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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos




Didn’t The Ting Tings always needed a little more electro assistance? If you answered yes to that question, then play the track above. Thanks for your time and consideration. - Ventvox

"The Ting Tings + Skitsnygg"

Oh right, this is a music blog. There is a connection and it’s this. Like the jeans I’m wearing, this track is tight. Keeping with the metaphor above, there hasn’t been much chainsaw electro on these pages in some time either so turn it up and loosen your pants. - Manalogue

"Skitsnygg wins 2010 Lollapalooza Remix Throwdown Semi-Finals"

Finishing in first place in the Semi-Final round of the 2010 Lollapalooza Remix Throwdown. - Lollapalooza Remix Throwdown

"THE TEMPER TRAP - Sweet Disposition (Skitsnygg + Boychick 'Sweet Distortion' Remix) #1 on Hype Machine popular charts"

September 26, 2010 - The Hype Machine

"Bruce Willis/Dead Raven #1 on Hype Machine Popular Charts again"

Jan 13, 2008 - The Hype Machine

"Bruce Willis/Dead Raven #1 on Hype Machine Popular Charts"

#1 on Jan 6, 2008 - The Hype Machine


Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know about the Mau5. Well at least you should! We know he is at the top of the world when it comes to the dance scene, but we here at ibeatmyrobot thought it would be appropriate that he was featured in one of our initial post. For you readers that don’t know of the Mau5, get familiarized, now!!


Deadmau5 – Faxing Berlin (Ross.FM’s Vocal Remix)


Here is a little bonus for you Dubstep fans!!!

Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner - Animal Rights (Dylan Sanders Re-Blast)

- I Beat My Robot

"Skitsnygg //Lights// Mixtape"

1. AC Slater - Play The Record Again
2. Chris James - It's A Pleasure to be Here
3. Kelevra - Love You So ft. Kop Out (B. Rich remix)
4. Mightyfools - Cops (Bryan Cox remix)
5. Will Bailey - Big Dirty Bass (WoNK remix)
6. Aquasky - Outta Control feat Sporty-O (Kelevra's Lost It Remix)
7. Shiny Toy Guns - Rainy Monday (Herve Remix)
8. Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Armand Van Helden remix)
9. Mightyfools - Hoo Haa!
10. Blaze Tripp Vs. Redial - Stop The Noise
11. Ke$ha - Tik Tok (Fred Falke Remix Radio)
12. Designer Drugs - Riot (Skitsnygg remix)
13. Le Castle Vania - Nobody Gets Out Alive
14. Skinny - Shake It (WoNK remix)
15. Femme - Vestige (Designer Drugs remix)
16. Mightyfools - We Don't Care
17. Blatta & Inesha, Gigi Barocco - Where Is It? - You Would If You Had Robot Ears

"Make Me Snygg"

Homebwoy Skitsnygg enters the game again with a mixtape, consisting of a bunch of unreleased stuff on it as well as with a remix he did for B. Rich’s Make Me Dance. Pull the trigger - click > and load.

Mediafire: B. Rich - Make Me Dance Feat. Reese (Skitsnygg VIP Remix)
zShare: Skitsnygg - RIOT. Mix Aug 09

Yell at your neighbour for loudlist: [spoiler]
1. Nore Feat. Kid Cudi - Floatin’ In Sky (Felix Cartal remix)
2. Audiostalkers - Hallucinate
3. Electrixx - Tetris (Scott Harris Kool Kids Get High Scores ReRub)
4. B. Rich - Can’t Take What I Got
5. Fall Out Boy - I Don’t Care (Tommie Sunshine & Mightyfools Remix)
6. LAZRtag feat. Teenwolf - What Happens In Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas
7. B. Rich feat. Reese - Make Me Dance (Skitsnygg VIP)
8. Designer Drugs - Drop Down
9. Acid Girls - The Numbers Song
10. Juiceboxxx - 100 MPH (AC Slater remix) - The Fast Life

"Download: Mr Oizo vs Proxy - "Bruce Willis Dead Raven (Skitsnygg Killed This remix)""

Probably one of the more recognizable staples in the NYC nightlife scene has been Skitsnygg, the DJ/party kid who was born with the name Brian who's as well-known for that ratty-ass green hoodie as he is for his getting on stage and lurking around habits. What's les known though is that he's a pretty good DJ and remixer. So, fuck all of that bullshit about the hoodie's scent (it's gross) and sniff around on this track, a remix of Mr Oizo's "Bruce Willis Is Dead" and Russian-bred The Proxy's "Raven". It's dope and it's Sunday, so we need some dopeness.

