Sklim Milx

Sklim Milx

BandHip HopWorld

Slippery swank flow, mapping out a detailed picture for the listener. Insane Production!!!


You may recognize Sklim Milx from the Gershwin BLX crew. This brotha from another language quoted as “our favorite astronaut” has landed and stepped out of his pressure suit.
A proclaimed Magic Rhyming Man, Milx hails from The Big Orange ( Los Angeles , California ) and has appeared on a number of LP's, Singles & compilations. Milx has also extensively toured Europe, Asia & North America along with fellow BLX members Crag Malkovich, Omni Present, Molman, & DJ C-Brown to name a few.


Vocabudrab sessions-cassette(1996-1997) Independent release
Nocturnal Ron presents Gershwin B.L.X-12 Inch (1998) Independent release
Sunch Punch-CD (2000) BLX/Brick 9000 Records
Sunch punch-12 inch (2000) BLX/Brick 9000 Records
Veganz Want Beef Vol. 1-CD (2001) BLX/Brick 9000 Records
Halifax AllStars Vol. 1 (2001) Halifax Records
Elevator Music-CD (2002) BLX Records
Soda Brothers presents Prime Vol. 1 (2003 ) Brick 9000 Records
Craig Malkovich/Skeletons-CD (2004) Malkovich Music
Omni/Burgandy Brown-CD (2004) BLX Records
FlowLife Bumz-CD (2004) Brick 9000 Records