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"SKooBER Buzz Profile"

Local Band Buzz: SKooBER

* Name: SKooBER (Tawni Bates and Andy Weaver)

* Where do you call home? Elmira, NY

* What instruments do you play? Tawni sings and Andy plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and whatever else is needed.

* Describe your sound. We're a mix of classic 60's influenced pop with some modern power pop influences.

* Name three musicians or musical groups who have influenced your music. The Beatles, Cheap Trick, and Badfinger

* What musician or group would you most like to play with? Andy: Paul McCartney, Tawni: Carole King

* What is the last album you bought? The new Phantom Planet album (Raise The Dead).

* What is your day job if you have one? We both work lame part-time retail jobs that allow us to pursue music while still being able to eat (once in awhile).

* How did you get started playing music? Andy: I've been playing guitar since I was a kid, and I had been in a few different bands growing up. Tawni hadn't really considered being a musician until we bonded over a mutual love of great classic pop music, and I convinced her we should start a band.

* Describe the best show you've played. The first time we played at The Haunt in Ithaca was pretty special. We had only played about four or five gigs together at that point, but it was kind of a personal milestone for us.

* Describe the worst show you've played. This would have to go to our first show. We opened up for my brother's band at a gay bar in Elmira. Tawni got laryngitis the day of the show and lost her voice. We played a really short set to a crowd that consisted of my brother's band, a couple of really tough looking female bouncers, and a few drag queens. Come to think of it, that actually might be our best show.

* When are your upcoming shows? We're doing an acoustic tour this summer. We have dates in Rochester, Elmira, Corning, Catskill, New Paltz, Waverly, Williamsport and a few other places.

* What are projects you're working on? Our debut album is being released through Jealousy Records (Syracuse, NY) this summer. We're looking to put together a full live band and tour early next year.

* What is your web / myspace address?

Originally published June 24, 200 - Ithaca Journal/Buzz

"Track of The Week"

"Make a Liar Out Of Me" won Track Of The Week on 1Sep2008 in Power Pop -

"Say! Review"


"New fantastic album by SKOOBER, this duo Tawni Bates vocals & Andy Weaver, guitars etc..Their influences are,Beatles, CheapTrick, Kinks, Alice Cooper, Enuff Z'nuff, Kiss, Rooney, Aerosmith, Sloan, Badfinger, Cars, Ash, Beach Boys, Letters To Cleo, Raspberries, Fountains Of Wayne, Squeeze, T-Rex, Big Star & Jelly Fish...You get the picture. - POWERPOPACTION.COM

"SKooBER "Say!" (8/10)"

This took me by complete surprise, a plain white album cover, reveals an amazing power pop album inside. Armed with a relentless work ethic, and a natural gift for crafting pop hooks, the upstate NY songwriting partnership of Tawni Bates and Andy Weaver quickly evolved into the power-pop/rock band Skoober in early 2006. Skoober got on the map by first composing the closing theme for Adam Waltermire's Pop Garden Radio Show. The duo, supported by various other talented musicians during live shows, spent the majority of that year recording demos and honing their skills. Boy, did it pay off here. With a sound that effortlessly mixed classic pop hooks and a modern power pop sound SKooBER really delivers the goods on this debut. Tawni Bates vocals are clear and crisp, like a modern mix of both Marykate O'Neil and Natalie Merchant in places. The opening track "Now What Do We Do?" is a stunner, Weaver's guitar is similar to Queen, Cheap Trick and Rooney in sound and slickness. It gets even louder in "Make A Liar Out Of Me" and Tawni's full range vocal soars above the buzzing guitar riffs. "Second Chances" sounds like a lost Cheap Trick track ("Dream Police" era). The album's triumph here is the Jellyfish-inspired title track,"Say!" with those mind bending chords, guitar accents and an inspiring vocal performance. The Beatlesque flute, and gentle tone for "Your Heart" downshifts from the power, to a pure pop delight. The album stays in sophisticated pop on "Pinch Me" with more concentration on Tawni's beautiful voice. It includes two bonus tracks done with acoustic guitar. Right alongside Vibeke, this album exceeds expectations and is one of the best power pop albums I've heard with a female vocal. Super Recommended here! Already booked for IPO in Youngstown, OH on Nov.14



SKooBER (EP)-2009
Say!-2008 Jealousy Records



SKooBER formed in 2006 as an outlet for the songs of the newly partnered songwriting team of Tawni Bates and Andy Weaver. Although various members have graced the band's live line-up over the past three years, the core of the band is as strong as ever. Their songs combine catchy hooks, strong female vocals, and musical elements of all the best classic, guitar driven power-pop. In 2007 SKooBER made their live debut and signed with Jealousy Records. Their debut album, Say!, followed in September of 2008. The album was greeted with glowing reviews from the major online power-pop websites and blogs ( , Not Lame, Listener reviews of the album's tracks posted on were also fantastic (3 songs posted, all with track of the day and/or week and all with ratings of at least 4.5 out of 5). In May of 2009 the band quickly followed up the success of their debut with a brand new self-titled EP. Working constantly on writing, recording, and performing live is no problem for this Upstate NY power pop duo. "Making music isn't a choice, its a need for us. Its someting we need to be doing. It wouldn't matter if 1 person heard it or 1 million people heard it. We'd still be writing songs and recording them. That being said, we're aiming for the 1 million" says Weaver.