(mp3) Mr Oizo vs Proxy - Bruce Willis Dead Raven (Skitsnygg Killed This remix)

Godspeed! - The Culture Of Me

"Choose You"

kitsnygg decided to make a track with angry voicemails, his grrrlfriend left him last month, that he thinks is pretty funny. We do not value this statement, but do not hide that pitch from you. As a bonus you can grab a remix of Choose Your Own Adventury by Heartsrevolution, that was the first remix he ever produced. So if my math-credits are level +1 up Skitsnygg’s producing somed days more than 19 months. Choose your own approach.

Mediafire: Skitsnygg - Get Weird
Mediafire: Heartsrevolution - C.Y.O.A. (Skitsnygg Remix) - The Fast Life



I remember that one of my first words as a baby was “Skitsnygg” and I guess I am not the only one. My momma sent me on a boarding school at the age of 2, where I studied how to combine engineering and drawing watercolors without eyesight. After my graduation in 1991 I started to support the former GDR with cash and shaved baldheads of coloured hooligans. Until today I shaved 31.974 heads and spent an uncountable amount of edibles.

The word Skitsnygg is the reason for my success and my fulfilled life. And this is why I want to give you your own Skitsnygg to pet, to snyggle with and count on.

zShare: Skitsnygg - Superb Mix

Skit the snygg for lacktrist: [spoiler]
1. Mr Oizo Vs. Proxy - Bruce Willis/Dead Raven (Skitsnygg killed this bootleg)
2. Tiga - Mind Dimension (NT89 & Shinichi Osawa Remix)
3. Monosurround - Cocked Locked and Ready to Rock (FUKKK OFFF remix)
4. Trash Fashion - It’s a Rave Dave (Denny Le Nimh + Bryan Cox Cause of Death remix)
5. Altern8 - Frequency (Hostage remix)
6. Deadmau5 + Jelo - The Reward is More Cheese
7. Daft Punk - Around The World (Kid Dub remix)
8. FUKKK OFFF - Rave Is King (Le Castle Vania remix)
9. Retro Kidz - New Era (Kill The Noise remix)
10. AC Slater ft. Lismore - Up Against The Wall
11. Designer Drugs - Back Up in This (Cold Blank remix)
12. LAZRtag ft. Teenwolf - What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas
13. Mr Miyagi - Pick Your Poison (Felix Cartal remix)
14. Felguk - Do You Like Bass?

- The Fast Life


Our New York buddy Andrew from Boychick teamed up with Skitsnygg to enter The Temper Trap remix contest. It's easy, listen to the song below, and vote for them HERE. Simply enter your e-mail. You can do it. - What's For Dinna?

"Download: Skitsnygg - Killing Time Vol. II"

Bushwick banger young-blood Skitsnygg is a common entity for us and for readers of this little ol' site here, submitting remixes and edits and mixtapes that have all been pretty much wholesale well-received by our ears, mixing the top tracks and mashes of the present tense, all filtered through a haze of booze and sweat and weirdo vibes. Today he's sent us this newly-completed mixtape he's just done for Michael and Theo of Designer Drugs (and they're new label Sex Cult) and it's pretty wild, with songs from Mightyfools, Felix Cartal, Autoerotique and Scanners, among others, with ten tracks in total. Pretty good listen you guys. Also, in fitting news for the guy, he's leading the voting tally in that Lollapalooza Remix Throwdown contest, so give a listen over there and notch another vote in his favor.


