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"CD Review"


Prepare to have the shit scared right out of you, because Skullkin are a horror metal band from Murfreesboro USA and their new self titled release delivers a message in the true tradition of the very best horror movies. 14 blood curdling tracks of serial killers, nightmares and death, Skullkin present a sound and atmosphere that only the very strong of heart can endure. This excellent full length album was recorded in an amazing three days, performed live in the studio in one solid take. As a result of recording in this fashion the band has created a raw, energetic blast of death that captures the full force and ferocity of a live show. Thrash, death and doom combine to create diversity among the songs, with great riffing that evokes tingling of the spine as it pitches high, then creeps down with a crescendo of minor notes. Very creepy, very scary indeed and I fucking love it. Go to and obtain this CD. Spread the word of Skullkin and scare the world. Track list: Diary Of Jack The Ripper Suicide Nightmare TRIP'N Can't Feel Your Soul Black Halo Decaying Earth The Lifeless Dreams Don't Come True Loss of a Child Skinsuit Nostradamus Joy Of Death Times Up Mother Fucker Hell On Earth Current line-up: Christopher Tyler - bass Josh Cope - drums/backing vocals Mike Laster - vocals/guitar - --

"CD review #2"


I got a CD from a real old school metal band called SKULLKIN. All I can say is that there is GWAR, there was MENTORS and now the torch is going to be passed to this band of hard old school metal. They remind me so much of them. I am not saying they sound like them cause SKULLKIN offers us their original hard sounds and I must say that I am very impressed. The metal riffs on the guitars gives you the feeling of those 80's metal bands that we all knew and loves so much. The double bass pounding of the drummer is something that you will automatically take notice of and the pounding will go straight through your brain in such a great way. The bass is a fine touch of sound that they offer and he is a really talented bass player. The vocalist has a touch of real grungy metal that gives them the originality that is lacking in so many metal bands. So many singers try to sound like other singers. This singer shows and proves that he is being himself on the mic and I have the hugest respect for him on his own sound and talent. SKULLKIN is a band that is from TENN. and should be out there all over the states giving everyone a taste of their hard, pounding metal sounds. I really hope that people take notice on this band because they for sure are a touch of reality that we all need in the metal world. Thank you SKULLKIN for the CD and giving us metal fans something new and original. written by: The Ambassador -

"Bass player returns to Skullkin from Baghdad"


