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Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden | INDIE

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden | INDIE
Band Metal Comedy


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Den hårdaste jäveln (Full-lenght album) Due May 5 2011
Skitarg (Full-lenght album) 2010

Jag ska döda dig (Demo) 2007
Vill du dö, din jävla fitta? (Demo) 2006
Du har keps och knarkar (Demo) 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


SKITARG is an extreme metal live act that gives you the pleasure of heavy,
violent and mean metal combined with humor and theatrical dildoesque madness.
The balance between great black/death and sometimes pure sillyness makes this
band the envelope pushing bastard sons of In Flames, Dark Tranquility, The Haunted
and The Kristet Utseende. The band is known as an exceptional live act, forcing
people's attention their way with clown/corpse makeup, bloody diapers and
on-stage dildo fights.

Starting out in 2005 as a recording-session band with only the two lead-singers, Skitarg recorded their first demo, “Du har keps och knarkar”. Thought to be only an outlet to fend off the uncontrollable impulses of violence that had been building up inside, the demo quickly started getting positive response. It didn’t take long before people started asking them to do live gigs.
Since there were only two of them, four more desperate drunks were rounded up, handpicked from the finest of Sweden’s up-coming metal acts: The Ugly, Sterbhaus and Decadence.
6 weeks later Skitarg hit the stage at the prestigious venue of "Klubben", entering a
cross-European band contest known as Emergenza.
Winning every round (including the finals) with the highest votes from the audience,
Skitarg were then voted off the contest by a jury due to their obscene and overtly
violent stage manners. Since then, Skitarg has been known for their 110% live
dedication and extravagant metal antics.

The band released their debut album “Skitarg” in 2010 through Ovis Records, a 19-piece symphony of chaotic melodic aggression. The album is available through Spotify, i-Tunes and Ovis records own web shop: Right now, Skitarg are finishing the follow-up to “Skitarg”, entitled “Den hårdaste jäveln”, due to be released in May 5, 2011.
SKITARG: pissed off
ski·targ /?i?tarj/ [shee-taarj]
–Swedish adjective meaning pissed off, very angry or as directly translated:
shit angry
1. feeling or showing great anger or strong resentment (usually fol. by at, with, or about)
2. expressing, caused by, or characterized by anger; wrathful: angry words.
Synonyms: arg, förbannad, sur, tvär, sne

“The band's sound is reminiscent of everything from In Flames guitar playing to some instrumental passages from Diabolical Masquerade and a lot of clever lyrics.”
6 / 10 Metal

“Mixing all different sorts of styles into one hell of an album!”
“The first song "Jag bryter nacken av din häst" is almost an instant classic. Swedish breast milk must contain an additional substance that affects the creative mind in one way or another, because so many of the riffs are heavy, sharp and very melodic. But not only the riffs appeal: the harmonies, solos and twin guitar parts are excellent. Moreover, its's quite fun to see what the next schizo part will be, musically. As expected, the Swedes delivered a lot of goodies guitar-wise…”
“The cover letter describes the Stockholm based band as a combination between, among others, In Flames and The Kristet Utseende. This is a fairly accurate description, but should be altered somewhat. In comparison with the aforementioned gang from Gnarp, Skitarg consists of much more skilled musicians. The Gothenburg death metal salute "Kjell is here" and "Jag ska döda dig" are truly awesome tracks.”
Close-up Magazine
In all aspect, this album is as versatile as it is musically perfected and so holds a high profile.
So much is going on in this album that several gems pass you by at first listening – Skitarg’s debut is a truly strong one that grows with every listening.

Live at Elm Street, Oslo
“Skitarg pulled of what they set out to do, which was to give their audience a really good show. As far as performance goes, their act could not have been better. Everyone seemed to really enjoy tonight's concert as these evil clowns were humping each other, running around with dildos and spitting beer into each other's mouths. The show was built on grotesque humor, and it worked like a charm.
As for the music, it came across as a melodic mix of thrash, black and death metal, with some clear links to metalcore. With song titles as "Jag bryter nacken av din häst" ("I'll break your horse's neck"), "Kuk Lukts Klan" ("Cock Stench Clan" with the obvious pun intended to KKK) and "Sodomi kirurgi blues" ("Sodomy Surgical Blues") they clearly color their songwriting with the same humorous creativity as their image.
As a whole, the concert was more than enjoyable, particularly because of the guys' image, charisma and showmanship. If you get the chance, check these guys out live, if for nothing else, than for something completely different. “ Webzine

Live at Club Monster, Gävle
"Clowns covered in blood and grown-up men wearing diapers along with titles like "I'll break you