01 Skepta - Rescue Me (Herve's got this buzz remix)
02 Will Bailey & Punk Rolla - Kotchin' (original mix)
03 Mightyfools - That's The Shit
04 Felix Cartal - World Class Driver (Keatch remix)
05 Scanners - We Never Close Our Eyes (Designer Drugs remix)
06 Tom Deluxx - Run (Cyberpunkers remix)
07 Dan Black - Symphonies (Gigi Barocco remix)
08 Zedd - The Anthem (Lucky Date remix)
09 Autoerotique - Bubonic
10 Dada Life - Cookies With A Smile - The Culture Of Me

"We Run Around And Party In NYC"

It's Tuesday night as I write this, & Major Lazer is performing at a 3-hour Fader-sponsored open bar rooftop party in Bushwick Brooklyn, about a 15 minute cab ride from my place, & my buddies Cobra Krames, Prince Terrance, Lovatron & Gray Blue are all there right now maxin' & chillaxin'. If that weren't enough, just another 15 minute cab ride into Manhattan's Lower East Side (or L.E.S. to those who know), the monthly Scion-sponsored party at Plan B has Zomby, Danny Daze (DiscoTech), Roxy Cottontail, DJ Eleven (The Rub) & Blu Jemz tonight (& if you know the right person, you'll get a "I drink for free" wristband).

So....why am I not at either tonight? (this is a "multiple choice" pop quiz, hotshot...):

A) because I was horribly hung over today from going to Le Royale last night for their "Monarch Mondays" party, where the club's owner Terry Casey & nightlife promoters Micheal DeGuzman and Bryanna Berlay all celebrated their joint birthdays together, along with a live performance from Esser (pics can be seen here) & DJ sets from rock legends B.P. Fallon & Alan McGee
B) because I told myself that there are so many sick-ass parties & shows going on this week that I need one night to sleep in & prepare
C) because I told myself that I'd post something on the blog by mid-week
D) because I have the most comfy couch in all of Brooklyn (I have testimonials to prove it!)
E) all of the above

The correct answer is E.
(Hehheh.... how many times have I said THAT phrase before! ;-)

If you love music, dancing & partying, this week is just loaded with dope shit to do in NYC! Here's what's up:


Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Teenagers @ South Street Seaport (Manhattan)

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Flavor Part 2 (Beck, Mike D. & Mario C. Remix)

"Jetlag" @ Beauty Bar (Manhattan) with Andy Rourke (of The Smiths!), Ole Koretsky & guests, with a 1 HOUR OPEN VODKA BAR

"Ella Wednesdays @ Ella Lounge" (Manhattan) with Josh Link, Lucas Walters (Sweatshop Labor) & The Boogie Brothers (peep pics from this party HERE)

The Agency NYC Presents @ Greenhouse (Manhattan) with Larry Tee ("Club Badd") release party & Alexander Technique ("DJs Are Not Rockstars" label launch party)

Alexander Technique Feat. Princess Superstar - Rock U (Blogula Main Mix)

"Bacardi B-Live" @ M2 Ultra Lounge (Manhattan) with A-Trak, DJ AM, Jazzy Jeff & Drop The Lime

Drop The Lime - We Are The Future


"Drop It Low" @ The Annex (Manhattan) presented by Radical Outing & Cuntmafia, with Shyheim Da Rugged Child (Wu-Tang Clan), Purple Crush, Jasmine Solano & resident DJ's Anton Glamb, Skittsnygg & Hiro the Jap
Get Skitsnygg's Exclusive "Pre-Party Jamz" DJ Mix for Nicky Digital @ this link

"Dance Class" @ 205 Club (Manhattan) with resident DJ's Prince Terrance (Heartsrevolution!), Blu Jemz & guests

