Skip Jaymes & The Space Station

Skip Jaymes & The Space Station


Skip Jaymes & The Space Station is keeping good music alive! The listener goes on a journey that twists and turns Blues, Rock, Punk, Funk, Jazz and Hard Rock. Influences: Led Zepplin, The Beatles, Pink Floyde, Rolling Stones. The music is new and innovative with a Classic Rock influence. Rock on.


Skip Jaymes and The Space Station strives to preserve good music. By creating songs with real instrumentation and relevant meaning. This band is dedicated to putting on a meaningful live show that deeply impacts the audience. With hard rock licks, screaming solos and timeless ballads Skip Jaymes And The Space Station brings Classic British and American rock influences into a new modern sound.
Skip Jaymes and The Space Station is adaptable. Playing many styles of music in Southern California's Indy Rock Scene for the last 7 years, Skip Jaymes and The Space Station went on as other band names, Mantra and Mojave Green. The band has went on to play Sunset Strip Hollywood, The Whiskey a Go Go, Viper Room, Knitting Factory, SXSW, Ventura Theater and many other clubs in Southern California, Skip Jaymes and The Space Station has enjoyed Indy Rock life and its flirting with the next level up. After finishing their first album, Forcefield of Love (2011) they are eager to hit the road and promote the album. Members of Skip Jaymes & The Space Station love Jazz Fusion and Funk as well and was heavily inspired by bands and artists such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyde, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Phish, The Grateful Dead, STI, Pat Matheny, Victor Wooten, Medesky Martin and Wood, Wes Montgomery, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Traffic, The MJQ, James Brown and Jaco Pastorius.
It is important to note this band is ready to rock any crowd at any time. Weather it is a big outdoor festival, clubs in Hollywood, or private parties and gatherings you are in for a trip with some great sounding tunes.
Skip Jaymes & The Space Station's mission is to inspire art and music and to help the world be a more interesting and creative place.


Ame Damnee EP 2008
Forcefield of Love EP 2010
Forcefield of Love LP 2011

Set List

A typical Set list can last up to three hours. However, it may be condensed to thirty minutes to a half hour.

Some of his original songs he may play include:

Last Goodbye
Forcefield of Love
Life is Beautiful
Too Much to Ask
Dirty Dreams
One Look
Flukes In Stars
Who Am I?
Recycle Me
The Groan
Bling Bling
The Good Life
To and Fro
Fly Away
Everything and Nothing
Times To come
Beats of Funk