End (Remix)," "The Kids," "Uniform Me" (Radio Single), Nonsense Records
• “The Meaning of Company” (LP), Nonsense Records
• “The Jangling Dischord” (LP), Nonsense Records
• The Pen Pricks “The Blurring of the Lines” (LP), Nonsense Records
• “Dig Distro” (LP), Nonsense Records, iTunes
• BMK the Samaritan “Changing the Stars” (LP), Self-Released
• Second Subject Recordings “Project: Final Farewell” (LP), SecSubRec
• Second Subject Recordings “Project: Attentive Aortas” (LP), SecSubRec
• Second Subject Recordings “Project: Prompt Pros” (LP), SecSubRec
• Second Subject Recordings “Project: Self Sufficient” (LP), SecSubRec
• Second Subject Recordings “Project: Damaged Decibels” (LP), SecSubRec
• Second Subject Recordings “Project: Bunk Beds” (LP), SecSubRec
• Second Subject Recordings “Project: Cracked Codes” (LP), SecSubRec
• Second Subject Recordings “Project: Past Points” (LP), SecSubRec
• Second Subject Recordings “Project: For Free” (EP), SecSubRec
• Winter Park Slam Team “Say What!?!” (LP), Self-Released
• “Libertea” featured on the Swamburger (LP) “Descry,” Nonsense Records
• “Uppatrea” featured on the Holly Riggs (LP) “Familiar Circumstance,” Nonsense Records
• “Time Brings About Changes” featured on the Jalima (LP) “Plain Jane Johnson,” Nonsense Records
• “Take Notes” featured on the Don Legend (LP) “The Eye-Town Compilation,” Self-Released
• “When Words Collide” featured on the Nonsense Records Compilation (LP) “Community Service vol. 1,” Nonsense Records
• “Se7en” featured on the Nonsense Records Compilation (LP) “Community Service vol. 2,” Nonsense Records, iTunes
• "What They Never Told You" (LP), Nonsense Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


S.K.I.P. is an acronym for Samaritan Knowledge Intervenes Preconditioning. In short, it simply means that each choice that we - as humans - make for our own lives, superceeds everything that has been expected of us by our families, jobs, schools, religions or cultures. Hence, i am myself, and make no apoligies for that fact. The music i make is centered around creating and manefesting a higher consciousness which would outweigh such petty things as political parties and terror alerts.

The term “conscious hip-hop” is a blanketing stigma assigned to people who write music spoken in cartoon text bubbles. So it would be a shame
to overlook the power and potential of my music by labeling and subsequently dismissing me as simply being a “conscious rapper.” The message within my music speaks for itself without any further explanation or apology required. I live in Orlando, Florida and i proudly represent
Nonsense Records - the new definition of revolutionary art and music.