Dos Equis Most Interesting Academy @ Broad Street Ballroom (Manhattan) with DJ's Questlove, Bobbito Garcia, Finger On The Pulse, DJ Sinatra, 6 floors of party space with a pool, roofdeck, 2 Record-setting Billiards Champions, 3 Olympic Ping-Pong Gold Medalists, 2 International Mohawk Coiffeurists, 1 Culinary Entomologist, 3 Exotic Birds of Prey, 2,000 Rubber Ducks, 6 Karate Black Belts, 3 Didgeridoo Players, 1 Internationally Celebrated Survivalist...and OPEN BAR ALL NIGHT
Get Finger On The Pulse's Exclusive "Pre-Party Jamz" DJ mix for Nicky Digital @ this link

"Flashy Trashy" @ Le Poisson Rouge (Manhattan) with DJ Wool (of The Glass), Mike Dextro (Flamin' Hotz) & resident Jay McElfresh

DJ Wool - The Star of East Berlin (Mike Dextro Mix)

"Cheeky Bastard" @ "The Venue With No Name" (Brooklyn) with Fake Blood, Autoerotique (Dim Mak), Yes Giantess (Live), Roxy Cottontail, Alex English & rekLES (GBH) & Jason & Chaz (Palms Out), hosted by Lovatron & Ysa, with a 2 HOUR OPEN VODKA BAR

Miike Snow - Animal (Fake Blood Remix)


Secret Machines, Dead Combo & A Place to Bury Strangers @ Santos Party House (Manhattan)

Dead Combo - You Don't Look So Good

"Yikes" @ Studio B (Brooklyn) with Thunderheist, Wallpaper (Live), & DJ's Bad Decision, Never Forget & Terry Diabolik, with a 1 HOUR OPEN BAR

Thunderheist - Sweet 16 (MANSION remix)

"Girls & Boys" @ Webster Hall (Manhattan) with Steve Aoki, Joachim Garraud & residents Alex English, Gavin Royce (of Bad Decision), Kids With Snakes & rekLES

rekLES - "Too Darn Loud" DJ Mix

"Ruff Club" @ The Annex (Manhattan) official Peaches afterparty with The Teenagers (DJ set), Japanster, Atomason!k & resident DJs Denny LeNimh, Spencer Product, Danzie & Abominatron with a 1 HOUR OPEN VODKA BAR

Phoenix - 1901 (The "Garage Band" Teenagers Remix)


"Fresh Squeezed" @ 507 Grand (Brooklyn) with DJ Solly, Sean"MF'n"Roberts (aka "yours truly") & Seanie Will (of the Party!Rave!Party! blog), with a revolving hip hop lineup in the basement, outdoor patio, kitchen open til 3am & NO COVER

DJ Class - Tear Da Club Up (DJ Solly Remix)

The Blue Van - Man Up (Streetlab vs Sean"MF'n"Roberts Remix)

Armand Van Helden - Illin N Fillin It (Seanie Will Remix)

Hopefully my O.G. Pimp Daddy will understand why I'm hungover & speaking quietly for Father's Day (maybe I should just tell him to read this before I get there!)'s your week lookin'? ;-)


UPDATE: Now its Wednesday night & the madness is about to begin...!!!! - Penned Madness

"Download - B. Rich - Make Me Dance (Skitsnygg Remix)"

Bushwick, Brooklyn's Skitsnygg has been getting weirder and weirder over the last few weeks, lurking in and around the LA area on a one-way trip out that's based most on getting gigs as they come and blowing minds along the way. Oh yeah, and keeping busy he is. He's just sent us this near-six-minute remix of the wobbly track from B.Rich, "Make Me Dance"--which just got released this past week from Party Like Us Records--and it's bonkers. Proof in the pudding that dude's also been sitting in front of his laptop while he's been out in the west coast sunshine state, too, with a wiry edit that pumps the original arrangement's deep well of bass while really chopping the vocal cut almost out the door and throttling out all the way forward with the high ends.