9/9/2004 Chris, you just got back from the Middle East as a soldier, having seen and done things most of us can't imagine. How would you say the experience of being in Iraq has changed you? How has it affected you as a musician? How has it affected you as a person? This experience has changed me for the better both as a person and as a musician...I mean I have this HUGE amount of an appriciation for my life, family and for Skullkin now. I have this other place in my head now that will forever be a reminder of how GREAT I have in the United States. I know how shitty those people have it over there. For 14 months I seen them digging in trash for shoes or begging for food from day to day. You wont catch me complaining about the little shit anymore that is for sure. As far as other changes go, I am still a bit jumpy from all the mortar attacks that we used to have daily in baghdad, hopefully that will go away in time. In Iraq I played this cheap walmart guitar that I brought with me. It helped me pass the time by, and honestly without music and an outlet over there, I would have gone completly insane. Living in harms way and around death for so long really makes a person appriciate their LIFE. How did being gone from Skullkin so long affect your relationship with your band members? Have you had any difficulty adjusting back into the heavy metal world, or has it been easy to get back where you were? It is wierd, because when you are there the war has this effect on you, it plays games with your mind and makes you think fucked up thoughts. "Is Skullkin even thinking about me over here?" Shit like that. And at almost every show they would mention me, dedicate "TIMES UP" to me, and they blew my picture up huge and hung it outside our jam room. I remember when It was time to leave and say good bye to those guys,March of 2003 was my last show with them. That show was this HUGE emotional roller coaster for all of us. The whole "unknown" of all that was ahead. We was ALL pretty tight then as a band...but now since the war,we have all gotten much closer now(minus cristy)those guys are like a second family to me. We just had our first practice together as a band the other night, and it was like I had never left, even with cristy gone. While you were gone your guitar player Cristy (I believe that was her name?) just left the band. What's the story there? Are you searching for a new guitar player? I always thought having an attractive female guitar player in corpse paint was an intersting angle. What will you be looking for in a new guitar player (if you're looking for one)? Wow. Okay here is the deal with Cristy. After I left, she was never really happy. Cristy and I was like each others drive in Skullkin. We had the similiar influences(Pantera/Metallica) and we feed off one another, we clicked. Mike(skullkin's singer) and Josh (our drummer) clicked, so it was a balance that worked. When teresa(singers girl whom I gave Bass lessons to befour I left)began to play, according to cristy, they would all have an opinion and she would feel like her music she came up with was never even concidered. Her influences changed,and the band was depressed and drinking and without me there, she just didnt have a reason to stay. Basicly the bottom line is that she quit on skullkin when they was at their low point and decided to follow her own path, and joined up with Autumn Morning. I think that she stayed as long as she did in hopes to make it until I got back, but 14 months is along time I guess. When the news finally reached me in Baghdad that she quit, it hit me pretty hard...I remember smoking like 2 paks of cigs that day, and I don't even smoke. It felt like I lost my metal sister, and that hit me pretty HARD. I haven't even seen her since I got back August 2nd. It kind of sucks the way shit went down, I mean she was the reason that I even got into that band, she called me for that gig. Most of my motivation was in gettin back with skullkin to finish what we started out to do. However, These days we have Chris May now, AKA "Lambchops" now, and he is a great guy, and one hell of a talented player. Once he joined up we could see who was there to see Skullkin for the music and not just to come watch Cristy in corpse paint. It is kind of cool because he is older then me, and I am not the "Dad" of the band anymore, and we both dig Sepultura. What is the reasoning behind the costumed/corpse paint look of the band? Alot of that comes from our obsession with Horror Movies and with our love for Halloween. It started off as a "one show only" kind of thing. We played our first show in make up because it was Oct 5th and with Halloween just around the corner, we couldn't resist throwing some on. After the show ended, we all seemed to just have the make up fit us. It became kind of like our war paint, when we put that shit on, we BECOME SKULLKIN, and it is show time. How would you describe your band to someone - Nashville

"Skullkin South Inflicting Torment"



I know that Halloween has come and gone but you can celebrate Horror-Culture all year long with the guys from Skullkin. This week I checked out the Murfreesboro-based band’s release “South Inflicting Torment”. These guys have been at it for quite a while. Here’s my take on the tracks.

Grotacious Dismemberment:

The CD kicks off with a strange spoken word intro leading into a very sludgy guitar riff performed by singer/guitarist, Mike Laster. Drummer, Josh Cope makes his presence known very quickly, crashing out of the gate with some serious double bass drum work. Bassist, Chris Tyler locks in very well with Cope to provide a formidable rhythm section. Featuring very angry lyrics, ‘Grotacious Dismemberment’ is a cool straightforward rock/metal song that has a dark edge. It almost sounds like Black Sabbath decided to record a horror movie soundtrack.

Single Shot:

Track 2, ‘Single Shot’ begins with a sampled spoken word intro featuring a man saying something about a sniper shooting. Sounds almost like police report. This leads to what I can only describe as a “yo-yo” lead guitar part on top of a drum roll. After that, a cool dragging riff blows up into a full-on auditory assault. Drummer Cope takes the song to a new level with one of the best drum fills that I’ve heard in a while before the first verse. The vocals, while oddly-produced, are harsh and aggressive. The tempo shifts in the song are cool but it feels like something is missing. They just don’t flow very well. The song ends with the same “yo-yo” guitar part. I liked that.

Silver Spoon:

Skullkin breaks into ‘Silver Spoon’ on track 3. This song features lots of dramatic changes (which flow well, by the way) and a HUGE up-tempo drum sound at the beginning of the song. The guitar riff is cool but seems a bit drowned out by the drumming. Singer, Laster, displays some powerful aggression on the vocal track.

Skeleton White:

‘Skeleton White’ is a very cool song. The jazzy intro is a nice touch and the main riff is very catchy. I, especially, enjoyed the short lead part in the song. The vocal sounds poorly produced in this track. ‘Skeleton White’ sounds like a combination of song ideas but it still works well.

