Skullkin is a band that has a unique sound and look all to its own. Created from the roots of old school metal and punk mixed with good ole fashion groove, toss in some zombies,horror and Halloween, then blend in a live show that is non stop in your face intensity, and the result is pure Skullkin.


With a shared love of Slayer, Metallica, Black Sabbath, the Misfits, and Acid Bath, the members of Skullkin—Mike Laster (guitar/vocals), Chris Tyler (bass), and Josh Cope (drums)—formed in Almaville, Tennessee with the goal of making music as terrifying as a slasher flick and as punishing as the old-school metal and punk that inspires them. With a cathartic, over-the-top live show, and a work ethic that has pushed them to relentlessly tour the South, Skullkin have earned a loyal army of fans and a reputation as a blistering live band. Like Alice Cooper, but not as campy, and Kiss, but not as flashy, Skullkin are the real deal. Their shows are a blur of stage blood, greasepaint, deafening riffs, and howled vocals, as Laster and Tyler bounce off the moshing crowd and Cope keeps the drums thundering. Call them metal, horror metal, or thrash, Skullkin are a great band, and a must-see for anybody who loves loud, guitar-heavy rock ’n’ roll. To see them live is to become a believer. Skullkin are wet, fresh brain and their rabid, metal-loving fans are the zombies, craving more.

In the 5+ year haul, and the 350+ shows to date, Skullkin has played with such National acts as Goatwhore,Metal Church,Dope,Gwar,Misfits and more. Recently Gibson USA hired Skullkin, to promote the new Gibson BFG in a commercial(found on, and with the band currently in the studio gearing up to release their 3rd Full length studio album "Grand Ole Slaughtery" in the summer of 2007, Skullkin certainly has no sign of slowing down anytime soon.



Written By: Laster

It was on a night
Just like this
Autumn of terror
they wont miss
killer stalks the street
with a knife
women walk the street
one last night

Maggots will infest
in the breast
devils new recruit
at his best
jack killed em all
one by one
jack did it all
just for fun

Jack the Ripper
Serial Killer

Skeleton White

Written By: Laster

Vultures Forming Brightly
While the Sun was blinding
Making a Nest inside my head
But I don't mind
Cuz I'm already dead

Been Drunk and High for all my life
and I don't mind
I'm Skeleton White
and my bones are showing
well I think I'm dead
but my hair keeps growing

Some of these scars are
bigger then the Tennessee river
smooth as silk
just like a bottle of Kestler

Silver Spoon

Written By: Laster

Silver Spoon, who are you to think
that your shit doesnt stink?
Walk around the room
saturated in cheap perfume
penny pinching mother fucker

Luxury is not for me
I'm lucky if I can eat
once a week
I don't need your greed

Silver Spoon all you do is follow
Daddy's little girl
Daddy's little rich bitch
penny pinching mother fucker

All your life, every rainbow
lead you to a pot of gold
this time, I'll be there
to give you a bucket of bones


2001 Black Halo album released (Pre-Skullkin)
2002 Skullkin E.P. 1-666 released
2002 7 Sounds of Horror released
2003 3 Skullkin song E.P. released
Aug 2004 "Jack the Ripper" music video released
Oct 2004 "Horror Stories" 1st album released
Aug 2005 "Skeleton White" music video released
Oct 2005 "South Inflicting Torment" released
June 6, 2006 666 Live Show recorded and released
Oct 2006 Skullkin team up with GIBSON Guitars and release Gibson BFG music commercial
July 2007 "Not Just Country" music video released
Summer 2007 "Grand Ole Slaughtery" released

Skullkin has been played on metal radio stations for years. The songs that have been played include but aren't limited to the following:
Jack the Ripper
Decaying Earth
Joy of Death
Loss of a child
Skin Suit
Machine Warfare
Skeleton White
Bleeding the Infant
Silver Spoon
Never will we know

Set List

Typically the band will play as long or as little as requested by the venue. However if the band headlines, the set is about an hour in length, but has the capabilities to play longer. Songs from the set may include some covers, but 99% of the stuff Skullkin performs, is written by the band. Currently the band has well over 40 songs, and 3 hours of material.
Songs may include:

Not Just Country
Silver Spoon
Skeleton White
Machine Warfare
Jack the Ripper
Grotacious Dismemberment
Single Shot
Illustrated Murder
Never will We know
Loss of a child
Skin suit
Sick and Tired
It's True
Son of a million maniacs
Gibson BFG