(mp3) B.Rich - Make Me Dance (Skitsnygg remix) - The Culture Of Me

"News: Skitsnygg Prepares The PANIC EP"

Fiery Brooklyn-based young blood Skitsnygg is back after a long summer of west coast touring/destroying and he's just sent us a teaser of an upcoming EP he's just finished. Panic is a five-track bass-heavy disc filled with curdling bass and deep, monstrous, clunky synths and effects. The teaser track, "Outer Heaven", is staccato from top to bottom, with soaring synth builds and arcade soundtrack progressions, recalling many an electro star from 2006, while keeping its gaze directly towards the future. Skitsnygg is planning to drop the EP on Halloween this year and he'll be heading back out west to travel up and down behind the effort on the so-called "Face Down, Thumbs Up" DJ tour.


01 Panic
02 Life Lost
03 Moontower
04 Outer Heaven
05 Rendezvous à la Discothèque

(mp3) Skitsnygg - Outer Heaven (teaser) - The Culture Of Me

"Outer Heaven"

Yungbwoy Skitsnygg is going to drop his PANIC EP (tentative) on Oct 31st, for which he has worked the last couple of weeks/months/yrs and decided to send out an announcement to everyone with a sample. Outer Heaven will be coming out as a single sometime soon. Let’s see what he’s cooking.

MediaFire: Skitsnygg - Outer Heaven (Single Teaser) - The Fast Life

"Music Monday: Poolside Edition"

Welcome to Music Monday the one place to get your weekly jump start.LOL j/k anyways here are this weeks kick off tracks rage to them,lay by the pool with them and have a good time.There are some pretty good stuff to choose from I really enjoyed The Prom Kings stuff as well as that new Clockwork joint. Religion came threw hard and Dave Wrangler always amazes me. Enjoy…..

Billie Paul-Mrs Jones(Robbie T Remix)

Boys Noize-Avalanche(Religion Remix)


Data-One In A Milion(The Prom Kings Slimerridone Crash Down)

Dave Wrangler-Bow Down to Latin America(Westside Connection vs Holy Fuck)

Dave Wrangler-Take it In Baby(Hot Chip vs Madison Avenue)

Dragonette-Easy(Skitsnygg remix)

Drake-Over(The Prom Kings Remix)

Filip Filipi-Can You Rock(Feat. Shanell)

Filip Filipi-Like Fire (Feat. Styles P and Passion Pit)

Kesha-tik tok(The Mass Brothers remix)

Ludacris-How Low(Brumb Remix)

Nightwaves-Sweet Carrie(Beaumont Remix)

Phonetix ft Mr Faizer-Snappin Ya Tendons

Rubix-Disco Electronique(Clip edit)

The Prom Kings-Bitches Get Down

Valerna – Snakes (Fat and Ugly Remix)

Valerna-Snakes(Clockwork Remix) - Feral Party Kids

"Mid Week Round-Up: Thank You"

So as most of you know I didn’t post anything Monday.Well that was because I needed a break from emails, meetings, the website, and everything else.After last weeks events my stress level was really high.But now i’m back and here is a huge tracklist for all of you guys.Also wanted to thank each and everyone of you for you support and kind words.Lastly please leave comments below with a valid email address so we can randomly select our first readers pick poster for the launch next week of the new section.Now the music Enjoy….

Adriano Alberti-We Are Not Gentlemen (Primal Remix)

Big Blocks-Motion (TapeDeckBros RMX)

Datapanik-Tipico Logico

Felix Da Housecat-Kickdrum(Professor Purple Remix) ——–>Please Vote Here

Foals-Spanish Sahara(George Lenton remix)

Kartell-Desire Focus

La Roux – Bulletproof (Glasnost Remix)

Les Petits Pilous-Booty Pills (Cory Blake Remix)

Lewis CanCut – Sip Sip Riddim

LexiconDon – December Sunset (U-Tern Remix) ———->More Info Here

Lucky Date – Hos And Discos (Phonatics & Uberjakd Remix)

Ludacris-Face Down Ass Up(Teen Remix)

Madeon – Shuriken

Massive Attack-Paradise Circus (iSkream Social Remix)

Metaform – Electric Eyes (Studio Brussels Remix)

Nicki Minaj – Your Love (Danny Genius Remix) ————>More Info Here

Owl Vision – Fucking Ill ————>Purchase EP here

Piper & Fernandez ft. Marvin Priest – Rockstar (Phonatics & Uberjakd Remix)