Bleeding the Infant:

Boy, did the title of this song scare me! I’m a father of three and it really grabbed my attention. But, that’s probably the point. The beginning of the song is a bit slow but picks up midway and comes to life with snappy drumming from Josh Cope and a nice lead guitar part by Laster. The double bass syncopated with the bass/guitar riffs is very impressive. In fact, I think it’s the best musical stretch on this CD by far!

Machine Warfare:

Track 6 on “South Inflicting Torment” is entitled ‘Machine Warfare’. While displaying tight drumming by Cope and some good low-end bass by Tyler, this track seems more like filler to me. The up-tempo drumbeat is beginning to become predictable at this point.

Illustrated Murder:

Skullkin rock on track 8 with ‘Illustrated Murder’. This tune features frantic drumming by Cope, some great riffing by Laster and bassist, Tyler is locked in well with the guitar riffs. I want to take a moment to say that drummer, Josh Cope, has truly impressed me on this CD. His chops are unbelievable!

Diary of Jack:

The CD officially ends with ‘Diary of Jack’, a track about historical serial killer Jack The Ripper. The lyrics are clever and the torturous lead intro features excellent rhythm playing by the bassist and drummer. Featuring a neat off-beat hi-hat section and strong mix of old-school riffs with modern technique, ‘Diary of Jack’ is my favorite song overall on this CD.

Hidden Track:

There’s one on here but I’m not gonna give away the surprise. You will laugh though!

Overall Impressions:

Being a big fan of theatrical rock, I can appreciate what Skullkin are doing. It’s nice to see musicians that are willing to put the time and effort in to create an audio AS WELL as a visual element to their persona. While there are some things that I would change, I plan to listen to this CD numerous times and you can look for a live review of these guys in the future here at Uncle Daddy’s Smoke Shack. Until then, see them for yourself at The Gibson Showcase this Saturday, January 14th. Later!

Chris “Uncle Daddy Longlegs” Czynszak - Chris Czynszak/


2001 Black Halo album released (Pre-Skullkin)
2002 Skullkin E.P. 1-666 released
2002 7 Sounds of Horror released
2003 3 Skullkin song E.P. released
Aug 2004 "Jack the Ripper" music video released
Oct 2004 "Horror Stories" 1st album released
Aug 2005 "Skeleton White" music video released
Oct 2005 "South Inflicting Torment" released
June 6, 2006 666 Live Show recorded and released
Oct 2006 Skullkin team up with GIBSON Guitars and release Gibson BFG music commercial
July 2007 "Not Just Country" music video released
Summer 2007 "Grand Ole Slaughtery" released

Skullkin has been played on metal radio stations for years. The songs that have been played include but aren't limited to the following:
Jack the Ripper
Decaying Earth
Joy of Death
Loss of a child
Skin Suit
Machine Warfare
Skeleton White
Bleeding the Infant
Silver Spoon
Never will we know



With a shared love of Slayer, Metallica, Black Sabbath, the Misfits, and Acid Bath, the members of Skullkin—Mike Laster (guitar/vocals), Chris Tyler (bass), and Josh Cope (drums)—formed in Almaville, Tennessee with the goal of making music as terrifying as a slasher flick and as punishing as the old-school metal and punk that inspires them. With a cathartic, over-the-top live show, and a work ethic that has pushed them to relentlessly tour the South, Skullkin have earned a loyal army of fans and a reputation as a blistering live band. Like Alice Cooper, but not as campy, and Kiss, but not as flashy, Skullkin are the real deal. Their shows are a blur of stage blood, greasepaint, deafening riffs, and howled vocals, as Laster and Tyler bounce off the moshing crowd and Cope keeps the drums thundering. Call them metal, horror metal, or thrash, Skullkin are a great band, and a must-see for anybody who loves loud, guitar-heavy rock ’n’ roll. To see them live is to become a believer. Skullkin are wet, fresh brain and their rabid, metal-loving fans are the zombies, craving more.

In the 5+ year haul, and the 350+ shows to date, Skullkin has played with such National acts as Goatwhore,Metal Church,Dope,Gwar,Misfits and more. Recently Gibson USA hired Skullkin, to promote the new Gibson BFG in a commercial(found on, and with the band currently in the studio gearing up to release their 3rd Full length studio album "Grand Ole Slaughtery" in the summer of 2007, Skullkin certainly has no sign of slowing down anytime soon.