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skipp dog

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Just when you think hip-hop acts all sound the same. Along comes a man that stands out from the rest. A different rhythm, a different beat, a different kind of MC that kind of fadanglez his way into your CD collection. skipp Dog has put a new twist on old school hip-hop.


Damien Shade
Bio of Skipp dogg
M.C. NAME: Skipp Dog a.k.a. Sugar Diznik Daddy Skiznipp a.k.a. Skipp Deezy
DATE OF BIRTH: 2/25/77
PLACE OF BIRTH: Compton, California
HOBBIES: music, computers, cars, poetry ,art, videogames
GOALS: To build a solid family foundation
RELIGION: Christian

I first got into rhyming in the mid 80's around '85 to '87 for no particular reason, It was a cultural thing my brother, Dave and I used to spit freestyle rhymes over old school records that my mom and uncles used to play. Albums like Parliament, Confunkshion, Zapp, and The Dazz Band just to name a few. I wrote my first real rap in 1991, titled "Realistic". That's the only rap I wrote for about a year I was more in to the freestyle form of rap. As the years went by I got more accustomed to writing. In 1994, I surpassed most of the local talent. That's when I decided to get into the music industry, from 1994 to 1998; I went through many business and personal trials and tribulations up until the year 2000. At that time the storm cleared and I recorded my first solo underground titled, "Flexin". It was a three-song project I recorded in a bedroom studio. Around the same time is when I created the independent record label, "Skandocious Entertainment". Which will soon be the most prosperous entertainment label to head the 21st century, keep your ears open!!


I've released 1 independent EP called skandocious ent it contains seven tracks. I have another EP slated for independent release in June 05 it will also have seven tracks. I also have a lot of under ground demos that I have not released

Set List

I have a catalogue of twenty show tracks each track is approximately. 3:55 I can perform as long as needed.