Robyn feat. Röyksopp – None Of Dem (Sam Simmon Remix)

RuN RiOT-Vengeance (Struz Remix)

Salt n Pepa – Push It Remix (Scattermish Remix) ———> More Info Here

The Rolling Stones-Gimmie Shelter (Zeds Dead Remix)(Barletta Redub)

themyouth-Fever Rising (MuffinRemix)

Theophilus London-Humdrum Town (Fex Fellini Remix)

Tiga-What You Need(ETC! ETC! and Mr.Vega Remix) ——>Please Vote Here

Tiga-What You Need(Glasnost Remix) ———->Please Vote Here


Tiga-What You Need(The 2000 Remix) ——->Please Vote Here

Tiga-What You Need(Click Click Bang Remix) ——–>Please Vote Here

Two Door Cinema Club-What You Know (The Chaotic Good Remix)

ZARIF – Box Of Secrets(Cyantific & Wilkinson remix) - Feral Party Kids

"Mid Week Round-Up: Feeling Lucky"

So this week has been great so far.Everything seems to be falling in place.I do however feel it is time to go after some better marketing and ads for this website.So in regards to that if you would like to acquire ad space on our wonderful blog or even endorse us feel free to email me at . I have also been thinking about hiring someone for a position in selling our ad space.If you are interested in this position email me your resume.Aside from that I have for you today some major releases.I hope everyone enjoys these tracks and let us know what you think.Lastly if you want to take the conversation to a deeper level join our message boards.Have a great rest of the week.Enjoy…

Alice Deejay-Better Off Alone(DJ Philistine & Kewl Breez Dubstep Remix)

Cee Lo-Fuck You (Brass Knuckles Remix)

Chromeo-Dont Turn The Lights On (Vodka & Milk Remix)

Disco Damage-Fuck The DJ (Original)

Dj Fresh-Fight (Shooting Horses Remix)

Duck Sauce-Barbra Streisand (WLDCT Drums Of Steel Bootleg)

Gold Panda-Same Dream China

Gold Panda-Snow & Taxis

Gold Panda-You

Grum-Through The Night (Beaumont Remix)

Grum-Through The Night (Perseus Remix)

Losers-Sirenna(Today We See Colour) (Killaflaw Remix)

TEMABES-Sunrise(Original Mix)

The Dance Party-Sasha Dont Sleep (Pance Party Remix)

The Sterehoes-Red Yellow Blue (Owl Vision Remix)

The Temper Trap-Sweet Disposition (Skitsnygg & Boychick Sweet Distortion Remix)

THEM YOUTH-Toothache

Yeasayer – O.N.E. (Laubfrosch Remix)

Yeasayer-One(Build & Clancy Remix) - Feral Party Kids

"Mid Week Round-Up: Can't Wait"

Well I am so excited.In 2 weeks the “Back To The Future” trilogy will be out on Blu Ray.Oh how I love those movies.I can’t wait .Anyways enough of that.As a reminder Moog Fest is just over 2 weeks away aswell.Anyone of my readers who are going drop us a comment.We will be there and we will be raging it up.So look out for us.Today is a pretty slow day but I have the cure.Here is a huge track list with some major tunes.I hope everyone is having a good week.Enjoy…

ABBA -Midnight Mouse(Mighty Mouse Not So Official Edit Type Thingy)

Animotion-Obsession (TVoice’s Ceci Has Priority Remix)

Chapel Club-All The Eastern Girls(RAC Remix)

Cory Blake-Rogue October



DONOVANS-Housequake —-> Purchase Herve album here

Duck Sauce-Barbra Streisand (F2U remix)

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros-Home (Myndset Remix)

Gemini Club-Ghost (Hey Champ Remix)

Gold Panda-Snow Taxis(Glitterbug’s Pink Snow Balls Remix)

la ZEBRA-Feel the Music (LBCK Remix)

Marina and the Diamonds-Shampain (Fred Falke radio edit)

