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"Skitterpup & Billie Burke Estate Kicked It On The House"

Full Review:

Seattle's Bluegrass scene is weirdly becoming cool lately. It seems like everyone in Ballard either plays mandolin or banjo, or has a crush on someone who does. Here on Capitol Hill, indie rock still rules; but for two hours Thursday night, bluegrass music was hoppin at our favorite little hipster Christian hangout – On The House.
Okay, so Billie Burke Estate isn't bluegrass music, but he sure had on a bluegrass shirt. We loved BBE so much last time we saw him at the Tractor that it went without saying that we'd love him again as he opened for grassrock supergroup Skitterpup. Estate played much the same set as he did way back when, but given On The House's living roomish atmosphere, it just felt more cozy-cuddly this time. Besides, there were kids twirling and the coffee was free. What's not to love?

Skitterpup, meanwhile, is possibly one of the most talented bands you've probably never heard of. They played a handful of shows last year but, after losing two voices in their trademark three-part harmonies, they went into hiding (or just balls-to-the-wall practicing, either way), and didn't emerge until last night. Down a mandolin/banjo player for this one gig, the Pups still pulled out a great set. How could we blast a live set that includes bluegrassish versions of Radiohead classics, Old Timey fiddle tunes, and bassist Kathea Yarnell booming through an Aretha Franklin number. Then there's lead singer Karen Lindenberg's heart-breaking originals, and did we mention two-time National Fiddling Champion Colt Tipton at stage right?

Yeah, if you weren't there, you missed out. Losers. - Seattlest


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Skitterpup is Seattle's premier grassrock supergroup. These cats aren't your typical bluegrass band. Prepare to be electrified by lightning-fast old time fiddle tune stylings, and impressed by renovated, folk-ed out versions of contemporary hits such as A-ha’s "Take on Me" and Radiohead’s "High and Dry". Toss in some booty-shaking originals, a two-time national fiddling champion and engaging, swoon-inducing harmonies, and you've got quite possibly one of the most inimitable bands around. Presenting an innovative, genre-defying fusion of eclectic standards, covers, and soul-shaking originals, Skitterpup promises to deliver a fun time to all.