Suburban Korner Kick

Suburban Korner Kick


Suburban Korner Kick is unique rock music that is very impassioned.


Formed out of many musical endeavors, Suburban Korner Kick is a two and a half piece rock band from Seattle. They released their first album, "To Linger, Remain, or Persist...", in November of 2007 with Not the Usual Shortcut Home Records. The band embarked on a west coast US tour in September 2008 which covered Washington to San Diego. They have been in the studio since early December 2008 working on their long awaited second album which will be released in March 2010.


"To Linger, Remain, or Persist..."
"Maybe Tomorrow" (Due out in March 2010)

Set List

10 -15 songs are chosen from the 50 or so that we have written. The experience usually takes about 35 to 40 minutes.