SKIP THE USE is just the most uplifting and already more than promising rock band in France right now.
A real dancing machine, filled up with rock, punk, disco and electro energy.
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Cradled in rock, punk, ska, and disco, the members of Skip the Use know how to digest all of their influences in order to recreate a sound, a matter and energy, which from now on are the bands signature trademark.
With their eponym first album that we can describe as surcharged with vitamins, giving an irrepressible urge to move, the band gave a serious kick to today’s musical landscape.
On stage, lead by their charismatic and fusional singer Mat Bastard, Skip the Use has a pure and cleansing energy, an unstoppable dance machine, which leaves us rinsed, spin-dried and happy to be so! We don’t usually want to be punched in the face but the slaps we receive at each and every one of their concerts make us feel great.
The five boys who come from the north – Mat, Yan, Jay, Lionel and Max – won’t miss a chance to continually surprise and electrify us in the months to come.


First album "Skip the Use" 2009

Digital EP "Sound From The Shadow" 19th September 2011 (Polydor/Universal)

Second album "Can Be Late" released 6th February 2012 in France/Benelux/Switzerland (Polydor/Universal)