Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Serial Killin Records is an independent powerhouse that consists of 8 member's that each bring a unique and quality style of music to the table, diversity that ranges from Hip Hop / Rap to Metal, Electronic, Hardcore Rap and more. We are an all encompassing unit that delivers a professionally driven product, and with our unique roster base we have a sound for every market.


Licensing Companies / Agents Please Note : Instrumental & Clean versions of all tracks on this EPK Are fully available!

SKR Facts :

SKR Record sales have produced thousands of record sales internationally and continues to grow every day. We do this on our own, without any major distribution channels assistance.

SKR Has toured nationally multiple times.

SKR Artists have Performed live on gigs featuring national & internationally recognized Headliner Acts.

SKR Artists Have Been Featured In The Following Publications & blogs :

Maxim Magazine, Fangoria Magazine, Horrorhound Magazine, Blazin Hip Hop (Hungarian Publication), The Washington Post, The Albuquerque Tribune, Culture Asylum Magazine, B-Z Online, The Deli Magazine, The Austin Post + Many More.

SKR's YouTube has over One Million legitimate views to date

SKR's Stitch Mouth has a track entitled "Imma ***k you up" that was licensed for a major movie release entitled "Behaving Badly" featuring Selena Gomez, Mary Louise Parker & More

SKR's Razakel & SickTanicK were featured on the TV Show "Web Of Lies" by Investigation Discovery.

SKR's Texas Microphone Massacre has a Grammy nominee in it's ranks a Grammy nominated producer who's credits include : Frank Sinatra, Ice Cube, Pantera, Tool, Bjork, Body Count, Tupac Shakur and other very notable artists and groups

SKR Artists continue to be top sellers and most popular sellers on CDBABY.COM

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