BandEDMHip Hop

SK KliK successfully blends a unique combination of electronic drum & bass beats, with hard house synths, mixed with occasional hard rock guitars, all in rock song formatting, infused with unique suburban hip-hop influenced vocals to create a new breed of music dubbed Tech-Hop, or Heavy Tech-Hop.


(b) the self proclaimed Leader of SK KliK was raised in Pickerington, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. In a city known for its picture perfect families and preppy residents, (b) set out early on to differentiate himself from being just another sheep following the herd. With several real life set backs (b) channeled his pain, anger, and frustrations into writing.

During Jr. High School, (b) became fascinated with the hip-hop community. After joining and starting numerous rock and metal bands through out the years
(b) realized that the urban music he was listening to did not truly speak or relate to the experiences of suburban youth; paired with the frustrations of seeing bands like Limp Bizkit and other “rap-metal” bands destroy their artistic integrity, (b) ventured out to create original, uncompromising music on his own terms.

In April of 2002, (b) was in a horrific car accident, and officially “passed away twice”, once in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, and once in the operating room. (b) is convinced he was resurrected back from the dead to make an impact on the world with his music.

After renting a storage unit, in a less than reputable area of town, (b) has invested almost all of his energy and money into recreating the feeling he first felt when he started writing lyrics in the mid 90’s. This time around (b) has devoted the time to teach himself the basics on all the instruments he would need to fulfill his musical visions, including playing guitar, bass, and drums; In addition, (b) has become accomplished in the entire recording, mixing, and production aspects of music, being able to avoid undue interference from other musicians or self-indulgent producers.

SK KliK successfully blends a unique combination of electronic drum & bass beats, with hard house synths, occasional hard rock guitars and rock song formatting, all infused with his suburban hip-hop influenced vocals, (b) is poised to take his position as not only leader of the KliK, but the leader of the next generation of artists.

From the Ashes (SK KliKs first CD) is an appropriate titled CD from (b)s near death experience and kicking out all the previous band members he had worked with, to start from nothing.


From the Ashes (July, 2008)