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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Hip Hop New Wave




"#SmaktastikReview: Music Video - SkoTT Summ3r2 - #evilRYU"

Hip Hop Fiends! Good day to you all [in British accent]. I hope we all feel fine, sexy, gorgeous or handsome. I know I do. I woke up this morning just knowing that it was gonna’ be one of those days where I would be asking random people “why I gatta’ look so perfect??”. I’m havin’ a “Beyonce Flawless” day.

If you don’t happen to feel like I do though, press play on your favorite CD, MP3 , Youtube music channel or just listen to what I’m about to bring to you today. The record I have for you people will have you feeling Smaktastik in no time…”SkoTT Summ3r2 – Evil Ryu”. I reviewed another one of SkoTT’s songs a few months ago. If you missed it… smack yourself in the face and check it out here. It doesn’t have to be in that order. We all know SkoTT Summ3r2 for his complex views and abstract lyricism. He doesn’t disappoint here. #evilRYU brings back to his listeners those lyrics that makes you hang on to every word and then rewind because of the sheer depth in what was just said. SkoTT went in on this one. He caught me off guard with some of the outrageous lines on the record. “Steez like I bought it from Jordan in 96. 90 dicks for ya b–ch if you trippin on that hoe sh– “

90 dicks???? lmao! Wow. Then there was: “Fly like funky and fresh. B–ch gat a donkey I’mma study that cunny in depth..”

SkoTT Summ3r2 showed no mercy on this record and Bass Santana showed none on this beat. They collaborated perfectly to bring that sinister feel to your speakers while the video adds to the tone of the song. In listening and watching the video you definitely feel that ominous presence as if the music is going to devour you whole. This record will definitely leave a lasting impact on the listener. After it was done I just sat there asking myself …”what just happened?” I’m pretty sure this was the impression SkoTT and Bass Santana wanted to have. As soon as the song starts you know something’s about to approach and it ain’t gonna’ be pretty.

Check the video out. SkoTT Summ3r2 showed an excellent display of wordsmanship here. If you’re the kind of Hip Hop fan who needs to have substance in their music, then you need to look up this artist. You’re welcome.

“Marvelous arsonist. Fire be the signature. Hyper combo to the clouds when I finish ya'” - Pedro Smaktastik

"#SmaktastikReview: Music Video - SkoTT Summ3r2- #whiteGEEZUS"

YAOW!! What’s good sons and daughters! Tis the season to give and I gatsss that good music for you Hip Hop Heads. I hope when you sat down in front of your tree to open your gifts for Christmas that you gave yourself some Hip-Hop theme music … ‘Cuz Christmas Carols are played out. Put on that 2Chainz while you watch your daughter open her Barbie Dollhouse gift or that Kendric Lamar while your son opens up his first tricycle. Good times!

On to that music though! Straight out of Fort Lauderdale we have SkoTT Summ3r2 with that powerful Hip-Hop. I mean this record had lines that I had to rewind just to appreciate the complexity of them. Everything about this song made me want to check out his album “mr blonde” that he dropped back in October. … and C’mon’ “White GEEZUS” though??

How could you not press play on a record with a title like that?? I was pleased with what I heard though. SkoTT hits you with smooth delivery which compliments his complex and clever lines. Some of you may have to rewind a few times to catch the punch lines but when you do you’ll be glad you did lol. That should be the point of songs anyway. It gives the record replay value. In this case, everything was done right. If you’re not slapping yourself in the face from hearing an amazing line, then you’re either slapping your friend in the face because this beat goes so hard.

The music video wasn’t anything over the top or glamorous. It was simple and got the job done. The visuals had that old school Hip-Hop cipher feel. Vintage black and white with smooth transitions fit the concept of the song perfectly. Shoutout to Blood is Bond films. If you’re a Hip Hop Head and like the songs that you listen to to have substance and content then SkoTT Summ3r2 is an artist you want to check out. Make sure you get that “Mr Blonde” album too. Merry Christmas, Happy New Years..and you’re welcome folks!.

“…winter solstace raw drizzle wit’ spike vanilla…devour her soul from the back of her neck as I receive neck in the back of a jet” - Pedro Smaktastik



SkoTT summ3r2 is a rapper born in ft. Lauderdale Florida but raised in the a child his interest was elsewhere and never thought that music would be his calling until the death of his grand father...he started at age 17, and even recorded his first tracks at the same age. Hearing himself rhyme with such complexity at a beginner level made him see that this was his calling. His style is more of the eye opening roller coaster in which takes you thru many dips and turns in the various rings of fire, but it's as smooth navy battalion ship. He makes inhuman/godlike activities sound normal, which sets him apart from the rest.

Nikkisiixx of says, "SkoTT Summ3r2 has charisma and a type of wittiness when he's going in on his lyrics."

Smaktastikreview writes, "SkoTT Summ3r2 with his complexed veiws and abstract lyricism delivers everytime."

With song such as #motherfxckinnunchucks and #whiteGEEZUS, it'll make you a believer that SkoTT Summ3r2 is an army all on his own.

“Fuck you… I'm GOD of my own world” - SkoTT SuMM3r2

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