Skratch Happy
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Skratch Happy


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Green Album
2.Flack Jacket
3.Shaved Head
4.Caught In The Rain

Hat Trick Album
1.Got Away
2.I Want It
3.Little Bit

In The This Garden
The General



Skratch Happy met through mutual friends in the late summer of 2010 at a shady studio in the Milford/New Haven Area. Equipped with nothing but eleven strings, and a four-piece with trashed cymbals, the newly found trio dove into each other's imaginations with the intent of concocting a style of music that was not only interesting and atmospheric, but straight-forward and catchy. In the following months, their minds were found to be compatible, but diverse enough in their overlapping influences to create something unique; a wall of sound that is both cohesive and catchy, yet simultaneously spaced out and intricate; an inner beauty was found in the noise in their heads, and they have been pursuing it relentlessly since. Presently, Paul, Robert, and Jon have been hiding behind the radar, and escaping through the white noise periodically to reinvent themselves as not only musicians, but as song-writers and performers. In 2013, Skratch Happy will burst out into the scene again, with a new set-list, a new sound, and as they intend, an audience with a new outlook on a scene that has been lacking the personality that they will bring to the table.