BandHip Hop

I guess all i can say is i am drivin by the fact that i have 3 kids and music is my life. To make a career out of what i love to do would be the second greatest thing in my life. Kids being my first..


We are a hiphop rap group that many think are very differant from those groups out there now. Our main focus is relating our music to the people around us. Life stories and true events. I (Skitzo) hooked up with Kaotik in march of 2007 and we began writing as SouthDime. Our third member Pariah was added when both Kaotik and I moved to Missouri and found her locally on myspace. I guess i could say my biggest influence were those that doubted me. It gives me the drive to succeed. I think we are differant from many bands/rap groups in the fact that 90% of music are true stories that relate to one of us. We don't fake, we tell stories. I grew up in St. Joseph Missouri , always writing poetry and never really thought about rapping until i was 24. I took one of my poems one day and was reading it while listening to one of snoop doggs and dr. dre tracks and realized that i could turn my poetrys to rap. I have a very rough childhood, from the mother that was never around, a dad that was locked in prison and an alcoholic , abusive stepdad. all of which give me the drive to rise above what i went through and prove that if i put my mind to it i can do what i want to do in life, which is rap....


No album out yet, though i have about 60 tracks. We held the number 1 and 2 spot on the charts on for a week and a half.

Set List

We rap about life. Some of the track names are..
Tell Me Why
Let it Be
Like it Rough
You Don't Like Me
and many more....