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"This Ain't Hip Hip Hop, This is Skip Hop." Refreshing, ground breaking, and creatively amongst the elite. Skip takes all of the rules associated with popular hip-hop/urban music, and bends them just enough to get his point across. "Be Yourself! I am."


Music can be described as a combination of different sounds comprised into one uniform package working towards one common sound. Born Malcolm A. Taylor, the artist better known as Skip, takes pride in pulling from all his various background roots and influences to create songs that are not only honest to his character and experiences, but hold true amongst the feelings and emotions of many. Being born an Army Brat Skip found himself living most of his early life in Germany, coming up in the break-dance, b-boy scene that ran strong through Germany in the 80's. It wasn't until 1986, after six years of traveling, and relocating that Skip came to find Miami, FL home. Growing up in Carol City, Skip lived a different life than most. He spent time playing organized sports as with most youths in the area, taking part in Football, Baseball and Basketball, but he also excelled in his scholars being in the Magnet program for most of his education, winning Geography bees, and History competitions throughout Dade County. Music was something that always drove Skip through all of his life. His early CD and tape collections included everything from Ace of Base, to Salt-N-Pepa, to Korn, and Wu-tang. Fusing his German techno, B-boy roots and Miami booty bass, Skip brings a new found energy to hip hop, and music as a whole. Skip explores topics that haven't been pile driven into the ground already by most of today's disposable Hip-Hop. Be it music about having trouble making music, which every artist can relate too, or songs about the current events that trouble our youths and society, everything Skip says is real, true to himself, and the music he loves. Most artists approach music feeling like they have to fit into a certain window to make it, and defeat themselves the second they speak on topics and ideals that don't apply to them because it worked for someone else. Skip approaches music like a world class chef, adding his own exotic spices and eccentric combinations to create a product that is original, fresh, but most importantly, a delight to the ears and mind.


"Yo Friend" Single
"This is Skip" 16 track LP

Set List

Windows up
Shake it like dice
Say Yes
Yo Friend