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Going Home

Written By: Steve McFarlane

Am F G Am F G C
Hear the whisper of the wind in the forest, feel the warming of the sun on the plains.
F G C Am
Feel the cold mountain dew, see the moons silver hue,
F G E7 Am
As we search for our freedom once again,.......once again.

Feel the fear of our children in the darkness, as a shadow round the earth closes in,
Till the creatures of the night, give in to the light,
And the warmth of morning rises once again,.......once again,

Am G Am----/ Am G Am--------
F G C Am F G
CH. When the spirits of old, have their stories retold, And legends of great heroes
come through.
F G C Am F
When the tyrants mighty hand, is relieved of its command, then freedom will
G Am
return ........... to the true.

When you look up to the stars from the mountains, when you stare out to sea from the shore.
When your eyes can see the distance but your heart cant tell the difference,
Then you’ll ride with the chieftains once more,........ you’ll ride once more.

When you feel along your quest you’ve been deserted, it’s cos they know you can make it on your own,
And when you feel along the way, that they’re never far away,
Then you’re ready for your journey back home,’re going home.


You’re going home..........