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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | INDIE

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | INDIE
Band EDM Avant-garde


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"SKTCH_D1G1TS" EP - TBA 2012

"Electro Body Rock" -single, September, 2011
(Radio airplay on 91.7 WMSE, September, 2011)

"Retro Future" -single, January, 2010

"Digital DiscorDance" -single, December, 2009

"8-Bit Junkie vs The Discordant System" , June, 2009
(Released as Lethal Sound Dischord on the DIY cd-r EP, "Digital Killed Analog" - first 25 copies.)

"D1G1TAL ERR0R" -single, Febuary, 2009
(Released as Lethal Sound Dischord on

"A Scanner Darkly" -single, January, 2009
(Released as Lethal Sound Dischord on
(Released as CreeperJones on

"The One Song That Goes Like This..." -unreleased

"Random Title" -unreleased



[SKTCH_D1G1TS] is inspired by heavy and experimental electronic music, ranging from big beat, breakbeat, drum n bass, dubstep, glitch, grime, and everything in between.

The project officially started in August, 2011 after a handful of various electronic genre singles previously released via limited-edtion handmade cd-rs by John Evan himself and his DIY label, Noisic Records.

Born deaf in his left ear, John Evan is an anomilistic music producer. He started playing the piano at 7 years old, and started taking formal lessons in grade school when he was 8. He played his very first concert for his entire school body at age 9.

At the age of 13 he began playing acoustic guitar and took formal lessons for 2 months, but grew frustrated because the strings were too thick and would hurt his fingers. He also couldn't remember how to play songs he learned due to his onset ADD.

At age 14 he subscribed to the Musician's Friend catalog and spent hours reading and learning about cutting edge gear. He bought his first beat machine, a Boss DR-202 and started programming beats & rhythms, all the while learning about cutting edge electronic and metal artists from his all time favorite album, The Spawn Soundtrack.

In 2002, John Evan took music recording and sound engineering classes at his local community college and learned how to produce an arrange music using Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) such as ACID, Cubase and ProTools, but dropped out after 12 months because he felt that his music wasn't good enough, and to focus on his job.

In late 2004, John Evan gave music production another chance and downloaded the simple DAW, ACID Home Studio and began making music again by splicing and arranging royalty-free loops and samples he downloaded from sites such as

Since then, his production techniques have greatly improved by incorporating MIDI and VST soft-instruments and effects plug-ins while still using his simple DAW as a VST host.

The rest is history...

[S_D] continues to develop it's own distinct sound, and hopefully make it's place on the global electronic music scene.