Mr Oizo-Steroids(Alice And The Serial Numbers Remix)

Mux Mool-Lady Linda(DevonwhoEdit)

NERD – Hypnotize U Prod. Daft Punk(KARVE & KAZEY EDIT)


XX-Crystallised(SLYDE Remix) - Feral Party Kids

"Friday Remixes"

I hate this time of year where you leave for (school/work) and it’s dark outside. When it’s time to go home, it’s dark outside. Coincidentally, it’s the time of year when all four sports are being played. Football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. This year’s MLB playoffs don’t have my favorite team, but that doesn’t mean I can’t root for somebody. Anybody besides the NY Yankees to win the World Series. So I decided to stick with the NL West and root for the SF Giants. I like their strong pitching staff, but their hitting isn’t as consistent as I’d like it to be. Plus Kung Fu Panda (Pablo Sandoval) needs to stop swinging for the fences and take a single from time to time. Best name and my favorite player on the team is rookie catcher Buster Posey. The kid has tons of moxy and could be attributed to the great game calling the Giants have been having as of late.My last SF note, I wonder if Tim Lincecum ever gets the comparisons to Mitch from “Dazed and Confused”?

Lupe Fiasco // Deniz Koyu-What We Kick, Push (White Panda Mashup)
Innerpartysystem – And Together (Midnight Conspiracy Remix)
Kids Of 88 – My House (Polygon Palace Remix)
Chromeo – Me and my man(Gin Joints remix)
Groove Me (Clockwork Remix)- Maximum Balloon Ft. Theophilus London
Future Islands – “In Evening Air” (Jason Urick remix)
Spark – Revolving (Warrior One Remix)
Penguin Prison: Golden Train (The Royal Palms remix)
Empress – Captain (James Yuill Remix)
Holy Fuck-Stay Lit (Bishop Morocco Remix)
Bishop Morocco – Last Year’s Disco Guitars (Graham Walsh Remix)
CHRIS WILLIS “Louder (Put Your Hands Up)” (SillyBoy Remix)
Don Diablo & Diplo – Make You Pop (Dynasty Remix)
Sunshine-RYE RYE feat.M.I.A (Ernold Sane remix)
Muscles-Girl Crazy Go (Muscles Inception Remix) - Cause = Time

"Temper Trap, Sweet Disposition (boychick + skitsnygg Remix)"

In the past few months we’ve heard our share of Sweet Disposition remixes, it seems like almost everyone has taken a swing at the track, and while some versions are better than others nothing has really stood out.

Enter DJ/Producer duo Boychick, and skitsnygg, they all teamed up and have turned this poppy, indie rock anthem on it’s head. Don’t believe us? Just give the tune a listen, song’ll never be the same come the 1:55 mark. BOOM goes the dynamite (as they say..) - The Get Downnn


Skitsnygg from NY sent us that remix he did with Skeletronix today with that message: "Hey, I just finished this remix of a new Deadmau5 track. It's real dark and distorted, perfect for any crazy party. Just realized the deadline is today so we pulled an all nighter and banged it out using an old guitar amp and $20 headphones as monitors because I'm living the high life." Sounds interesting, stream and download below. - What's For Dinna?

"Free MP3 Download - Dragonette - Easy (Skitsnygg remix)"

This new Dragonette remix is fire! Brooklyn's DJ Skittsnyg (aka Brian Migliore) takes on Dragonette's latest greatest and gives it a unique spin of his own. Love it when a DJ takes a track, rips it apart and puts it back together in a completely new way. Skittnyg did just that. He added a stomping new groove and incorporated some electro sizzle that help to intensify the dancefloor drama of the original. It's a winner. - Arjan Writes

"Skitsnygg's New Track + Mixtape"

Hey,last week we recived an email from SKITSNYGG who recently finished a remix for Tiga's track "What You Need" and he have also included his latest mixtape titled "Killing Time Vol. III - Harder.Taste it and enjoy!!!

