:Skull & dawn:

:Skull & dawn:

 Athens, Attica, GRC

Sophisticated murder country-folk music


Skull & dawn is the new name of the group Defile des Ames . Defile des Ames were formed in Athens ( Hellas ) in 2002 .

They have made numerous live appearances and D.I.Y. albums until 2007 , the year that they signed a contract with the Austrian label " Steinklang records ". Until now they have circulated a full length album ( Lust 'n' stone ) and five official releases ( splits , collaborations , collections ) . The band is active throughout all these years with live performances and in January 2010 they will release their second full length album under the band's new name Skull & dawn ( possible title of the album "No salvation No forgiveness" ) . The new name highlights a small turn of the group in a more American - Country sound , with the maintenance of the avant - garde and progressive elements and the decrease of the European - Folk hue they had since the beginning .

For any information concerning Skull & dawn, for the time being please search on the internet under the previous name Defile des Ames .


Howlin' Lady

Written By: Skull & dawn

Sometimes I see you very sad
I get angry, so angry and very mad
and sometimes I hear you ....
with both your feet on the ground

I'm gonna get myself a gun
and I'll find you and bang bang

Where gonna run to now?


"Pagan Folk and Apocalyptic Psychedelia CD" - Label Collection 2009

"South European Folk Compendium" - Three way split with SVARROGH & ARNICA

"Lust 'n' Stone" - Debut album

"Manos Ksidous / Ta asteria tha einai makria" - Meridiana I: Defile des ames with H. Katsimichas + Meridiana II: Defile des ames (Instrumental)

"STEINKLANG INDUSTRIES IV" - 2007-2008 Label Collection

"OGHAM INSIDE THE NIGHT" SIEBEN - Track 2 (Ogham the spirit), features Defile des ames

Set List

Original songs:

Voodoo train
Black boat
The devil and the farmer
Devils name
Abbatoirs of love
Crucified fugitive
Doom train
Howlin' lady


Country death song
Long hair country boy
Rusty cage
Cocaine blues