Download free only @ BeatzReport


I checked my myspace for the first time in months yesterday. I found this dude sitting in my friend requests and thought I’d give him a listen. When i first clicked on Skitsnygg i thought i had stumbled upon some Russian underground artist — go to his myspace and you’ll see why :) Anyways, download this mixtape, it sweet.



1. Miss Odd Kidd – Smoke Machine (Billion Dollar DJs Vice Remix)
2. Omnikrom – Comme a la Television (NROTB remix)
3. From Monument to Masses – Beyond God and Elvis (Designer Drugs remix)
4. Skitsnygg Vs. Mr. Oizo Vs. Proxy – Bruce Willis/Dead Raven (Skitsnygg killed this bootleg)
5. Tiga – Mind Dimension (NT89 + Shinichi Osawa remix)
6. Monosurround – Cocked Locked Ready to Rock (FUKKK OFFF remix)
7. Trash Fashion – It’s A Rave Dave (Denny Le Nimh and Bryan Cox cause of death remix)
8. Altern8 – Frequency (Hostage Remix)
9. Deadmau5 + Jelo – The Reward is More Cheese
10. Daft Punk – Around the World (Kid Dub remix)
11. B. Rich – Can’t Take What I Got
12. VNDLSM – Low Pro
13. AC Slater feat. Lismore – Up Against The Wall
14. TC – Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix) (Jack Beats Edit)
15. HeartsRevolution – Switchblade (Designer Drugs remix)
16. Lazrtag feat. Teenwolf – What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas
17. Mightyfools – Amsterdam (AC Slater remix) (Skitsnygg edit)
18. Lights – Drive My Soul (Designer Drugs remix) - Futuristic Silence


a - Robot Dance Music

"Killing Time"

Brooklyn, NY-based DJ/Producer Skitsnygg, just wrapped up work on the 4th installment in his “Killing Time” mix tape saga, and as far as The Get Downnn‘s concerned–his work is only improving.

The washed out photo with courier font adds a nice touch… don’t you think?

Swoop your own copy below. - The Get Downnn

"Deadmau5 x Skitsnygg – S.N.A.L."

Bei uns geht’s wieder rund! Bei uns habe ich was im Postfach gefunden, das hat mich buchstäblich aus den Socken gehauen. Deadmau5 ist ja für ziemlich gute Produktionen weltweit bekannt, doch der Remix von Skitsnygg und Skeletronix zu Sofi Need A Ladder toppt das Ganze meiner Meinung nach noch! Welch’ ein Talent aus Brooklyn / New York! Wir bedanken uns artig für den Remix und versprechen ihn im Auge zu behalten! Weil wir euch so lieb haben, gibt’s auch nen Download für euch! - Dasrohmaterial

"The Ambitious C interview with Designer Drugs"

Kind words from Michael and Theo of Designer Drugs:

"Mike: Anyone who wants to buy some White Castle for us, drink some forties, then come hang out. We’ll give you a forty, eat some White Castle. Shout outs to fucking Skitsnygg.

Theo: Yeah, Skitsnygg is tearing shit up lately.

Mike: He’s about to be the new dude on the block." - The Ambitious C















Originally from a tiny town on the New York/Pennsylvania border, Brian Migliore AKA Skitsnygg currently resides in Brooklyn, NY producing heavy, distorted dance floor smashers.

Skitsnygg moved to Stockholm in May 2007 to see what the world had to offer. Since then he's moved around the US and Canada frequently, only to find himself back in New York City fine-tuning his production skills. Using the knowledge he's gained from club scenes around the world, Skitsnygg is trying to define his own genre by fusing heavy distorted synths with classic house elements.

Currently at age 21, Skitsnygg has played some of the most notable parties in the United States such as: Ruff Club in NY, Blow Up in San Francisco, Live Forever in Philadelphia, plus countless warehouse raves in Los Angeles.

Although Skitsnygg originally started out strictly as a DJ, he is no stranger to production having now held the #1 spot on the Hype Machine popular charts four times. Recently signed to Designer Drugs new independent label - SEX CULT, Skitsnygg plans on releasing his first EP of original material early 2011.